Take delivery without registration?

Take delivery without registration?

Anyone know if it is possible to take delivery without having to register it? So either having it delivered to my house via flatbed or picking it up with a flatbed. Clearly it cannot be driven on public roads until it is registered, but if someone with the resources literally wanted one to keep in "new in box" condition?

lilbean | 2017年8月19日

All cars, at least here in CA, must have registered owners even though they are non-operational. PNO status is registration for planned non operation vehicles.

ramana | 2017年8月19日

I got the MX without registration and sales tax (home delivery). Tesla sends necessary documentation to register the car. At DMV, had to pay the sales tax and along registration charges. If you plan to buy on loan/cash, make sure you account for sales tax. Tesla invoice doesn't include it.