Looked up and saw a crack in roof :(

Looked up and saw a crack in roof :(

My model 3 has less than 500 miles. We looked up tonight under a stop light and there was a sharp reflection of light. Went home and confirmed my fear.... two cracks about 12 inches long about half an inch apart. Will be making a service appt tomorrow...

Anyone else face similar issues?

AmroHabib | 2018年1月21日

I’m sorry that happen dude that sucks! Do you think anything caused it?
Good luck

joyceandwill2018 | 2018年1月21日

I have had rock chips in the past. Did not hear anything of that sort while driving and have kept the car in the garage mostly. Plus there isn't a chip that was the source of the crack.

I am wondering if my driveway caused it. I live in SF and on a hill and the car experiences some body flex as it passes over the driveway into the garage...although I would expect this roof to be designed for that.

KP in NPT | 2018年1月21日

I’ve seen postings about this on Facebook - a few people have had this issue. Likely a flaw in installation. They will replace it.

cornellio | 2018年1月21日

San Francisco is a horrible place for cars. Really awful roads and hills.

danbry39 | 2018年1月21日

My S had a crack in the roof. It was really hard to see in the daylight, even when it was pointed out by the service rep, whom I am indebted to. Took a few months to replace, but they did. Good luck, but I think they'll do right by you and soon it will be an issue swept into the past.

Haggy | 2018年1月22日

I had broken glass in the Model S roof. Insurance covered it, minus the comprehensive deductible. It's normally an ordeal with my insurance company to have anybody but a glass company on their preferred list do the install, because the rules say that if I do that, they will get quotes from people on their list and I'd have to pay the difference. But the people in the department that handle it, if it gets to that level, say that if it's a Tesla just take it to Tesla because nobody else has the glass.

Since there's more glass, you might want to look at the cost of having a $100 deductible vs a higher one and figure out how much extra it will be over the years. Also in some states, the deductible for glass is 0 by law.

George with SacEV | 2018年1月22日

Big article somewhat recently in Consumer Reports about "broken glass sunroofs" and attributing such to a factory defect. NOT an insurance adjustment problem, but a manufacturer problem at least in terms of legacy companies.

Brendon.reap | 2018年1月23日

Is it your windshield or your panoramic roof?

stevea137 | 2018年1月23日

Any updates @jwc324?

jordanrichard | 2018年1月23日

Which panel of glass was it?

autiger | 2018年1月23日

Was supposed to get my delivery tomorrow but tesla noted a crack in the roof - now have to wait to get another made and sent to east coast :-(
At least they found it and taking care of it!

Darren_78 | 2018年1月24日

I had a rock that hit my front windshield causing a chip. Later, I saw a crack in the sunroof and I noticed at the start of the crack it looked like a rock chip. Not sure if it was the same rock or another one that hit the roof.

I paid Tesla to replace it.

Darren_78 | 2018年1月24日

the sunroof. Front windshield is fine with rock chip.

Rthughes77 | 2018年1月24日

From my experience in automotive glass cracks that appear can be caused from various reasons.....

Glass defect
Object hitting it
Glass opening to tight
Urethane sealer bead to small

For Tesla Engineers

Check glass opening to ensure your within spec
Inpect glass from supplier to ensure proper thickness and smoothness on edges
Ensure your urethane sealer bead is properly applied....height and width....If I remember for windshields about 15 mills height
Check your installation process to ensure glass is properly installed and wetter out(tapping down)

My 2 cents MIGHT save ya a couple millions

Rthughes77 | 2018年1月24日

For Engineers

Most likely the urethane bead and installation to the vehicle is a robotic installation make sure there is no hard surfaces contacting the glass and pressure at installation is not to severe to cause stress on glass

sajakh | 2018年2月3日

To the OP, Did you ever get that issue resolved and what did they do?
I think I have a similar fairly large crack along the middle front of the front sunroof just behind the windshield. I just picked it up yesterday too :(

johnse | 2018年2月3日

@Rthughes77 have you seen the video of body assembly Tesla embedded in the Q3 shareholder letter? It shows the glass roof panel (above the driver) being installed by robot

stevea137 | 2018年2月3日

I'm concerned that we haven't heard back from @jwc324.... maybe be has been silenced by "someone"? ;)

Rthughes77 | 2018年2月4日

@johns no haven't seen the video....your point?

Atoms | 2018年2月18日

Was at Kierland sCommons store yesterday and noticed small rough divot along edge. Such defects can easily initiate a crack. I’m sure Tesla is inspecting more carefully since repairing later is a lot of work. I wish I had the job to redesign the UI.... argh.

rxlawdude | 2018年2月18日

Odd that OP never returned to report on what happened.

Resrch03 | 2018年2月19日

In Colorado, historically, cracked windshields have been like dirt on cars - pretty common thanks to all the little pebbles on the road that get churned up under someone's tires and spit directly at your windshield at high speed. I was hoping the glass roof wouldn't be susceptible because the speed and force of dropping down on a roof, versus hitting a windshield head-on, wouldn't be enough to cause any damage, but these reports are making me a little worried that we're going to see a lot of cracked roof glass too.

burdogg | 2018年2月19日

Resrch03 - I have a Pano roof Model S - it is all glass basically, much like the 3 (only difference is the back half, has a crossbar instead of one solid piece, but that back part really shouldn't matter as it does not get hit with a rock :). I have had it in CO for 2 years now and no problems.

Yodrak. | 2018年2月19日

"Most likely the urethane bead and installation to the vehicle is a robotic installation "

Yes, it is at Tesla.
"[Sheena Paterson] designed a robot that now sits on the combined Model S-Model X assembly line where glass panels are glued and attached to the Model X.

Smaller than the massive orange robots at Fremont that can sling around entire vehicle bodies, Patterson's robot — named Gambit, for the superhero from the "X-Men" comics — is yellow, about as large as an adult, and encased in Plexiglas.

Its job is to apply adhesive — something formerly done by multiple workers, who had to use glue guns and work on tables set up next to the assembly line. Gambit draws adhesive from large barrels and can save Tesla time and money on this delicate phase of production."

jopp2 | 2018年2月19日

just such poor QC and manufacturing process at Tesla. Junk!

Frank99 | 2018年2月19日

Good try, jopp, but we have professional trolls here that make your attempt look pathetic. Have a nice life.

leo33 | 2018年2月19日

@frank99 +100

minervo.florida | 2018年2月19日

Where is the OP????
How about an update?

burdogg | 2018年2月19日

jopp2 is Keef - again.

sbeggs | 2018年2月19日

Good one!

vmulla | 2018年4月14日

Now I have a crack on my pano roof :(
Just under 5k miles on the car.

The shape and size of the crack is similar to the pano roof crack someone reported on TMC

It was the first day where our temps hit 80s, that's the only thing that could have impacted the car. There was nothing that hit the car.

I've reported this to the service center, let's see what happens. It's just weird that I've actually seen the OPs car with the same issue - the exact same issue. That car would be in the same VIN range too.

Shock | 2018年4月14日

"Big article somewhat recently in Consumer Reports about "broken glass sunroofs" and attributing such to a factory defect. NOT an insurance adjustment problem, but a manufacturer problem at least in terms of legacy companies."

Agreed. Sounds like manufacturing defect.

stevea137 | 2018年4月14日

@vmulla - If you disappear now too, we'll know there is a cover up; and we'll send a search party ;)

vmulla | 2018年4月14日

That's funny :))

When I called the service center I told them I've seen the other car with a similar problem. I also told them that the crack's shape is similar to another car's crack - I mean uncannily similar with a J shape. I've never seen glass crack in curved shapes.

The good thing is that all the 3 VERIFIED cars reporting this crack were made around the same time (VIN ~2500-~3100). Hopefully this is a limited problem.

vmulla | 2018年4月14日

Oh BTW, it's ridiculously hard to get a good picture of a crack in the pano roof.

bckator | 2018年4月14日

re "(VIN ~2500-~3100). Hopefully this is a limited problem", fingers crossed. (vin 116xx).

vmulla | 2018年4月15日

Finally pictures:

If you visit TMC you'll see 3 others who reported near identical cracks. One guys VIN is very close to my own, within 100 cars. Lowest verified VIN with similar problem is ~26xx, highest is ~41xx

TMC link - https://teslamotorsclub. com/tmc/threads/large-crack-in-pano-roof.108844/

lilbean | 2018年4月15日

Vmulla, bummer about your cracked glass but you got the black headliner. That’s nice! No fair!

vmulla | 2018年4月15日

What black headliner? It's tan on my car. I'd pay for a black headliner. I chose that option on my S add loved the uniform look throughout my interior.

lilbean | 2018年4月15日

It looks black in the pictures.

vmulla | 2018年4月16日

@lilbean, could this be another case of that famous dress that appears dark blue or cream based on the viewer?

lilbean | 2018年4月16日

That’s what I was thinking. Lol.

vmulla | 2018年4月23日

Ok. Update from my end. The glass was fixed. It wasn't covered under warranty, but it was paid for as 'good will'. Conspiracy theorist take note.
Bottom line, I didn't pay for the cracked glass - yay for me, and a BIG thanks to the forum. I had all the info I need to show that I wasn't an isolated case.

Interestingly, there were other things taken care of in this visit
- stabilizer bars replaced due to a recall.
- The driver's side A-pillar bulged trim replaced, but the new trim peice is only slightly better than the old trim. It's not an assembly issue, the part itself is out of shape.

As far as keeping the customer happy is concerned, Tesla Tyson's team gets an A+, they listen and they try.

phil | 2018年4月23日

vmulla | April 23, 2018 "The glass was fixed. It wasn't covered under warranty, but it was paid for as 'good will'."

I don't get it. How could a car company even write a warranty that does NOT cover this? Does the warranty cover ANYTHING? It sounds like they're saying our cars could fall apart in a week, and they owe us nothing. We instead need to hope that their 'good will' continues. We are mere supplicants, rather than customers. I don't like the sound of this 'good will.'

dyefrog | 2018年4月23日

Unless I'm missing something, how could Tesla determine it was defect if it happened after he took delivery. Tesla could have been a$$holes about it but they did the right thing. I had a tree branch fall on my windshield once and cracked it but that's not on BMW. If a rock hits your windshield or chips your paint on the way home, how is that Tesla's fault or a warranty issue?

phil | 2018年4月23日

dyefrog - You're missing something. There have been a substantial number of these glass cracks reported by new owners. They are not from falling trees. I know it, and Tesla knows it. In your heart, you know it too.

It's a warranty issue.

stevea137 | 2018年4月23日

Did they claim it wasn't covered under warranty because they assumed it was caused by road debris or something?

Did they share with you what the cost would be if they didn't cover it under "good will"? I assume that is a very pricey piece of glass.

dyefrog | 2018年4月23日

I've not been following this discussion so if in fact it's fairly common then I agree, it's probably a Tesla problem. especially if it's occurring in the same spot.

vmulla | 2018年4月23日

Glass cracked - not broken due to accident - Tesla fixed it - customer is happy.

All else doesn't matter.

I, as the costumer, am sharing that I am happy with Tesla's commitment to the customer (me).

I don't want anything to get in the way of my message of appreciation for the customer service team at Tyson's.

sbeggs | 2018年4月23日