Lower dash color with white interior

Lower dash color with white interior

Just ordered a model S. the confirmation email with images shows with the white interior that the lower dash is white. When I simply go to the car configurator having white interior it shows the lower dash as black. Did this change in the last couple days? Which is correct?

Ohmster | 2017年9月26日

The employee at the Brea, CA showroom told me it was white (this was late August).....

JayBee75D | 2017年9月27日

I just took delivery of a white on white model S and the lower dash is white.

kndys | 2017年9月27日

Thanks for the responses. It was confusing, as the configurator shows it as black.

dsteal | 2017年9月27日

Mine is white but I see the configurator now shows black. I think it used to show white so the color may have changed. Best to ask an owner advisor or two. And then email the question to Tesla and see if you get consistent answers.

Ross9733 | 2017年9月28日

I just picked up my white in white model S. mine has the lower dash white but I was told going forward new cars would have the lower dash as black. To be honest think this wasn't a wise move as the two tone dash is awesome. The white interior is awesome. They told me the change was to make it look more sporty.

alex | 2017年10月1日

I think it just changed in the last few days to black even with the white premium seats. I prefer the white but don’t think it’s available now :( was at a dealership today.

dsteal | 2017年10月1日

+1 on the white interior and lower dash contrast with the white. Too bad they changed it. Everyone who gets in my car says it looks amazing. And then they ask how I will ever be able to keep it clean. So far it hasn’t been a problem. Still white and clean.

LovinTesla | 2017年10月2日

I have the white interior with the lower dash white and it is gorgeous. The black won’t look as good in my opinion. This must be a cost saving measure as the now only have the black and cream dash.


am19750 | 2017年10月5日

I just ordered on oct 2nd and want the white lower dash. Looks amazing. Don’t know why tesla made it all black. Doesn’t look as good in my opinion. Trying to see if they can make my order with the 2 tone dash as it just changed I believe last few days in September.
Will be disappointed if I get my car with black dash :(

adil_rehman | 2017年10月15日

@am19750, did you find out whether your lower dash will be white.

I just ordered mine at start of Oct also, and believed mine would be white as that is what they had in the showroom and what the sales person described, but I just checked the "view-design" document on my account and the picture shows black.... +1 on being disappointed if it turns out to be black.

am19750 | 2017年11月6日

@adil_rehman. Been trying to find out for a month. Still no definitive answer if I can still get the white lower dash so not looking good. So annoying they changed this feature. It looked so good with the white. That’s partly why I paid for upgraded seats !

kndys | 2017年12月9日

Just received a photo of my S at the dealer. Pick it up Monday. Lower dash is white!
Ordered/ confirmed end of Sept, but when I asked months back, I was told it would be black. So happy they were wrong!

My_MMS_75D | 2017年12月9日

Thats great @kndys. Was yours a custom order? When did they change the dash color for white interiors to black?
I'm fine either way, just curious

kndys | 2017年12月9日

It was, but I was told even though the configuration showed a white lower dash, that mine would be all black. Well, someone got they’re story wrong because mine somehow made the cutoff. Don’t know exactly when the real changeover date was/ when all black dash.

jporezzoli | 2018年4月28日

Unfortunately, lost my first white interior Tesla to the flood in Houston. It was all white. Ordered it again in February. Came white interior and black dashboard. It doesn’t look as nice, I don’t like it, I agree with so many comments about. It sucks.

thomaslee731 | 2018年5月25日

I have White interior with black dash. It sucks !! so I have to order white underdash panels from part dept separately for $400. They wasted our money and trying to save their money. What a cheap bas Tesla management. Elon should fire those guys.

kytesla14 | 2018年5月25日

Just placed an order for white interior MS last week. I had been looking at pictures online and just assumed the lower dash would be white. Very disappointed to learn otherwise.

Ohmster | 2018年5月25日

Our X lower dash is white. Interior is just drop-dead gorgeous......

Uncorked 2017 S75+X75D 2018.18/16. Grin on!!

packpike | 2018年5月28日

My MX dash is white (9/17). Our MS dash is black (5/18). My wife likes it so that’s all that matters but it felt strange when I first sat in the MS.

Arjeezenberg1 | 2018年7月12日

@thomaslee731 were you able to order the white under dash panels from Tesla? How do you go about doing that? So disappointing that they made that change.

tontod | 2019年4月25日

I'm curious if you can still order the white under dash panels from Tesla. I'm going to be buying a new S soon, with white interior, but of course, still the same black dash.

reyesozaeta | 2019年8月13日

Are the new Raven Model X coming with white lower dash if you order white interior?