(solved) WiFi disconnects at home

(solved) WiFi disconnects at home

I've had my MX for almost 3 weeks now and have wondered why the WiFi is never connected. I finally started troubleshooting it when the latest firmware update (50.2) failed to install 3 or 4 times and I noticed that wifi never stays connected. I thought it was just a weak signal but I had a spare repeater and hooked it up in the garage just 10ft from the MX. Same problem.

After some googling I found a couple other forums that mention Wink/Wink2 home automation hubs conflicting with the Tesla. I disconnected the Wink and voila works perfectly.

Some have claimed that using a guest network solves their issue, for me, I have to poweroff the wink in order to perform the software update. I don't use wifi in the car for much more than software updates so I'm not that concerned. Thought others may benefit from this find.

(I'd link to the other forums to give credit to those that found the issue but I didn't bookmark, i'm sure you can google "tesla wink wifi" and find them)