Has construction started on any of the new Superchargers?

Has construction started on any of the new Superchargers?

Just curious......the Superchargers that are to be constructed by the end of the year.....have these started to be built yet?

UnshodBob | 2017年6月21日

Check Its data comes from users, so it isn't official Tesla data. It shows new permits, under construction and operational superchargers.

sudolg | 2017年6月21日

Awesome. Thanks for this.

UnshodBob | 2017年6月21日

Here are three new ones in the US, obtained from the "changes" tab.

Mon, Jun 19 2017 add Leominster, MA Construction
Sun, Jun 18 2017 add Arlington, WA Construction
Sun, Jun 18 2017 add Chicago-Lakeshore East, IL Construction

zanegler | 2017年6月22日

In many cases, the expansion is at existing sites and adding more chargers. I have seen this new construction in Rocklin and Harris Ranch. Rocklin is cool as it is powered by solar and Powerpacks. I hope the addition has begun in Burbank. @Lilbean? | 2017年6月22日

No hope for Burbank - the city refuses to allow Tesla to expand its Superchargers there.

For those in the know - Burbank only has 6 Supercharger stalls and it is in a good location that keeps it quite busy.

reed_lewis | 2017年6月23日

Is that 'Beautiful Downtown Burbank'?

zanegler | 2017年6月23日

@reed_lewis - Indeed it is. Do you know the reference from laugh-in? Bummer. It is listed on the supercharger map as slated for expansion. Any news on the Pasadena new location? That might help spread the demand.

NKYTA | 2017年6月23日

"No hope for Burbank"

Full sentence. Stop. ;-)

Haggy | 2017年6月23日

When Burbank opened, it was the only one that was directly off I5 in that area, and somebody coming from further south would have to take a different route to get to somewhere like Culver City and deal with the 405 traffic and going out of the way, which could cost a lot of time. Then Fountain Valley opened up, so if you are off I5 further down in the LA area, it wasn't too much of a detour. If you were in a place like Disneyland, a detour of about 18 minutes would get you there. Then Burbank opened and it's directly on I5 but has too few chargers.

More recently the Santa Ana supercharger opened, and it's right off I5. Then Buena Park opened up, so you can go very slightly further up i5 and not have to go out of your way. That makes it easy to stay on I5, not have to worry about stopping at Burbank, and the total number of chargers in that area is far greater.

All this assumes current numbers of cars, and with the Model 3 there might be a higher percentage of drivers who rely on supercharging for day to day use.

KP in NPT | 2017年6月24日

@TT, why is Burbank being a bish???

Glenlakehouse | 2017年6月25日

I believe the Chicago, IL -Lakeshore East Supercharger will be in Aqua Tower at 225 N. Columbus Dr. with 5 Superchargers totaling 10 charging posts.

reed_lewis | 2017年6月26日

@zanegler - Of course I know the reference. Gary Owens at his best.

Bighorn | 2017年6月26日

Two WY superchargers on I80 started construction last week. I suspect there are two more off the radar.

Bighorn | 2017年6月26日

Right on cue--Rawlings WY had a permit show up today. | 2017年6月27日

And pretty soon there will be two Teslas in WY. 😀

Sleepydoc1 | 2017年6月27日

If I visit my uncle put there, would that count as a second tesla in WY?

Watt fun | 2017年6月27日

Permit for Truth or Consequences, NM as of today! That will be another important gap filled across the southern tier. Of course, the last 2 or 3 connecting from El Paso through to Arizona are still being awaited breathlessly, but it seems almost too hot for those right now.

Lubdub | 2017年6月29日

New one under construction top of parking structure in Burbank California. Just found today

Lubdub | 2017年6月29日 20 stalls

SamO | 2017年6月30日

That's the largest station in the United States. So far.

desertviewer | 2017年6月30日

Whitehall/Montague Michigan

I have put in a request for a station in the Montague/Whitehall Michigan area. The map that links from this page (above) does not show Grand Rapids, but other maps show GR has more than one. The next closest is in Ludington, which you Michiganians know is quite a distance from GR. If you agree with me, please send Tesla a note. re adding a Super Charging station in W/M area. It is very touristy there, but I'd hate to see only Destination chargers available. Some of us have homes and other family there.

Rocky_H | 2017年6月30日

The proper (if somewhat ridiculous) term is "Michiganders". My wife is one.

milesbb | 2017年7月1日

Stoped by Sequim WA yesterday. Site appears to be finished and open for business. Come visit the Olympic Peninsula.

zanegler | 2017年7月2日

Tesla is not messing around!

mbirnie51 | 2017年7月2日

Hey Bighorn; Do you live in the Wyoming area? I'm going to make a trip in mid August from Bay area to Columbus Ohio (MX-75D), and EVTrip Planner is sending me out of Salt Lake south to I-70 into Denver and up to I-80 to Toledo, then south into Columbus. It would be shorter if the SCs between Salt Lake and Sidney (via I-80 ) were done by then. My trip last year from Bay to Cleveland (MS-P85) kept me on the more southern route using I-70 all the way. Your thoughts........MHB

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NoMoPetrol | 2018年5月30日

Rumor has it that the third Tesla in WY will be owned by Dick Cheney. He'll immediately put a bumper sticker on it saying, "Powered By Coal".