Model 3 Feature Requests

Model 3 Feature Requests

I'm an M3 reservation holder and have read through every piece of Tesla literature I can find and have watched just about every video that the googs can turn up and there are still a few things regarding features I wanted to suggest in hopes that it'd come to fruition with the upcoming releases. I've listed a few things below, if you have any suggestions or other ideas please feel free to comment or add below. I'm really curious to see if I've either missed these features somewhere or if they're a possibility and if anyone else has suggestions to improve upon the already amazing Tesla M3! Some of these can likely be pushed to MS & MX owners as well!

Feature Suggestions - Food for thought?

- Can the side mirrors auto-fold (or alternatively offer a manual option) at HWY speed to increase range / decrease drag? I'm already looking for ways to improve upon range without creeping along below the speed limit (Oklahoma charging is scarce). I think the laws say the cars must be equipped...don't recall reading anything saying they can't be "adjusted". Maybe if they even popped back out during lane changes that would suffice???

- Some insurance companies provide adapters to plug into the OBDII ports for discounts on premiums…will Tesla provide driver data to assist with less expensive insurance rates? If so, will this be optional, or will it be mandatory for all Teslas?

- Is there a possibility of a "trip profile" to build upon the already existing "range mode"? For example, we know there are driver profiles that suit the individual's own comfort levels. It would be great, however, if I could use trip planner to give options such as "best time", "standard driving", or "best range" ...taking into consideration topography and/or the minimum safe speed limits...why not have the car take a slight detour from the typical route to give better overall range performance to help minimize battery consumption during your extended range drive?

- Can regen be disabled in icy/snowy conditions either manually or automatically? In my state, we get more ice than snow so traction is already out the window and if regen kicked in it'd surely cause a potential incident...especially if slowing for a curve/turn. Assuming of course that I forgot to disable regen all-together.

Vidal79 | 2018年6月13日

also is there a way to send feature requests directly to Tesla? Can't seem to find a contact email other than the typical customer service form...

gmkellogg | 2018年6月13日

@Vidal79 I've seen people tweet directly to Elon, sometimes he responds.

mos6507 | 2018年6月13日

This forum IS hosted by Tesla. With everyone who works there you'd think some of this chatter would make its way back to TPTB without having to attack Elon's Twitter page.

ybbor | 2018年6月13日

Feature request: automatically turn on rear AC vents when the rear seat sensor detects someone is back there.

RosevilleLarry | 2018年7月1日

This one comes from my 20-year old daughter: she is constantly requesting bathroom stops when I'm driving. Her preferred bathroom is Starbucks. She said she would love it if there was an option to turn on Starbucks pins on the map so that she could periodically glance over at the Model 3 display to see when a "bathroom" is near

jhatcher4059 | 2018年7月1日

@SactoLarry, I agree! Adding something for a favorite or preferred route or stops would be a great addition without having to open up APIs for 3rd parties.

Another request would be to decrease the "nags" for EAP by "scoring" or qualifying drivers based on their driving habits. This seems like it would not only allow Tesla to show positive results and use cases when used correctly, but also encourages safer driving habits for those that try to abuse the system or misunderstand it's abilities. I feel like this would be an improvement on the current approach of "one person screwed up, now you're all going to suffer". Tesla has a lot of talent and brilliant minds...even something as simple as requiring the owner to drive a pre-determined amount of hours/miles using EAP correctly before allowing more advanced features would essentially help to "train" new drivers or those who have become complacent over time. When was the last time anyone got a promotion at work without having to work towards it, when was the last time a new driver was handed a driver's license without passing tests to demonstrate safe practices, when was the last time you played that wiz bang new game and were given all of the achievements and best upgrades up front...the answer here is never.
You have to put forth effort to qualify yourself in order to obtain such rewards. @Tesla and @Elon, this may also aide in putting a positive PR spin on future autonomy in response to recent news outlets always looking to report on the negative.

john | 2018年8月29日

I would like to see the homelink improved by allowing configuration for the side mirrors to fold closed when the car approaches the homelink reset point and reopen when the car approaches the reset point on the homelink.

jamespompi | 2018年8月29日

@ybbor My rear vents auto turn on when I have back passengers. Maybe that wasnt available when you posted back in June, in that case kuddos for getting what you wanted!

Firewired | 2018年8月29日

How about timely delivery of the vehicle after 100% being paid for us Texas buyers.

hokiegir1 | 2018年8月29日

@Firewired -- I'd suggest complaining to your state reps about the laws in TX that require payment before the car is shipped.

ksusweep | 2018年8月31日

One feature I would like to see is the ability to specify how close you want M3 to be relative to the wall on either the driver side or the passenger side when summon the car into an enclosed parking structure (i.e. the garage). In my case, when I park my M3 using the summon feature, in order to get the car to park as close to the wall as possible to the wall on the driver side, I have to place boxes on the passenger side to force it to happen, since M3 would otherwise try to balance the space equally on both sides. Seems like a relatively trivial feature so high ROI on this one for Tesla :)

ksusweep | 2018年8月31日

Another one is blind spot monitoring. M3 apparently already have blind spot monitoring ... Since that needs to be there for auto lane change to work. To be honest, I can't trust auto lane change completely yet because I don't have visual indication into what M3 is seeing. On the screen, we see cars ahead but never the cars next to us. We only see the squiggly lines from the ultrasound. Since M3 has cameras on the side, I would assume those are used during lane change, along with the ultrasound data. It will put me more at ease when doing lane change to be able to see the same data the auto lane change is able to see so I can learn to trust auto lane change more overtime.

PTdenver | 2018年8月31日

delay to turn car systems off when exiting! , when i get out shut the door the car turns off before i can even walk around to get my kid out of the back, even 5 seconds would be good. this would keep HVAC on for that short time while walking around the car

billtphotoman | 2018年8月31日

1) Lock latches on the back of the rear seats to keep them from being flipped down by thieves. Lacking these removes the main advantage of the sedan over the hatch back in my opinion. Most sedans have had these for years.
2) Simulated 360 degree camera display view when backing up. My wife's Leaf has this and it really helps avoid curb rash when backing into spots.
Hopefully 2) can be an over the air update. The model 3 certainly has the hardware to do this.

Marcscap | 2018年10月30日

I've had my M3 for a couple of months now living in the north and found a small nuisance that could be fixed very easily by the uber smart Tesla engineers: the seat warmer stays on unless manually turned off so in the case of a passenger leaving the car the passenger airbag autodetects and turns off, why not have the passenger seat warmer do the same?

jcjoseph | 2018年10月30日

Safety Feature Requests for a Model 3: Stronger lane departure vibration on steering wheel and optional audible lane departure alert.

RosevilleLarry | 2018年11月7日

Add current elevation to the top of the screen

RosevilleLarry | 2018年11月7日

For NAV routing calculations, instead of using a fixed efficiency estimate use actual recent efficiency averages by car/driver profile. This is important for multiple reasons: 1) different drivers have very different driving styles 2) my particular model 3 has much lower than average efficiency (310Wh/mi average on a 5000+ mile trip) so my NAV routing is currently useless because it constantly sends me on segments that are 250 miles long when my car can barely get 200 miles of range (even when I drive it a slower speeds)

SNDT3 | 2018年11月7日

“Resume” for Cruise Control.

Effopec | 2018年11月7日

How about a mode where you can turn on & record all cameras if you need to park in a shady area? I wouldn't want that to be the default, but if you park for a few hours it shouldn't drain too much power.

steven.gerazdnn345 | 2018年11月8日

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kmazzone | 2018年11月8日

1) SiriusXM integration
2) Time-based HOV navigation. In Cali, it would be nice if navigate on autopilot recognized the times that the HOV lanes where able to be accessed by everyone.
3) Web browser - add support for WebEx screen sharing
4) Web browser - add some indication that you pressed a link

Carl Thompson | 2018年11月8日

"Web browser - add support for WebEx screen sharing"

OK, that would be pretty cool to attend a video meeting while racing down the highway. Especially if it could use the interior camera to show you in the meeting!

2015P90DI | 2018年11月8日

@sactolarry - I can't say with certainty, because my primary use for long distance travel has been in my Model S, but I'm assuming since it's Tesla, the NAV is programmed the same. In the Model S, the estimated remaining battery range at your destination DOES adjust to your driving for that particular trip. I'm referring to the end of trip (destination) range shown in navigation, not the range showing on your regular battery meter. After a few miles, the estimated amount of range typically adjusts for weather, terrain and your current driving. For me, on wide open roads, I tend to go well above the speed that would result in the most efficient range. The estimated remaining range figure is almost always spot on after about 10-15 miles. The only time it's significantly off is when I change my driving style during the trip.

kmazzone | 2018年11月8日

Let's add Audible support!

farmlife | 2018年11月17日

My feature request is super simple. I would love to be able to activate homelink through the Tesla phone app. That way I could use the phone to open my garage door and the summon to pull the car out of the garage, close the garage door and go. All with a few taps.

ODWms | 2018年11月18日

When I was messing around with the Summon feature about a month ago, I noticed the Homelink icon at the top of the Summon page. I didn’t press it, but I’m thinking that was the ability to open and close the garage door. I haven’t messed with it since. Can anyone else confirm this?

holgerv | 2018年11月18日

Insulated bottom trunk with a drain hole. Built in cooler.

Firewired | 2018年11月18日

Audible blind spot warning.

sriramts | 2018年12月4日

Would really like to have an audible warning when i put the left or right indicator, if there is any vehicle doesn't matter whether it is in blind spot or not that is in the path of my lane change.

sriramts | 2018年12月4日

Also would like to be able to configure notification upon a certain amount of miles left in charge. I see yellow battery indicator and stuff. But would really like to configure for say when battery level is 50 or 70 miles left to drive, notify me.

3silverISgold | 2019年2月17日

There is one essential feature that is missing from the Model 3:

Quick toggle between chill and standard driving mode.

I would like to see this feature at least added to the the left side of the LCD panel as a one-touch function easily accessible while driving.

LA-Fohlen | 2019年2月17日

Why would you need that? Just don't push the accelerator all the way tot he floor if you want to chill.

msmith55 | 2019年2月17日

Radar for rear cross traffic warning and collision detecting and for front collision detecting when there is glare or contrasting surfaces which may be mistaken for an obstacle in the road.

decoss | 2019年2月17日

I'd like to see a 'heads up display'. The system on my Accord is wonderful.

RedPillSucks | 2019年2月18日

@3silverISgold ?? Essential feature ??
Is it because you don't want to have to fumble around to switch from chill to standard when you want to show up some clown who ambles up besides you in an ICE car, reves his engine and glances at you with that "I can smoke you" smirk?

jmachhung | 2019年3月4日

Can the screen pop up incoming text message and allows it to read it to you and allow you to return with quick canned messages. My Toyota Prius Prime has that option which is very useful.

misgunjan | 2019年3月31日

1) Auto-On the fans/AC for rear seats if rear seats are occupied. May be consider increasing the fan speed by 1 or 2 steps because the overall flow gets distributed with rear vents in addition.

2) Android Auto integration

3) Video playback when in Park mode.

4) Allow rear camera in split screen, without blocking the navigation / music.

5) Hardware Feature Req: Make rearview mirror adjustment part of the saved driver profile.

Carl Thompson | 2019年3月31日

"1) Auto-On the fans/AC for rear seats if rear seats are occupied."

I'm pretty sure it already does this.

ksusweep | 2019年3月31日

While the annoying keep hands on wheel message is intended to make sure drivers are engaged and ready to take over while EAP is enabled, it sometimes does so at the most inappropriate times, such as when you are navigate a turn.

It's probably just a matter of time before someone wiggles just a bit too much during a turn and causes an accident.

It would be nice if the software could suspend the requirement for driver to "apply light force" to the steering wheel while the car is not currently on a straight line of travel.

Or, perhaps driver attentiveness could be determined using the in-cabin camera either in place of or as a supplement to the existing torque sensor on the steering wheel.....

spuzzz123 | 2019年4月1日

@ksusweep "It's probably just a matter of time before someone wiggles just a bit too much during a turn and causes an accident."

It takes enough force that it has to be pretty deliberate to disengage autosteer, even in a turn. However as an alternative, instead of applying torque to the steering wheel, you could always adjust the volume on your left steering wheel control knob up or down a hair. That will also acknowledge that you are paying attention and reset the nag for another half a mile.

MrSexyTime | 2019年4月1日

Turn signal volume loud enough to be heard over Iron Maiden.....or at least NPR.

aeoliah | 2019年4月2日

One main issue with the screen is you are not able to view your audio playlists from either android or iphone, which makes it dangerous to drive safely as you have to fidget with your cell phone to do so. here is what Edmunds commented and I have to agree:
The Model 3 scores an A for its sound quality, navigation display, and the Autopilot traffic-aware cruise and lane management system. But it earns a D-minus because Tesla's chosen way to bring your smartphone into the audio environment involves Bluetooth audio and fiddling with your phone while driving.

Smartphone integration4.5
Tesla lags far behind in this area. There's no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, but we're even more disappointed that an iPhone's music library doesn't come up on the screen when plugged in via the USB port; those are for power only. It's Bluetooth streaming audio or nothing — a huge hassle

Rt002k | 2019年4月2日

Would be great if the vent configurations were part of the driver profile. My wife always leaves it pointed straight up. She hates airflow pointed at her face while that's my preferred location.

caseyjensen1973 | 2019年4月24日

1) can the recirculate stay on all the time. Mine switches off overnight when charging.
2) can you add settings to automatically adjust follow behind distance based upon speed? 0.5-car distance for LA traffic, 1-car distance for less than 45 mph, 2-car distance for 45-60 mph, etc. | 2019年4月24日

Drift mode for all M3


cpeppey | 2019年4月26日

Windows up and down with app.

thedrisin | 2019年4月26日

1. Scroll and select contact phone choice on steering wheel.
2. Superimposed fixed rectangle car representation on backup camera to straighten car when parking.

Carl Thompson | 2019年4月27日

Better turning circle

XM radio

Android Auto / Apple Carplay


Better blind spot warning

Rear cross-traffic alerts

Better / more adjustable outside mirrors

More interior and exterior color options

Better quality control

Better customer service

Better customer communication

zx6rman | 2019年4月27日

@3silverISgold +1
@RedPillSucks : I drive mostly backroads and need to pass often. I love chill mode, but often I need to be able to WOT in an instant. Fumbling with menus to predict an overtake sucks. If chill mode would just give you full power after you slam the throttle that would be fine, but it doesn’t. Just being able to tap ‘chill’ to disengage it would do the trick. Fumbling with menus to re-engine chill is fine. This seems very easy to do and I would love that feature.