Forgive the smug post but....

Forgive the smug post but....

I have had my PW II for four months now. It took a few weeks to iron out some teething issues. The import/export sensor WiFi connection wasn't reliable and had to be replaced with a hardwired one. Some of the early firmware versions were plagued with minor issues. The app could provide better history data and been more reliable.
But.... in the last 2-3 months it has been perfect.
Nearly 100% self consumption - i.e. less than 50 kWh exported and most of that was a result of the battery being fully charged.
Turnaround losses within 2% of the advertised figure.
All measured via third party certified meters.
It does what it says on the can!

I'm sorry to hear of peoples Solar City experience in this forum but I do think the PW appears to be a sound product so as soon as Tesla get their logistics sorted I will be ordering another one to go with the additional PV I'm buying myself for Christmas.

PS Just seen the new Roadster announcement and checked with the wife and she says "Yes" (OK she said "If you must" but that's as good as a yes) long as it will be available in RHD a deposit will be winging its way.

Life is good, the sun is shining (and the battery is charging)

Tesla-David | 2017年11月18日

It is ok to be smug, I am totally envious. I have been waiting for 1+ years to get my 2 powerwall-2 batteries installed. Tesla-Energy tells me I may get a call in January. Hearing positive stories from people like you who are happy with their installations give me hope. Thanks for being smug! ;-)

Madatgascar | 2017年12月1日

It's OK to be smug about the PW, but putting a deposit on a roadster? Unforgiven

harrye | 2017年12月7日

@sahaston, I agree with you and also add to the "smugness" of your post. When the sun is shining and we watch our activities, we too have achieved 100% self-consumption over a 2 or even 3 day period.. Over a longer period (3 to 6 months) all will balance and may even be better than equal :-)

Indeed, life is good for us and Mother Earth :-)

BuddyLester | 2018年1月10日

I agree with Harrye
Mother Earth will thank you

Tesla-David | 2018年1月10日

I concur with @harrye and @BuddyLester, we all need to tread lightly on Mother Earth, and solar + PW2 helps reduce our carbon impacts.

AlexanderCarson | 2018年1月12日

In places where low-carbon energy sources, such as "green" and nuclear, are used, the development of electric transport has led to a sharp reduction in emissions to the atmosphere. Less this effect is felt in those countries where most of the energy is obtained by burning coal, for example in China.