Mollom issues

Mollom issues

Mollom wont let me post in the Model 3 countdown thread. Other threads I don't have an issue with just that one thread no matter what I try to post it gets blocked. Does clicking the button and reporting it really do anything? I've tried multiple times and from different devices all attempts get blocked. I'm not posting a link and I have tried rewording and completely different posts in case some word was causing the issue. Any ideas?

AJPHL | 2017年9月2日

it can be pretty sensitive. Try synonyms for anything that could be misinterpreted as promotional or profane.

kaffine | 2017年9月2日

Less than 2 months away.

kaffine | 2017年9月2日

I just tried to post the above in the countdown thread and it gets blocked as spam, here it goes through.

kaffine | 2017年9月2日

Lets see if I can post something close to what I was trying when it first blocked me. Nope couldn't post the something close to the original message.

Now lets see if I can post anything to this thread.

Frank99 | 2017年9月2日

That's some pretty weird problems you're having. Give up and let Mollom win; anything else is just beating your head against the wall.

kaffine | 2017年9月2日

At this point I'm guessing I wont be able to post to that thread again until 2 April 2018 when Mollom goes away. Either that or no one will be able to post depends on the settings from what their website says.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2017年9月3日

Frank99 is correct.

Let the wookie win.

bmz | 2017年9月3日

It appears that you've been blocked on that thread.