SoCal Model 3 Sightings?

SoCal Model 3 Sightings?

Has anyone seen a Model 3 anywhere in SoCal yet?

Tim_jacobsen | 2017年8月17日

No sightings yet!

rxlawdude | 2017年8月17日

None behind the Orange Curtain.

Carl Thompson | 2017年8月17日

Isn't SpaceX in Hawthorne? There should be some around there.


Earl and Nagin ... | 2017年8月17日

I suspect that only employees near the factory and Deer Creek engineering facility will get cars early since they will be near where engineering can watch them.

jamilworm | 2017年8月18日

I'm in San Diego and have been keeping my eyes peeled, but unfortunately no sightings. I see plenty of S and X, and I saw a Bolt for the first time a couple days ago. I've even seen a couple i8s. I want to see a 3!

KP in NPT | 2017年8月18日

A midnight silver one belongs to an employee at the design studio in hawthorne. I saw it there while walking around SpaceX and the Hyperloop. :) It's been photographed there a few separate times, that I've seen on the interwebs.

Darkon | 2017年8月18日

I'm in SD and a neighbor with an S said they knew someone nearby that supposedly had a 3. Haven't seen it myself though I'm hoping to check it out.

marvin.neil | 2017年8月18日

Saw one on the day of the handover event in Sherman Oaks. Silver with Aero wheels. Beautiful.

s7davis | 2017年8月19日

I saw one few days before delivery event in San Diego drive by but it was the RC

mrbhagwan | 2017年8月19日

Saw a black one today in Temecula on De Portola RD. It pulled out from a side street, right in front of me, so I only caught a glimpse of the side view, but spent a block or two behind it. Took me by surprise, too. It didn't seem to really stand out as I would have expected. Don't get me wrong, I drive a black vehicle, but my Tesla will definitely be a different color. It looked considerably smaller that the S, and perhaps a little taller than expected. I think I need to see many more, before finalaizing my opinion, tho....

Mike20sm | 2017年8月19日

I saw a big rig with a bunch of Tesla's on the 405 today, it had a white model 3 on it. Thought it was headed for the van nuys service center, but it blew by that exit and kept going south. Probably going to someone from SpaceX.