How to configure WiFi to my new Powerwall2

How to configure WiFi to my new Powerwall2

I have my new PowerWall 2 instales but it’s not configured to my WiFi. How can I do that?

zubinanary | 2017年10月14日

When you're installers get to Screen #1, they choose to do it via Ethernet or Wifi. If by Wifi, the admin screen (Screen #1 I think) displays all the nearby Wifi networks and they enter in the password for the appropriate WIFI network. If connected then it goes on to Screen #2, which checks for new software for the Powerwall. Many installers prefer to do Ethernet, but I asked my installers to do it via Wifi and he was successful.

pjcosta | 2017年10月16日

Thanks. I will contact the installer to do that.

neebs4964 | 2017年11月30日

This can be done without additional hardware? I.e., without a bridging device? I guess what I'm asking is does the Gateway function as a WiFi device like any device, such as an iPhone or iPad, and can it connect to a foreign router in a different subnet, just by using the wifi password?

sashton | 2017年11月30日

Yes, the gateway functions as a standalone WiFi host and via that can be configured to connect to the internet via a WiFi enabled router; hardwired to the router or even via its cellular radio.

trx430ex | 2017年11月30日

Really,, I ,, this is really a conversation,,, I just do not know what to say.

FloridaDave | 2018年1月7日

If you change out your wireless router, how do you reconnect the gateway to the new router when yours is on wifi and not ethernet?

jdfranko | 2018年1月8日

ditto to FloriaDave's question. Just bought a new wifi router and want to switch things over without having to pay my worthless solar installer for a service call.

eml2 | 2018年1月10日

Call Tesla Support. They should be able to walk you through on the phone.