Why does it take months to repair a Tesla?

Why does it take months to repair a Tesla?

I had my model S broken into in Santa Clara by thieves who not only broke out both rear windows but caused more than $7,000 in damage. Had this been any other car, the repairs would have been completed in 2 weeks or less. The paint work was done in a week but Tesla has been unable to get 1 of the 2 windows or the interior door panel shipped to the only authorized repair shop in Sacramento for more than a month. Another friend who was involved in an accident with his model X had his repairs take 3 months. Both of us are out of pocket now paying for rental cars while Tesla does seemingly nothing to repair our vehicles. I've made several calls to customer support who have absolutely no clue how or when parts will ever be shipped. This is unacceptable. Have any of you been in a similar situation and, if so, what did you do to get Tesla to care?

JAD | 2017年6月20日

That is why Tesla is rolling out their own collision centers as stated in the share holders meeting. They have acknowledged the problem and working on the fix.

rxlawdude | 2017年6月20日

And that does the OP what good???

johnson.todd.r | 2017年6月20日

Tesla is supposed to be working on the spare parts problem, but until they actually fix it, they really should be providing loaners. Looks like they have plenty of older vehicles in stock to pull from.

lilbean | 2017年6月20日

The loaners are for the cars in service. They don't always have enough for those who are getting their cars serviced.

stevenmaifert | 2017年6月20日

The issue is parts availability, not repair shops to install them. This isn't the first thread complaining about that. Tesla has gotten very good at building the cars but the back end service and repair has not kept pace. Que Model 3.

johnson.todd.r | 2017年6月20日

I have to say that this issue nearly stopped me from purchasing a Tesla and that I'm still very worried about being down for months due to lack of parts or service time, especially with the Model 3 coming out. I knew in advance that EAP didn't work that well and that I would be a beta tester. I'm ok with that. I also didn't buy FSD because there are no FSD features at this point. But parts availability is a different issue and one that may only be solved by changing the culture. If Tesla makes continuous changes each week to parts, it is going to be hard to stockpile enough of them to fix existing cars.

hsuru4u | 2017年6月20日

its sucks big time and noone really knows how much untill their car is in that position. Some wont care because they have more then 1 tesla or have other cars they can drive but for most people this would suck big time. Like getting a flat in a tesla....that sucks too. But it can be fixed in a day or a few hours if you are lucky.

I feel for the OP and others who have to rent a car when this happens but doesnt the insurance pay for a rental?? i know when i take my mdx to service they just give me a loaner for the day or the weekend if needed for free...even for however long it takes. My friend has an mdx new and has had major issues with it and has been driving a loaner from the dealer for 2 months while they figure out whats wrong...another neighbor bought a new mercedes suv and has had alot of issues so i see her driving a diff new loaner every week for 2 months now.

lilbean | 2017年6月20日

Insurance pays for rentals for a limited time frame only, usually around thirty days, depending on the policy.

High Plains Drifter | 2017年6月20日

Tesla's response to this issue has been even slower than their parts supply system. I might have bought my second S if not for this issue.

hsuru4u | 2017年6月20日

i can imagine that model 3 will be even worse in this regard...i mean some idiots will break into model 3 thinking that nice touch screen can be ripped out and sold for $$...or with so many on the road the likelyhood of an accident may be greater n the model 3.

Silver2K | 2017年6月20日

The next time I am at precision auto I will post a picture of the many Teslas that are actually being worked on. The shop manager said 60% of his business is tesla vehicles and all are being worked in at the moment.

The problem is not Tesla, it's the body shop from what I've seen. I'm sure a few delays are very real, but it's the body shop causing the delays.

tes-s | 2017年6月20日

I had my car repaired twice at a body shop - once it took 7 days ($6,000) and once 10 days ($16,000).

Elroy Jetson | 2017年6月20日


It's not the body shops. Kniesel's in Sacramento has an amazing reputation and they have an entire facility dedicated to Teslas. They used to be able to work directly with the Tesla dealership in Rocklin but corporate changed their policy and are now forcing them to work with Tesla out of the the east coast for some reason (parts depot?) I really miss my car and am starting to get pissed. My insurance company only covered 30 days. I guess Tesla doesn't care that I'll be out of pocket another $2,000 - $3,000 because they can't source a rear passenger window or interior door panel? If I ran my business like this, it wouldn't exist.

Silver2K | 2017年6月20日

I would contact the parts depot in East coast personally to see what the hold up is. Ask the shop for the number.

tes-s | 2017年6月20日

Maybe it is time for a new insurance company? My car was in the shop much less than 30 days, but my insurance does not have a limit on the number of days.

sp_tesla | 2017年6月20日

Elroy Jetson | June 20, 2017
If I ran my business like this, it wouldn't exist."

Public companies are different since they have professional investors that mainly focus on fueling potential future values opportunities hopes. | 2017年6月20日

@Elroy - Always disappointing when you can't drive your own car, and worse stuck with a rental.

If you plan your buying based on accident damage repairs, you should select a low-end high-volume car. They actually get dramatically more accidents, so parts are usually stocked at higher levels.

If you go the other direction - rare, high value cars (Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc.) you can expect a 5-6 month wait for parts. Many parts are made to order and not stocked.

For similar competitive cars (high-end BMW, Benz, etc.) wait times are similar - 2 months is not unusual. Now Tesla can clearly do better, but currently parts delivery is similar to other makes.

sp_tesla | 2017年6月20日 | June 20, 2017
For similar competitive cars (high-end BMW, Benz, etc.) wait times are similar - 2 months is not unusual. Now Tesla can clearly do better, but currently parts delivery is similar to other makes."

Not true for many parts, especially those mfg & distributed by OEM & other hi quality reliable substitutes,

barrykmd | 2017年6月20日

Yes, it's common. It's Tesla's fault. Silver is FOS. Contact Jon McNeill at Tesla. He seems to have a little pull :-)

lilbean | 2017年6月20日

It's not black and white. It depends on the body shop. :) | 2017年6月20日

@sp_tesla - I agree for many parts are available quickly from most manufacturers including Tesla. It's the rarer parts that often take far longer to get. It only takes one part out of the 20-30 parts typically needed to repair an accident to delay the repair. Usually the hardest parts to get are non-wear external skin parts from any manufacturer. They are not made by OEMs, and are rarely stocked at service departments.

I've gotten a number of parts from Tesla (for myself and in annual services). The 99% of the parts were available immediately or within 24 hours. Service even got me a 300 lb DU they didn't have in stock in about 12 hours. The longer delay was one part took a week (the front chrome Tesla "T" that the service department had never ordered before), and I was in no rush for it.

Silver2K | 2017年6月20日

barrykmd, KMA :p

Silver2K | 2017年6月20日

barrykmd | June 20, 2017
Yes, it's common. It's Tesla's fault. Silver is FOS. Contact Jon McNeill at Tesla. He seems to have a little pull :-)

You're suggesting he contacts someone that agrees with me 100%? KMA AGAIN! ;-)

lilbean | 2017年6月20日

This is so riveting. :)

Should_I | 2017年6月20日

I have a Chevy that is a very low production car. Took 2 weeks to get some simple recall parts, then another 2 weeks to get a steering wheel because the leather was peeling. Crash parts on it are months from what I have heard, I have even heard of months for a rim.......

Drive an oddball vehicle and this stuff happens. I am considering the switch to the Tesla because the "Chevy" is a Holden that just went out of production in April with under 14K on this continent parts will always be bad to get. The Model S is more common and being built at an ever greater rate so long term I am optimistic parts availability will be better than my Chevy.

Silver2K | 2017年6月20日

When I had my leased volt, the heating unit hag a recall and took a week too get. After I got the cat I handed them had receipts. The advisor asked why I'm giving him these receipts. I told him I dropped puff an electric car and I had to buy gas. He looked at me like I'm crazy :)

Chevy sent me a check :)

Silver2K | 2017年6月20日


Silver2K | 2017年6月20日

I hate Swype on my galaxy note..... all those typos!!

I didn't drop off a cat! I dropped off a cat, therefore I picked up a car!

Damn you samsung!

Earl and Nagin ... | 2017年6月20日

This is partially a flip-side to one of the benefits of electric vehicles. Since parts supply is not a major industry, nor a big profit center so it has been somewhat neglected. Of course, as the OP found out, there are still the occasional bad situations that need care. It seems that Tesla is working to improve this but clearly, there is some room for improvement.
@Elroy Jetson,
It sounds like your business must be awesome. Have you also turned a huge, government-protected industry on its ear too? Will you turn my $17 stock into $370 stock in only a few years like TSLA has? Will people speed up on the freeway to take pictures of me driving your product too?

NKYTA | 2017年6月21日

$17!! :-)

Forget pics, video being taking on the test drive event on I880. Somewhat distracting. :-)

paulysong | 2017年6月26日

Got into an accident on 4/21 when someone ran a stop sign and my car has been in the shop ever since due to parts shortage. Will not get car back until mid July. This is a major problem.

Tropopause | 2017年6月26日


You're such a "puff".

Silver2K | 2017年6月26日

:) damn samsung!

lasportsnut | 2017年6月26日

Paulysong? Do you have a loaner? If so is it comparable? Or do you have a rental through your insurance?

Silver2K | 2017年6月26日

the longest it has taken Precision auto to get parts is 1 month. the reasoning tesla gave him was "they couldn't find a box for the part". It was the facelift front bumper

picture of shop!AihnWpuO55swh-M2eFPkB9dIbR3FGA

there were more Teslas, but I just took one side of the shop

Silver2K | 2017年6月26日

the shop manager asked why I wanted a photo. I explained people on the forum complain about waiting a long time for parts. that's when he said "it's true, once it took a month to get the part"

that's the longest he waited for a part and he was pissed about it.

barrykmd | 2017年6月26日

Take a pic of his rivet supply

Nexxus | 2017年6月27日

After hitting a deer it took 1 moth and 3 days to get our Model S back from the collision center. They had to wait 2 weeks for the front fascia/bumper stock.

Nexxus | 2017年6月27日

1 month, oh, and you can't tell the difference. Looks good as new!

Silver2K | 2017年6月27日

Barry, he had none :(

Not one Tesla is tarped though :)

vp09 | 2017年6月28日

Yes. Four months and one week, at Class Auto, in Signal Hill (Long Beach) California. FOUR MONTHS AND ONE WEEK ! ! ! ! ! ! !

SO | 2017年6月28日

@vp09 - Wow! 4 months?

Do you have pictures of the damage?

High Plains Drifter | 2017年6月28日

To be fair, not all repairs take months to resolve. General maintenance repairs are usually resolved in a timely manner. Body part repairs or repairs that require parts that the TSC does not maintain a regular inventory are usually the repairs that take longer due to their poor parts supply system.

Ross1 | 2017年6月28日

For me those delays are a deal breaker. It must be even worse in my remote state in Australia, akin to your Chevy/Holden in USA (which is sourced from AUS). At least with Holdens in AUS, parts are plentiful. But Tesla customers in USA cant even get parts, what would happen if I have a bingle, ever so slight, I would have to buy another car, or have insurance which supplies one, probably some piece of junk. Or buy 2 Teslas, one for parts. Dont laugh, many of Henry Fords Model T customers did just that, and they have sometimes turned up as 'barn finds'.
I applaud the customers in AUS and partic. NZ who bought cars without even a store or service centre anywhere near them, however and but, were they smart (or stoopid)?

Marcel G | 2017年6月30日

We can help -- we have a team of Body Repair case managers at your disposal. Email your name and VIN to and they will hop right on your repair. We're shipping 95% of parts within 4 days of order and there's no reason for a repair to take this long. Let us help!

Ross1 | 2017年6月30日

There should/could be a sticky thread for this.

Anyway, who is Marcel? do Tesla staff read this stuff?
Over to you, Marcel...

Silver2K | 2017年6月30日

Like i said!

Thank you, Marcel!

Riveting! :)

lilbean | 2017年6月30日

It looks like Tesla staff members are finally participating in the forum. | 2017年6月30日

@Marcel - Good to hear! My service manager Simon is joining your group next week (he's been a great Service manager at Sunnyvale).

Tesla661 | 2018年9月30日

Got in an accident 4 days after taking delivery on a model 3. Car has been in the Tesla certified shop for 2 weeks now. They estimate 4 months for parts. My insurance only covers 30 days of rental. Thinking of taking legal action to cover loss of use and also rental. Anybody have any luck with taking legal action due to inability to get parts from Tesa? I would have never bought a Tesla if I knew how difficult it is to get parts.