Possible Trump resignation

Possible Trump resignation

Ross1 | 2017年7月15日

...and then he will say he only ran for POTUS as a bet or dare anyway....

rxlawdude | 2017年7月15日

Wrong forum.

carlk | 2017年7月15日

He would not. He needs to be there to pardon his son and other relatives or friends.

rxlawdude | 2017年7月15日

Better here. :-) As to the subject, we can only hope it's sooner than later.

SO | 2017年7月15日

Well... I don't think his replacement is much better. Perhaps slightly less of an embarrassment.

Tesla2018 | 2017年7月15日

And what does this have to do with cars????

Should_I | 2017年7月15日

How about McCain face some heat for sending an aid out of the country to fetch a dossier cooked up by a foreign agent.
DNC has been accused of sending someone to the Ukrainian Embassy for anti-Trump information.

The real Russian influence here is keeping our media whipped up over nothing.

You can't fake outrage over this then say you are fine with Hillary's State Department approving the sale of 20% of our uranium capacity while Bill was getting double his normal fee in Russia then they got over $100m in kickbacks to the Clinton foundation.

If we are going to prosecute Russian connections let's prosecute them all not the political which hunt where only one side is held accountable.

RedShift | 2017年7月15日


"over nothing."

It's not nothing. Minimization attempts, lying, and trying cover ups all make him look more guilty.

You know, like we tried with Hillary, we must pursue this until the truth comes out. We owe it to ourselves. :-)

rxlawdude | 2017年7月15日

The alt world some posters live in is fascinating. Up is down, down is up.

222 | 2017年7月15日

The irony is that a Pence presidency will be worse than a Trump presidency.
Evil and competence all rolled into one. At least with Trump we can expect a breadcrumb trail of incompetence to follow. Pence will be efficient at passing legislation.

I think Pence, Cruz, McCain et al are were hoping for this to escalate to the point of Trump resigning.
That way they will the election with the illiterate votes, but still have a "conservative" in the WH.

Big oil wins. EV tech loses as a result.
Tax breaks win. Healthcare loses as a result.
Gerrymandering and restrictions of voting wins. Minority voting loses as a result.
The military industrial complex wins. Diplomacy and peace loses as a result.

At this point..... sad to say. ..... DT is the lesser of two evils until 2020.

SO | 2017年7月15日

@should_i - a little article for you:

"Trump repeated his misleading claim that Hillary Clinton “gave” Russia one-fifth of all U.S. uranium.
Trump: You know, they say I’m close to Russia. Hillary Clinton gave away 20 percent of the uranium in the United States. She’s close to Russia.

He’s wrong on several counts. The deal Clinton had a role in approving gave Russia ownership of 20 percent of U.S. production capacity — not existing stocks of uranium. Furthermore, Clinton alone could not have stopped the deal; only the president could have done that with a finding that national security would be endangered. Lastly, none of the uranium goes to Russia. That would require export licenses.
Trump was referring to Clinton’s role in the 2010 purchase by Russia’s nuclear agency of Uranium One, a Toronto-based company with mining operations in Kazakhstan, Tanzania and the United States, where the company’s operations amount to about 20 percent of annual U.S. production capacity.
The fact is — as we reported nearly two years ago — Clinton had no veto power to stop that deal. She was one of nine voting members on the foreign investments committee that unanimously approved it, a panel that also includes the secretaries of the treasury, defense, homeland security, commerce and energy, the attorney general, and representatives from two White House offices — the United States Trade Representative and the Office of Science and Technology Policy. (Separately, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission needed to approve (and did approve) the transfer of two uranium recovery licenses as part of the sale.)
Only the president could have stopped the sale, and only if at least one member of the foreign investment committee had objected. And even then, the president cannot prohibit a transaction without finding “credible evidence” that the “foreign interest exercising control might take action that threatens to impair the national security,” according to the federal regulation that governs such matters.
Finally, Russia may own the mines, but the uranium coming out of them stays in the U.S. As the Nuclear Regulatory Commission noted when it approved the sale, “no uranium produced at either facility may be exported.”
Trump made the same claim in slightly different words three times during his news conference. It’s a replay of a bogus accusation he made during last year’s campaign, when it was debunked by us and other independent fact-checking sites. But constant repetition doesn’t make a false statement true."

SCCRENDO | 2017年7月15日

How do you get Trump to change a lightbulb? You don't. He will lie that he changed it and all the Republicans will sit in the dark and agree.

Shock | 2017年7月16日

I doubt he resigns because he hates to "quit". It would surprise me if he makes it through the first term entirely, though.

I said in another thread and still maintain I'm glad he beat hillary. I'm under no illusions about Trump whatsoever, but he's helping to blow things up a bit and I hate where the democrats want this country to go.

I don't really care if resigns or is impeached to be honest. Pence would be fine and if we can get another term out of a republican president (unlikely with trump), SCOTUS will absolutely be conservative leaning for another generation, which suits me fine. Democrat-appointed justices tend to want to legislate from the bench, which is not their job.

His approval is pretty low right now. It isn't like he is beloved by republicans in general. Of course dems hate him because many of them visit huffpo (the liberal equivalent of the right's infowars). I stopped going to CNN for the most part a few months ago. I still visit occasionally and it's all russia all the time. This country's state of journalism is pathetic because the state of the reader is pathetic and we get what we ask for.

SamO | 2017年7月16日

More lyin' false equivalence. Wake up dilbert.

PrimeTime | 2017年7月16日

Thanks SO_

PrimeTime | 2017年7月16日

@Should_I: Time for patriotism.

Should_I | 2017年7月16日

SO_ I said capacity not physical product and your points show more than Hillary was complicate, but you gloss over her husband's doubled normal speaking fee and her foundation's huge donations from those who profited.
So maybe she couldn't stop it but she and her husband definitely profited greatly. Why is that ok?

Far as investigation a year in on Trump and no direct crimes on his part lots of accusation some smoke etc and it continues. Hillary gets a pass three months in as the then FBI director lays out a list of felonies..............

Forget intent or anything just possession of her emails after her service was over is a crime NOBODY denies she kept them but no consequences because Lynch obstructed Justice............

Shock | 2017年7月16日

Should_I is correct. The total debacle over HIllary's emails was a complete miscarriage of justice. It was all a sham.

The core of the issue is that the politicians answer to nobody but themselves, and it's all quid pro quo.

anderssewerin | 2017年7月16日

I think that right now we are seeing this:

Something bad happened. The prosecutors know. But they are reluctant to bring all of it up, as it would potentially create a constitutional crisis. Much better if he found a way to either 1) quit or 2) guarantee that he won't be acting against the interests of the country in the future.

But he's a fighter and a brinksmanship master.

So they are slowly turning the heat up on him. First Flynn. Then allegations that inner circle was involved. Since that's not working, they are now going for his family.

No matter which party you vote for, I think we can all agree that we would like to see the office of the president and the trust in the republic preserved rather than destroyed, no matter how noble the cause or how hideous the crimes. I'm just not so sure Trump feels the same way. He's the kind of guy who would take the house down with him, like Samson.

Shock | 2017年7月16日

"I'm just not so sure Trump feels the same way. He's the kind of guy who would take the house down with him, like Samson."

Probably. He certainly doesn't seem to care how he portrays himself much of the time, at least not to any sort of conventional standard. Using his twitter account to take jabs at a woman's face lift is just one example of many of this.

Should_I | 2017年7月16日

Another problem here is this seems to have been leaked from inside the FBI after some forms were updated to include this meeting............

Obama weaponize a great many government agencies, Maybe not directly but by installation of people like Lerner........

All high level politicians are slimy Clinton and Obama had the experience to maintain plausible deniability, Trump doesn't have that experience and he doesn't have as big a media pool running interference.

If we had the 1970s media integrity Hillary would be in jail and she wouldn't have been able to get Trump nominated, and if he was nominated honest reports would have pressured him out, the media lies just strengthened the resolve of many who might have stayed home. we would have had Bernie as President because none of the other Republicans stood out

SamO | 2017年7月16日

Should I for the win! Feel the Bern 2020

Shock | 2017年7月16日

@Should_I, the funny thing about bernie is he was a non-entity throughout essentially all of his career. No accomplishments really and nobody had ever heard of him until 2015. The only reason he popped up as viable is because nobody else was willing to try, due to the clinton machine running roughshod on the entire democratic party. Had the clinton silliness been shut down in proper order another, more mainstream dem could have come in. I still believe biden would have beaten Trump.

I've seen no indication whatsoever the democrats have taken any lessons from November, however. I cannot imagine them putting forth a candidate that actually appeals to the republican voter because I think many dems hate republicans so much they don't want to appeal to them. And of course republicans in turn hate the dems. They see them as their political enemy.

SamO | 2017年7月16日

Bernie would have beat the stuffing out of Drumpf.

Remnant | 2017年7月16日

@anderssewerin (July 16, 2017)

<< Something bad happened. The prosecutors know. But they are reluctant to bring all of it up, as it would potentially create a constitutional crisis. Much better if he found a way to either 1) quit or 2) guarantee that he won't be acting against the interests of the country in the future. >>

You don't know what "bad" happened and, without sourcing or describing it, you claim knowledge of what prosecutors know. That's innuendo that you should dismiss, once you recognize it has no legs and that, if it's kept alive, it would predictably beget baseless investigations, that is, never-ending and costly fishing expeditions.

Instead, though, you propose that the said innuendo should persuade the President to quit or pledge a new Oath of Office. This proposal is as hostile and illegitimate as the baseless investigations that the Fascist Factions of the Democrat Party and of the Fake News Press have already launched against the President and it must be rejected, because, aside from being irrational and subversive of the Constitution, it would gravely undermine this Administration's ability to govern, even under a hypothetical Pence Presidency.

The ill faith and demagoguery of the Fascist Factions must be resisted, under penalty of a dangerous breakdown of the social order and civility of this nation.

RedShift | 2017年7月16日

But Sam, Bernie for 2020 is tough. He is kinda old. We need a younger, more charismatic leaders. Not the robots they've been churning out.

SO | 2017年7月16日

@shock - "but he's helping to blow things up a bit "

Well... I guess if you think that's a good thing. To me he is just doing more of the same by putting in people he vowed to remove from government. You sound like those people in Iowa who cheered when Trump said one thing last year and then cheered when he said the complete opposite this year. People really cannot think for themselves evidently.

SO | 2017年7月16日

@should_i - i didn't "gloss" over anything. That was directly from the article.

Trump and you are wrong on a very large chunk of the accusations you stated. Just pointing that out. You dot think Trump isn't profiting off from dealings he's currently doing? Come on man.

Of course I don't like it that Clinton has made money off from things like their foundation. At least I'm willing to admit it.

SamO | 2017年7月16日

Bernie is 1 year older than Burden but you don't hear talk about "too old." How come?

SamO | 2017年7月16日


SO | 2017年7月16日

Biden: 74
Bernie Sanders: 75
Trump Age: 71
Reagan: 69 (start of presidency)

BOTH sides have "older" people.

SCCRENDO | 2017年7月16日

What was the Donald Trump Jr nothing-burger meeting about? Now it seems there were at least 8 people there to discuss the Magnitsky act and perhaps removing it for say some dirt on Hillary. So why does Putin and his oligarch buddies care. Perhaps you should listen to Bill Browder

rxlawdude | 2017年7月16日

@remnant is losing it.

There are meds to treat delusions.

Uncle Paul | 2017年7月16日

I often worry that our media (both sides) has gotten us to spend so much time and consternation about in consiquential issues, that the government is merrily going about it's usual business of sucking as much money as possible out of it's citizens so they can give it to it's buddies and pet causes, while keeping some for itself.

Hillery emails did no provable harm, and the same with Trumps claimed Russian ties.

We know that many politicials hide their communications, and have non-disclosed relationships with foreign politicians.

We know that USA routinely meddles in the elections of other soverign nations. Israel and Cuba most notable.

Please get over these little back and forth squabbles, stop getting your information from the broadcasts and the media.

Think deeper guys.

carlgo2 | 2017年7月16日

It is a time-honored tactic to quit and then claim victory. Trump might just say that he has changed the world, that his work is done and that Pence can carry out the drudgery of day to day governing. His kin and confidents can take pleas not admitting guilt in return for gentleman sentencing, ending this and avoiding a constitutional crisis.

Actually, if the loyal opposition might not want King Donald the Incompetent to be replaced by Pence the Able Fascist. Note: fascism is defined as an alliance of the wealthy, the church and the military, not really the demographic of the left!

carlk | 2017年7月16日

Polls show majority of Trump's supporters still don't think Russian meddeling is a serious issue. Really? It's an adversary country and the most serious threat of our national security trying to destroy our democratic system. Those Trump supporter probably are even happy that such a country got their guy into the White House. This is the moral equivalent of treason no less.

RedShift | 2017年7月16日

@uncle Paul

"Hillery emails did no provable harm, and the same with Trumps claimed Russian ties."

Former is true (as a fact) latter is untrue (since nothing has been proven yet - again fact)

"We know USA routinely meddles in elections in other countries"

Two wrongs don't make a right. Extending that logic, should Russia drop the atomic bomb on a country because we did it too? What about dropping a nuke bomb on us?

"Think deeper Guys"

Good luck with that. Numerous threads on this and the AGW topic have proven one thing - you can't change anyone on this forum.

ram1901 | 2017年7月16日

Note to OP:
Define obsession: a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling; broadly :

wishful thinking. :)

luckyluciano | 2017年7月16日

@ Uncle Paul;

It's obvious you too need to think deeper for yourself.

Thank goodness for the media that reports the facts. Without them we would be totally blind & clueless. Can you imagine if Trump could have his way with media?

Let us Condemn the self serving money grubbing tabloid media outlets who report only their stupid twisted opinions as they prostitute themselves just to make their million!
Love to see them get egg on their face and become totally discredited.

It's shocking how I'll informed trumpanzees are regarding the little things called FACTS!

What about the gutting of your medical system being proposed by your republicans? And the people that will suffer & die.

Why don't the the Trumplicans cut taxes on the class that is deserves it the most....THE MIDDLECLASS, rather than themselves! Especially since trickle down economics has been proven to not work, repeatedly.

etc etc's shocking to me how clueless die hard republicans are regarding the facts. When I discuss the facts with them, they literally espouse their ignorance by confessing "I never heard that. I don't know anything about that. ". Duh!


SCCRENDO | 2017年7月16日

Uncle Paul. The media is an integral part of a democracy. Dictatorships shut down the media. Donald is doing his best to shut down and ignore the media. Look at his press briefings. He only gives interviews to Faux News. Under these circumstances the media needs to be more vigilant. The regime has a lot that they need to hide from the public.

anderssewerin | 2017年7月17日

@remnant: I said "I think", so yes, it's obviously speculation.I don't know - few people surely do - but this is a thread about speculation. I mean... it's in the title, right?

SCCRENDO | 2017年7月17日

@anderssewerin. It is in the title. But mature audiences usually support their thoughts with at least some facts. @Remnant suffers from a severe fact shortage and some would even question whether his opinions really qualify as thoughts. Many seem to be low level reflex responses.

Remnant | 2017年7月17日

@carlk (July 16, 2017)

<< [Russia is] an adversary country and the most serious threat of our national security trying to destroy our democratic system. >>

Why would it want to do such a thing while it's obvious we're extremely effective in doing the deed ourselves: we are subsidizing the rich, the poor, the cripple, the morons, the insane, illegal aliens, and felons, have extended the universal suffrage privilege to all of them, and are raiding savings and pension funds, while expanding our sovereign debt in order to ransack the future generations as well.

In the meantime, we have developed violence, larceny, obscenity, rudeness, and ignorance to new heights, where we increasingly resemble a third world country, rather than the country of the Founders.

Indeed, Russia need not make any effort to destroy us. We are doing the job ourselves, Hi-Tech though.

SCCRENDO | 2017年7月17日

@Remnant. If you are alluding to communism that is not an issue as Russia is no longer communist. However it is still destabilizing our democracy. Their motivation may be to support their thug oligarchies and to get us off their backs as regards their world adventures. Much as you are not happy about the way our democracy is going, many here believe that the US had until Trump been moving towards a more equitable society, remains a world superpower with a successful economy. If things need to be changed these changes have occurred democratically. Sometimes we do destroy ourselves by electing people like Donald Trump and our dysfunctional Republican Congress. But democracy makes it's own corrections over time. Who in their right mind would approve of Russia or any other country making the decisions for us.

SO | 2017年7月17日

If Russia and other dictators praise Trump, that should be a signal to Americans that is a bad thing.

Republicans would have agreed with this two years ago. But somehow many of them have changed their mind on that since Trump.

Shock | 2017年7月17日

"Well... I guess if you think that's a good thing. To me he is just doing more of the same by putting in people he vowed to remove from government. You sound like those people in Iowa who cheered when Trump said one thing last year and then cheered when he said the complete opposite this year. People really cannot think for themselves evidently."

It's because I know what politicians are: all pedagogic liars. I find trump, more than anything, entertaining. I enjoy the way he stirs up (sometimes inadvertently) career politicians and pundits, many of whom are not worth a damn.

As his campaign went on and he became an even more absurd candidate, I wanted him in even more. The more he offends and repels support in Washington the more impotent he becomes and the less able he is to break something. Had hillary won she would have worn her wrist out signing all sorts of writs and garbage from congress (assuming the dems had the votes for majorities).

Anybody who doesn't realize all three candidates were trash is deluding themselves. Trump is a clown. Hillary was a dynastic elitist, and Bernie was an ineffective socialist who's career was marked by near complete obscurity.

Politics in this country are thoroughly broken, perhaps hopelessly so.

RedShift | 2017年7月17日


They've changed their mind because the only way they have to win elections is through soliciting and getting meddling in our elections.

They don't mind stealing elections. They don't mind that the arch enemy of the USA for the last several decades tries to put the finger on the scale. They don't mind that the President is proven to be thoroughly incapable and incompetent to execute his duties of the office.

They just care that they have 'their man' up there. Country be damned. They will twist themselves into excruciatingly controverted positions and keep changing their opinions, as long as they have their man up there.

They'd like us to develop apathy towards whatever is going on by:

A) Shooting the messengers (media, FBI chief, any others who dare investigate Trump or write FACTS about him)
B) minimizing the problems
C) saying anyone opposing them are just 'cry babies' or 'snowflakes'

So we should be strong now. If we want democracy and freedom, even our way of life to continue, we must recognize their craven efforts as above and not allow them the apathy they seek in us.

SCCRENDO | 2017年7月17日

@shock. You have a perverted way of achieving success. You vote for an incompetent to ensure nothing gets done. Is that how you run your life? Most of us prefer competent leaders who will get the job done. The trick is electing the leaders that will get the stuff you want done.

RedShift | 2017年7月17日


"I find trump, more than anything, entertaining."

"Politics in this country is hopelessly broken"

No wonder! People like you treat election meddling, racism, xenophobia, incompetence, possible treason as entertainment! :-)

SO | 2017年7月17日

@Shock - I prefer not to do wild experiments with certain aspects of our lives. If you want to drive 300 mph down an empty road and slam into a tree for an experiment, go for it. You are only hurting yourself and maybe a tree. But when we have a president doing that with our country, well.... I prefer that NOT happen because that affects the entire world.

Don't play Russian roulette with OUR heads.