wireless charging

wireless charging

where can I upgrade a Tesla for wireless charging?

DTsea | 2017年10月3日

Why bother?

Frank99 | 2017年10月3日

reed_lewis | 2017年10月4日

The plugless device while cool requires that you park the car in the exactly the correct place. If you are off by a few inches the car will not charge as quickly or not at all.

And how difficult is it to plug in the plug in your garage?

jordanrichard | 2017年10月4日

The system is something like $3,000, charges at a slower rate than a 14-50 outlet, and creates a potential tripping hazard since a power line has to go across your floor to power the recharging "pad". All of that to save the painfully long 5 seconds it takes to plug it in manually.

reed_lewis | 2017年10月4日

@jordanrichard - The cable can be attached to the floor to prevent tripping, but I concur on the price is much too high for the benefit. Plus the loss in the induction means that it will cost you more money to charge your car. So it is the worst of all world.

Frank99 | 2017年10月4日

The OP asked a simple concrete question, not a philosophical one.

reed_lewis | 2017年10月4日

Yes, but the correct answer to a question like wireless charging should also include the pros and cons for the solution.

To not talk about that would be to ignore the facts.

Frank99 | 2017年10月4日

When I ask "Where's a good mexican restaurant around here?", I'm not expecting (and wouldn't welcome) a discussion of pros and cons of Mexican food, and a lecture on saturated fats.

Should_I | 2017年10月4日

I glanced at the website after seeing this post. Looks like a fair amount of amperage for the charge rate.
Safe to say efficiency isn't great?

jordanrichard | 2017年10月4日

Frank99, ok. the answer to the OP's question is, in your garage. | 2017年10月4日

For car charging:

Perhaps the OP was asking about phone wireless charging?

The model 3 include two wireless chargers for phones inside the car. There is also someone that has modified the S/X console for a built in wireless phone charger, which is cool. | 2017年10月4日
Frank99 | 2017年10月4日

Good catch, TT. I love wireless phone charging - I've got one in my car, one on my desk at work, one at home. I just drop it onto the charger wherever I am, and always have a fully charged phone. And I don't have wires dangling all over the place.

Of course DTsea, reed_lewis, and jordanrichard would never approve of him charging his phone wirelessly because it's less efficient than plugging in, so will berate you also. Thanks for facing the onslaught. | 2017年10月5日

Interesting. Plugless sounds like the whole enchilada, if one is so inclined.

jordanrichard | 2017年10月5日

Frank99, people can do whatever they want. We were just pointing out/giving a heads up to the costs of such a system that the OP may not be aware of. Don't get me wrong, it would be great to just pull into my garage and have the car charge up on its own via a plug less system. However when you way the benefits to the immense costs............... Perhaps to the OP they are willing to spend that kind of money for less of a charge rate for the convenience, that's up to them.

reed_lewis | 2017年10月5日

The difference in the amount of power wasted wirelessly charging a car is orders of magnitude more than the amount of wasted power wirelessly charging a phone.

A phone has at most 6 watt hours. A car contains 75000 watt hours.

I personally do not care if you wish to wirelessly charge your car. But people who think it is a perfect solution need to understand that it is not.

That is why I was trying to help.