Model S/X owners - can you use autopilot to back into a tight parking spot for charging?

Model S/X owners - can you use autopilot to back into a tight parking spot for charging?

I'm not used to backing up when parking but Tesla placed charging port on the back. Need to know options.

dl101e | 2017年8月17日

Maybe not summon. How about using EAP?

eeb9 | 2017年8月17日

The backup camera should help - backing into parking spaces is actually easier than parallel parking...

So If EAP can handle parallel parking, backing into a stall should be quite easily doable.

Tâm | 2017年8月17日


Backing up is not Autopilot (TACC or Autosteer).

Even if you head in, Autopilot requires clear painted lane markers, speed above 18 MPH, a locked in lead car ahead...

Thus, for the purpose of your garage, it's summon.

I believe currently summon only uses ultrasonic, not cameras.

It works for my tight garage but you have to line your car up perfectly and it is not guaranteed because it is still on beta so it can hit the sides of garage's door.

I think in future, summon would use cameras so it can adjust itself and you don't have to line up your car perfectly in front of your garage.

I only use summon to show off but it's slower and riskier so I currently back up manually with the aid of back up camera screen with the two-line markings.

Steam613 | 2017年8月18日

The cables at superchargers look amply long enough to reach a forward facing car....IMO

KP in NPT | 2017年8月18日

Steam - they are not long enough at superchargers. They are barely long enough when you are backed in close to the curb.

The back up camera in the S/X is very helpful. You'll find yourself whipping into spaces.

Redmiata98 | 2017年8月18日

If you can find a space with a car on either side, you can use the PARK feature which will back you into it. It is slow but safe.

carlk | 2017年8月18日

With the help of rear view camera with backup guidelines and outside mirrors backing into a slot is very easy to do. There are also parking sensors and visual and audible warnings to alarm you if you're getting too close to anything that you did not see.

carlk | 2017年8月18日

Those two guidelines on the backup screen will show you exactly where the car (wheels) will go at any giving steering wheel positions. I find it much more useful than I've seen in other cars.

Redmiata98 | 2017年8月19日

I thought the two white lines showed the extremety of each side of the car rather than the wheels?

carlk | 2017年8月19日

Well I always use the line as a guide to back up close to the curb. You could be right though but I usually rely on park sensors to tell me if the car is too close to an object.