Unreasonably long hold times on Tesla support line?

Unreasonably long hold times on Tesla support line?

Have I just gotten lucky or are the hold times on Tesla ridicously long? I called them four times only to finally hang up 10-20 minutes. I was at a supercharging station yesterday and was unable to get charged and waited over 20m before I finally gave up.

I called them again this morning and finally go through after 10+ minutes but it seems odd that this service is so backed up without even an option for a call back or a status of the expected hold time.

josh | 2018年11月4日

I was on hold for two hours yesterday before I gave up. I have 2500$ down, delivery scheduled for 11/10 and can't get a hold of a human. My delivery consultant won't answer any communication. This sucks turning excitement into nervousness I just want my money back at this point.

wisam.alrawi | 2018年11月4日

1. I called to report a broken SC stall and it took me 43 min or get hold of someone to report the broken stall. By that time I was done with charging. Suggest: adding a way in the Tesla phone app to report broken SC stalls. This will lessen the burden on the service calling.
2. I tried to report another broken stall two weeks later but it was after 9:00 PM or so Pacific Time. I tried twice and ended up with service center is closed and to call during business hours.
3. Wait time averaging for me is 20-30 min.
4. I never called Apple but I had experience with Google and Amazon. Google is by far the best company on I've even had an interaction with when it comes to support. They can call you back if the wait time is too long or if you submit a support ticket they offer calling you when someone is available. Also chatting works with them. Amazon was good too when I needed help. (Not sure if the comparison between Google and Tesla is fair but I thought it was worth mentioning). Sorry, can't compare Tesla to AT&T and others.

jordanrichard | 2018年11月4日

Last night I was on hold for 30 mins. To find out which fuse to pull to stop the right front door handle motor from constantly running. However, I am not complaining. It was 9:30 at night on a Saturday. Call your local Chevy, Mercedes, Lexus, whatever dealer at 9:30 at night and see who answers. Call the MB USA on a Saturday night and see who answers........

Yes, Tesla needs more tech support personnel to answer calls, I agree. So I am not trying to give Tesla a “pass” on this, I am just saying at least you can call the company that made your car 24/7. You can not do that with any dealer and certain can’t call the company that actually made your car.

blacktape242 | 2018年11月5日

I called recently and my wait time was more then 20 mins, so i hung up, the next time I called it was talking with someone in less them 2 mins. I guess it just depends on the day.

Tesla2018 | 2018年11月5日

I was on hold for about half an hour. I went to the service center last week about a problem and was told that the person that handles your issue doent have time to talk to you. That is not the right thing to say to a customer that has been there multiple times trying to resolve billing issues.But after sending an email to my delivery rep the next day, I got a call back with her direct number and she solved my problem.
I was thinking of applying at Tesla when I got laid off years ago. At that time it said on the expected levels of service that all customer calls were to be returned in 5 minutes. It will be interesting to see how the JD Powers survey results are for Tesla. They really need to improve customer service or they are going to get slammed when the shorters feast on the poor results. Most of the early adopters knew it would be bad but now the average new car purchaser doesn't want to be treated like a Gateway computer owner calling tech support in India in the 90s.No one knows anything and they give a canned reply and they are way understaffed.
Now I can see why the head of HR quit. They probably didnt know how to set up a training center or saw the writing on the wall that the company wasnt equipt to handle the volume. I hope the next problem isnt with servicing. Going online to set an appointment is a joke since there is was already a 2 week wait for a morning or evening appointment when I tried acheduling one on their website. Luckily the mobile setvice said they could come to my work location.

luciano.mougenot | 2018年12月2日

47:06 wait on a Sunday, they answered as I typed this... coincidence? LOL

jordanrichard | 2018年12月3日

Call MB, BMW, etc, on a Sunday and let us know how long you had to wait...............

DanFoster1 | 2018年12月3日

I’ll wager of the biggest problems is people calling about things they could—but won’t ever—read in their owner’s manual.

jdoher44 | 2018年12月4日

Nope, don't think so. They made a revolution, but still, don't have enough manufacturing experience to run the large production volumes. Its like to create a first world VPN but then lose to some [url][/url], because they have more experiences developers/marketing team. Or the same example with the Battle Royal games: the first is not the leader now.

jordanrichard | 2018年12月4日

DanFoster1, Exactly!!!!!

That or should have learned from doing their research before ordering their car.

ZoomieDoc | 2018年12月10日

Simply not acceptable to spend > $110k for a car and not have customer support answer for over 50 minutes. Not able to resolve via owners manual or online. Recording directs to “Chat” that doesn’t exist! Suggest EVERYONE tweet to Elon so he gets the message.

swinchell | 2019年8月30日

Ok I seriously hate this company. It's very rare I'm this upset but this has been crazy. I have called 6 times being told it would be corrected, it wasn't, and emailed over 2 weeks ago and never received a response.

I am just trying to access my solar billing in my account on the website. When it was still through Solar City no problem. Worked absolutely fine. Now the Tesla app doesn't show anything about billing, just some weird grid thing that I don't understand.

Each time I called I waited 40mins to an hour. I am currently on hold. I called customer service, waited just over half an hour and was then told tech support would help me. Transferred, waited another 20mins. Explained to the rep what was going on and she immediately said she couldn't help me and was going to transfer me back to customer service. I stopped her and told her they just transferred me to her. She then rudely proceeded to tell me that she can't help me and I need to talk to customer support.

I now have an estimated 40min wait time. I will have been on hold for almost 2 hours. Now, I would think if this is the situation I'm in, she possibly could have bumped me to the head of the line since I had already been waiting an hour being bounced around. Nope. They could have a return call option. Nope.

I'm holding because I have no choice, I have to get this fixed, but I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, recommend Tesla.

One of my faculty who is actually looking at solar just walked in and he's walked in on my previous phone calls while on hold. Guess who isn't going with Tesla. It's one person, but I'll take it.

jlhardy | 2019年10月8日

I have been holding for over two hours with my tesla wall installer standing by to get my wall online-ridiculous hold time. The installer hotline said to have me 'wait it out.' I've already paid full price for my wall unit and still cannot get a human on the line who knows what is going on.