Stay AWAY from State Farm

Stay AWAY from State Farm

I have had two claims in the past few months on my Model X. Both accidents not my fault.. State Farm sent me to a local body repair promising they handled Tesla's. A week later, car was sent to the Tesla authorized body shop but it took over two months for State Farm to approve the body work piece by piece. I was literally without a car for 3 months and quickly burned through my rental policy. The second accident was a hit and run and they are again dragging their feet. I paid the full amount myself and am fighting with State Farm since it was cheaper than paying for a rental. Customer service is non-existant and I have been hung up on and cursed out by their representatives. The auto repair shop (Dayas) in the Orlando area has advised me to go with Chubb instead, as they are more luxury car friendly.

sabbia | 2017年10月1日

Also had trouble with State Farm...but on different car.

rxlawdude | 2017年10月1日

As I have said.... "avoid insurance companies with "state" or "farm" in their name."

From case law studies on companies that, with bad faith, underpay or deny claims.

noleaf4me | 2017年10月1日


SCCRENDO | 2017年10月1日

I have been extremely happy with AAA

SO | 2017年10月1日

@rx - so I assume that includes "farmers insurance" as well?

So far I had good luck with them but only had one claim for a different vehicle. (Not my fault.)

DTsea | 2017年10月1日

Seems like if not your fault other guy should be paying. (On the first one.)

Dramsey | 2017年10月1日

FWIW, I've been very happy with State Farm's instance on my 4 cars and three bikes. The only claim I've had in the last decade was on my 2013 Model S, when I hit a chunk of tire tread that flew off a semi so hard it not only tore up my front bumper cover, but broke a large aluminum support structure behind it. $5K, but handled quickly and efficiently.

rxlawdude | 2017年10月1日

@SO, the "rule" speaks for itself. :-)

Mullion | 2017年10月1日

For what it's worth.....I have been treated very well by State Farm as well.

rxlawdude | 2017年10月1日

And of course, my "rule" is based on one then-law student's fascination with how many "bad faith claim payment" cases involved said insurance companies.

Your mileage (and happiness with your insurer) may (and probably will) vary.

sp_tesla | 2017年10月1日

rxlawdude | October 1, 2017
From case law studies on companies that, with bad faith, underpay or deny claims.

Is there a link or direct reference for that list?

rxlawdude | 2017年10月2日

I tossed my case books, sp_tesla. I'll dig through my class notes.

mcdonalk | 2017年10月3日

State Farm was the ONLY insurer who would sell us an agreed policy for our refurbished 1978 VW Campmobile (of which we are the original owners). Not even the specialty insurers would insure a vehicle in which you can spend the night.

Out Tesla, however, is insured with Amica.

drbob | 2017年10月5日

State Farm is also has rip off pricing. Check Progressive for a much better deal :-)

Erah | 2017年10月5日

Check out Broadway Insurance, they're way better

m.ladowski | 2017年10月11日

Not sure how bad was your accident. If the cost of repair is high you may want to consider selling your damaged car through and buy yourself a new shiny Tesla!

pat777campbell | 2017年10月11日

I've had good experiences with State Farm. Still, I might check other insurers out when I am about to complete our T3 purchase.

whodat | 2017年10月13日

I have State Farm insurance. I have made claims and they have paid. They are an insurance company. Some, but not all of the State Farm people can be rude. Some, but not all of the people on the Tesla forum can also be rude. People are people.

I had a cracked windshield State Farm claim on Model S. State Farm contracted to a windshield adjuster to have a non-Tesla windshield. I requested a Tesla windshield. Then State Farm came back and ok'ed having Tesla windshield installed at Tesla Service and State Farm paid minus my deductible. Check came in the mail one week after repair.

Tesla repair took 1 day longer since the windshield contractor was a no show the day of the installation. New Tesla windshield has no issues, no leaks, the glass bug decal is in a different location is the only difference I can notice. I am happy with the new windshield.

State Farm may not be the cheapest insurance.

Overall I am happy with State Farm. And I am happy with my Tesla Model S.

OP claims to have two claims in a few months. My guess is most insurance companies will flag this as out of the ordinary. Maybe its just bad luck.

With the October 2017 fires and associated home and building losses in Northern California, I wonder what the experiences are with claims for fire damage/loss to homes with insurance companies? That might provide a more balanced view for significant loss and insurance companies.

I have no financial ties to State Farm, nor do i have financial ties to Tesla and I have no agenda.

Rocky_H | 2017年10月13日

Huh, that's interesting. I have had State Farm and Farmer's in the past.

@rxlawdude, I have one that I will avoid for the reasons you mentioned. My wife worked at a law office doing administrative and bookkeeping. It was basically the most well-known personal injury office in Toledo. (*cough* ambulance chaser *cough*)
When we were going to be moving, we had a going away party where we were having drinks and chatting with the rest of the office, including the attorneys who worked there. One of them was telling us about how angry he is when he sees Allstate commercials. He told us that when he was in law school, they actually had an entire class about "How to get money out of Allstate Insurance". They were known for their standard procedure when people tried to file a claim was that they would cancel the policy and refuse to pay, and then people would have to hire a lawyer (if they could afford to) to sure their own insurance company to fight to get them to pay on the policy they had.

He said, "The 'good hands' people? Yeah, right! It's more like this:" *double middle fingers*

rxlawdude | 2017年10月13日

@Rocky, yep. We didn't have a specific course on insurance law (or extracting money from a specific insurer), but the other "farm" ones were not far behind in the bad faith non-claims-payment cases. :-)

Tesla2018 | 2017年10月13日

My mom worked for a judge about 60 years ago and told me that Allstate hires kids right out of law school and pays really low and fights almost all claims. Looks like nothing has changed.
I called them for a quote amd they said I had a ticket so thats why my quote was so high. Told them I went to court a year ago when it happenned snd got it dismissed. Called another insurance company and they had no record of a ticket and gave me a better price.

A dog bit me and a year later I still had trouble using my hand so I went to a top doctor( not an ambulance chaser) who did tests that cost me a lot and said I had lost partial use of my hand. Allstate made me a low ball offer and my lawyer (head of county bar associstion recommended by my mom who worked for lawyer rating company before she retired) said that if I took their offer I would then have to pay the hospital the full normal cost of my surgery instead of what my insurance copay was. He found out the amount of homeowners insurance the person had and sued for the full amount. Allstate countered and my lawyers said that I would get more if I went to court but then they would charge 40 percent of the settlement. Yeah lawyers are crooks too. If we settled before court I would only pay 20 or 25 percent. I didnt really care about the money and wanted to go to court for the principsl since the owner got mad at me when I called animal control because she thought they would put her dog down since it had bit other people that had complained too. but the lawyer went over the numbers and I would wind up getting more by doing it out of court. I will never use Allstate seeing how they try to jack up premimums and low ball damage claims

rxlawdude | 2017年10月13日

1% of us lawyers apologize for the other 99%. :-)

Al1 | 2017年10月13日

As per Bloomberg Tesla Partners With Liberty Mutual for Customized Insurance Plan

TexasBob | 2017年10月13日

Tesla is expanding its insurance program to the US and Canada

rxlawdude | 2017年10月15日

Sadly, the Tesla "insurance" (really Liberty Mutual) sucks eggs, value-wise.

joemar10 | 2017年10月15日

Have you seen anything on rates and coverage? If not, how can you make that statement?

SamO | 2017年10月15日

Yes. We've all checked coverages and costs. THEY SUCK. Objectively.

Why don't you click the link and report back, @joemar10?

joemar10 | 2017年10月15日

I had already checked the link. I didn't see any rates. Doing this on my phone, so maybe the rates were too small for my old eyes. I switched from Progressive to LM when I got my Model X. I have three cars and my house with LM, and find them competitive. Does this mean you no longer want to talk over a a scotch when I get to the left coast?

SCCRENDO | 2017年10月16日

@joemar10. How many of your cars have been involved in accidents or have you had any home claims and how well did Liberty Mutual do?? Also switching from Pregressive to anything else will be a significant improvement.

SamO | 2017年10月16日


You may be getting a multi-vehicle discount. Scotch scotch scotch . . . I love scotch. I'm (still) in.

Yodrak. | 2017年10月16日

I see a dozen or so people in this thread commenting on personal experiences with State Farm (the OP's ex-insurer) and Liberty Mutual (Tesla's new 'insurance partner'). Some happy, some not so happy.

I observe that a much larger group of opinions, ~65,000, was collected in a Consumer Reports survey in 2014. The best rated insurer by CR's readers was rated 93 on a scale of 100. State Farm was 9th rated at 85 and Liberty Mutual was 18th rated at 81. I take this as an indication that there are better alternatives than either.

I was with Liberty Mutual for 6 years, my employer has a deal with LM for 'special' rates on auto and home insurance. I had no issues with them after 1 auto claim and 1 homeowners claim, neither my fault, other than that in the last two years my rates climbed drastically. This year before renewal I checked some alternatives and saved $1,300 (41%) on my auto insurance and $750 on my homeowner's insurance (30%) by switching to one of the top 5 companies in the CR survey. When I cancelled with LM the rep told me "Let me review you policy as see if we can reduce your premium." My response was, "If you aren't already giving me the best premium to which I'm entitled I really don't want to do business with you."

rxlawdude | 2017年10月16日

@Yodrak, +1. Assertive, proactive consumerism is needed in this day and age.

patrick40363 | 2017年10月16日

It isn't the rates as much as how they handle an accident. I have State Farm and can actually stop by and speak to my agent, Try that with an online company.

joemar10 | 2017年10月16日

If it takes having an accident to find out how good my insurance is, I don't want to know. I visit my LM agent every time I get in the neighborhood.

SCCRENDO | 2017年10月16日

Joe. Nobody wants to have a accident. But accidents happen. I have been there done it. Best to know before the accident rather when the accident happens.

Rocky_H | 2017年10月17日

@joemar10, Quote: "If it takes having an accident to find out how good my insurance is, I don't want to know. "

That wins as the most ridiculous comment in this thread. That is about the only thing that qualifies whether your insurer is at all useful. If you just go along paying your premiums for years, but then when you need them they tell you to pound sand, they aren't a very good insurer, are they? Their history of how they handle when people file claims is about the most helpful way of rating insurance companies. That will tell you whether they are good or not, but then you do also need to weigh that against price. Some have very good claim handling, but you pay for the privilege and they aren't cheap.

SO | 2017年10月17日

@joemar10, Quote: "If it takes having an accident to find out how good my insurance is, I don't want to know. "

Haha. It’s like saying “I have really cheap health insurance. Of course when I need it, it’s practically worthless.” I don’t want to find this out the hard way while I’m in the hospital.

sp_tesla | 2017年10月17日

Rocky_H | October 17, 2017
SO | October 17, 2017

Well said, nice to read comment by logical people with common sense who get it.

elevenx | 2017年10月18日

State Farm is great at collecting premiums AND avoiding paying claims. Good if you own stock, bad if you buy insurance.

leeloveschelle | 2017年10月18日

State Farm is a nightmare! When I was living in Atlanta I very stupidly had State Farm insurance for my Model S. I took it to Magnum Collision - - Tesla Certified and I had to come out of pocket for every part. But it's not like I'm going to put some imitation crap on my car. What was I paying these guys premiums for? Magnum is connected to Chubb, which I switched to. Unfortunately, I moved from Atlanta to Richmond a while ago, but I've heard good things about a shop called Dorn's.

67nmbstang | 2017年10月19日

Currently in a claim with State Farm overall experience has been super disappointing, I have several policies with them, have been with them since 1986 with almost no claims. Now model S was hit by driver, with no license and low budget insurance we just filed claim with our insurance State Farm figuring it would be quicker and easier to work with. Now what I have is my car at the certified Tesla shop, since it's not a shop State Farm has in their network they refuse to pay the labor rates. Basically this shop works on Aluminum cars from Audi, Porsche, and now Tesla which as we know will have a higher labor rate than a steel only shop due to the additional training & tooling it takes. The 2nd issue is the shop has an estimate, State Farm says this shop is doing more than required and only going to pay about 70% of the estimated scope. If I want to do follow what the certified repair shop recommends then the last 30% is on me, otherwise I have to pick the car up put it on a truck and take it somewhere else. Our claim agent says "sorry" but you caught between insurance & your certified body shop.

Key take away, if they don't have the Tesla shop is not in their network, and expect they don't because they don't look at skill but more value to them, you will have lots of problems with your claim and State Farm.

After being with them for 30 years with no claims, paying thousands of dollars each year in premiums, when I needed them to repair my wife's car and have our backs in this incident. They have been just plain horrible, they are definitely a company managing the bottom line at all costs, that has been my experience. If any has some advice besides getting my lawyer involved, let us know. thx

rxlawdude | 2017年10月19日

Thank God for California's more consumer-friendly laws, where what you're going through can't happen. Insurance company cannot dictate what shop you use. I feel bad for you, @67nmb

sp_tesla | 2017年10月19日

elevenx | October 18, 2017
State Farm is great at collecting premiums AND avoiding paying claims. Good if you own stock, bad if you buy insurance."

How does that work since they most likely aren't collecting as much premiums as possible due to not reaching maximum potential amount of customers?

jdoe742 | 2018年5月11日

lol most of you have no idea what you are talking about. Own stock? it's a private company. Insurance is a necessary evil but you LOVE it when it takes care of you don't it? And then complain 99% of the rest of the time. If you're here, you have it good, be grateful. Here's a quick 2 pager if you care to compare and maybe learn something

Tesla2018 | 2018年5月12日

A lot of the cost of insurance premiums is to pay commissions to agents. They pay a large amount for new policies and then a smaller amount on renewals. Annuities pay realy well since the insurance company knows they will have use of the money for years. Geico and some other online companies sre eliminating the agent so they are able to offer lower costs or do more annoying TV commercials.

I work for a financial company and we have a subsidiary that is internet based only and the rates are about .25 to .50 percent higher on financial deposit products sold online. Also people think going a mortgage brokers gets them the best rate. The brokers get paid a commission by the banks which then results in you paying more than if you had gone directly to the bank. It just saves you the hassle of shopping around.

Teslation | 2019年9月16日

How long does State Farm pay for a rental ?

tew ms us | 2019年9月17日

"The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld a jury verdict finding that State Farm Fire and Casualty Co. defrauded the federal government after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in 2005."

reed_lewis | 2019年9月17日

I have Liberty Mutual for my cars. They may not be the cheapest, but their claims service is top notch.

jimglas | 2019年9月17日

LiMu Emu
would never look at them with that lame ad campaign

andy.connor.e | 2019年9月17日

but what about Jake?