XM Radio randomly changing stations

XM Radio randomly changing stations

Does anyone have issue with XM radio randomly changing stations? Mostly this occurs when out of the car for anywhere from 5 minutes to overnight. It will then be on an AM radio station which i've never listened to. Also, with the "favorites", sometimes some of them are labeled as one station (i.e. E Street Radio), but when you select it, it goes to the XM preview station #1. This has been an issue since i purchased in September 2014, and i've raised it with Tesla each and everytime I've brought in for service, with no one able to ever figure out. Quite often, service blames XM, which seems highly unlikely to be at fault!

rxlawdude | 2018年2月22日


patrick40363 | 2018年2月22日


CEYA GAS | 2018年2月22日

Yore not alone

CEYA GAS | 2018年2月22日

You’re. Damn autocorrect.

ebender888 | 2018年2月22日

While I'm certainly Glad I'm not alone, has anyone gotten a resolution from Tesla to eliminate this very frustrating issue?

rg22.vanhorn | 2018年2月23日

Yup, me too...

stevenmaifert | 2018年2月23日

Happens all the time and is also happening with my Model 3.

stevenmaifert | 2018年2月24日

I should clarify. My M3 does not have XM, but if left on a Slacker/Tune-in station at the end of the day, it almost always is sitting on some random FM station the next morning when we leave.

ebender888 | 2018年2月25日

Brought in to service (again). This time I brought photos of the screen and dash to show the odd stations on display not matching up to my "favorites" or recents. They let me know they've ordered parts and will replace the entire XM antennae and wiring system. Personally, don't think it is an XM issue as much as a software issue with Tesla. We'll see if the new parts make a difference.

kawdennis | 2018年2月25日

Me Too

JustSaying | 2018年2月25日

"On some AM station that I never listened to"
Could be Right before XM has to report the census of (and pay the license fee on) what stations their subscribers listen to.
I noticed this in January i had to reset most of the non XM presets in both our cars.

mollyshark | 2018年8月1日

Going through this with Tesla/Sirius now in a new P100. The display shows 80s on 8 and the small print says 70s on 7. The small print is always right...the station actually is 70s on 7. I've had 3 of them show up as Sinatra when they are 3 different stations. Surely this is solvable.

GaryD | 2018年8月1日

I just wrote it off to my Model S have different taste in music than I had. Wish they would update the XM programing to show the album covers which are available. as well displaying accurate station descriptions.

Silver2K | 2018年8月1日

Never had this issue.

bp | 2018年8月2日

The media player app has long-standing bugs causing it to forget settings periodically, such as the on/off status when leaving the vehicle, selected source, current station, current song or current position in a USB file.

These problems could be due to improperly saving/restoring settings when the vehicle goes into sleep mode and then wakes up. Though we're having the media player turn on every time we get into our new Model X, even though it was turned off when we leave.

If Tesla has enough resources to start adding Atari games in the Version 9 release - hopefully that means the media player bugs will be fixed when we get the release (in the next month?).

ssadowsky | 2018年8月14日

I have been having the same exact issue as laid out by the original post ever since I got my model S (both the changing station labels and the changing from XM to FM. Service told me that XM was designed to shut off which obviously is not true as it doesn't happen in any other make or model of car. It must be something specific to Tesla. It happens all the time -- this morning I closed my driver's door and immediately opened the door to the backseat and it switched to FM. Obviously, this is a minor issue in the whole scheme of things, but so frustrating for such an advanced vehicle!

corlk | 2018年8月14日

The best way to absolutely guarantee you will never have that problem is to buy a model 3

MitchellK | 2018年8月15日

I have a 5 month-old P100 and I've experienced the Media App changing the text labels on SiriusXM favorites, and doing it in a somewhat unpredictable manner. i have half a dozen SiriusXM favorites and sometimes when I'm listening to one of the favorites and change to another, the text label (but NOT the channel number) on the favorite for station I'm changing FROM changes to the text label of the station I'm changing TO. This sometimes doesn't happen for a few days and then suddenly it happens almost all the time for a while. Often, after I park and then get into the car later, it will have restored the correct labels when I start the car again. I've reported this a couple of times to Tesla NA service and they say that they haven't heard this one before. This behavior has persisted through the past several firmware updates.

I've got to believe this is the media app and not anything to do with SiriusXM itself. This is my third Model S since 2012 and I have to say that I think that the Media app is the neglected child of the Tesla software team.

ssadowsky | 2018年9月4日

ebender888 - I am curious if your issues have been resolved since you had the radio replaced?

MitchellK | 2018年9月6日

I wanted to update my August 15 post on my SiriusXM favorites labels issue. It appears that the most recent update I received, 2018.32.2 3817fdd, finally fixed the issue.

Jurbina8 | 2019年2月2日

Happens since I got my model 3 in April of 2018. Not fixed after numerous updates and a service appointment.

Charliek | 2019年6月19日

This problem still exists on my 2018 model X... with the latest firmware installed