Tesla Model 3 Battery degradation

Tesla Model 3 Battery degradation

Our Model 3 was left parked in our garage while away from February 19th to February 28th with 207 miles of range on the 19th and 174 miles of range on the 28th, a decrease of 33 miles. Car was never driven and controls never activated except to wake the car by launching Tesla app to take screen shots of the battery range status. Our Model 3 battery degraded at a much faster rate than my Model S. I drove our Model 3 to the Dublin Service Center today, showed the service tech my Model 3 screen shots and was informed that this degradation was normal. Can the battery degradation be reduced to at least the same level as my Model S?

I have the dated screen shots showing range miles and odometer reading that I can share.

burdogg | 2018年3月1日

I had heard it was around 3-4 miles a day, which is what yours comes in at. Am I mistaken on the 3-4 miles a day vampire loss?

By the way, it is not degradation - that is misleading, degradation is an actual loss in ability to charge to certain extent. Ie, I used to be able to charge to 200 miles at 90%, but after 5 years, it will only charge to 150 miles at 90%. That is degradation.

What you experienced was vampire loss - ie energy from the battery was used to do various things while not in use. Once you charge, you will get all those miles back - therefore, not degradation :)

Anyway, am I wrong on the 3-4 miles of vampire loss on the 3?

stevea137 | 2018年3月2日

3-4 miles/day is the commonly cited vampire drain I've seen for the M3.

Even though the car is "off", it's still doing a lot. The main computer is still running and monitoring the condition of the battery (temperature and such) to make sure it's always in an ideal state, monitoring data connections, recharging the 12v battery several times a day, etc.

It is possible that future firmware upgrades will reduce vampire loss, but this is where we are at the moment.

Bighorn | 2018年3月2日

You've owned a Model S and you refer to vampire drain as degradation?! Do you live under a rock? Seriously.

rdr1rx | 2018年3月2日

Had you plugged it in to a set % before you left ...

nvjx | 2018年3月2日

I took delivery of the Model 3 on Feb 2 and when charged to 90% the first couple of times it showed a rated range of 281 miles but then it dropped to a rated range of 277 at 90% the last few times. I charge the car when it gets down to about 130-140 miles. The car now has about 700 miles and the life time wh/miles is 217 which is very low consumption.

andy.connor.e | 2018年3月2日

One thing my phone/tablet does is actually measure how much energy is charged and discharged to determine internally what is actually 100% and what is actually 0%. Its possible the 90% you were getting initially was more generic than realistic numbers. The car may have adjusted your ranged based on what the car actually calculated as real world numbers, which happened to be 4 miles less than the generic estimate. But i dont know for sure

djharrington | 2018年3月2日

It's also possible (even likely, based on mine and community members' experiences of the S battery management system), that if you discharge the battery to a lower state of charge (like 10-20%), that the calculation used to show rated range will come back to your original figures. There are plenty of threads on this in the S forum.

Paul | 2018年3月2日

"You've owned a Model S and you refer to vampire drain as degradation?! Do you live under a rock? Seriously."


andy.connor.e | 2018年3月2日

""You've owned a Model S and you refer to vampire drain as degradation?! Do you live under a rock? Seriously."



MarylandS85 | 2018年3月2日

It would be nice if, in a future software update, they offer the Energy Saving Mode on the 3 that they currently offer on the S. If I go on a long trip without the car, I turn that on. I also make sure to shut off the Tesla app and not access it while away. The car goes into a deeper sleep and suffers less vampire drain. I can’t remember how much it saves exactly, but it’s significant.

Tesla-David | 2018年3月2日

We got our M3 on 2/3/18, and have been actively monitoring the vampire loss issue in M3 as compared to our S85D and have been very satisfied with the performance of the M3 relative to efficiency, charging rate and vampire loss. We are averaging only 1-2 miles/day of vampire loss in our M3 as compared to 3-4 miles/day in our MS. This far, I am very impressed with the M3 battery performance. We also get a faster charging rate in the M3 than in the MS.

Bighorn | 2018年3月2日

Another thing to be mindful of--a rated mile in a 3 isn't the same amount of energy (Watt-hours) as in a Model S.

andy.connor.e | 2018年3月2日

"Another thing to be mindful of--a rated mile in a 3 isn't the same amount of energy (Watt-hours) as in a Model S."

And rated is subject to discrepancy based on your environmental/driving conditions.

Bighorn | 2018年3月2日

Not sure what concept you're expressing there about environmental/driving conditions. A rated mile in an 85kWh battery is 278 Wh consumed, while adding a rated mile is 300 Wh, just to complicate things. The preliminary figure I'm calculating for the LR Model 3 is 234ish Wh/ rated mile consumed. The full complement of rated miles is not all accounted for by the trip meters, but there is a rate constant used when driving or while the car is turned on. The environment should not impact the car's internal calculation.

nvjx | 2018年3月2日

The Watt/Hr consumption of my 3 is significantly lower than my P85 - roughly 217 vs 314.

andy.connor.e | 2018年3月2日

Just trying to be the one who makes sure everyone understands that 75kWh may not get you 310 miles depending on how you drive, use the HVAC system, and your environmental conditions.

Iwantmy3 | 2018年3月2日

All discussions on range also need to consider if it is with aero wheels (caps on) or with sport wheels. This will make a big difference on range.

Bighorn | 2018年3月2日


Carl Thompson | 2018年3月2日

"The Watt/Hr consumption of my 3 is significantly lower than my P85 - roughly 217 vs 314."

I'd be perfectly happy with any car where I got even 314 watts per hour! I could drive 10 days straight without charging! ;-)

nvjx | 2018年3月2日

@Iwantmy3, I have been driving with the aero caps on.

Tesla service told me that Model 3's algorithm was still a work in progress so maybe that is why it is showing haphazard calculations. I went on a 100 mile trip from Marin county along the coast to Half Moon Bay and back on the last 65 degrees day before it got chilly around here. Had A/C on most of the day driving up and down hilly terrain. The car showed I had used 96 miles of rated range although I had driven exactly 100 miles on the trip odometer.

Carl Thompson | 2018年3月2日

"I'd be perfectly happy with any car where I got even 314 watts per hour! I could drive 10 days straight without charging! ;-)"

The joke there is of course he said 314 watts per _hour_ not 314 watts per _mile_...

Is this thing on?

Bighorn | 2018年3月2日

It's still on.

DMSDesign | 2018年3月2日

My Model 3 looses about 3-4 miles over 24 HOUR period. Here is what the owners manual says: "On average, the Battery discharges at a rate of <1% per week with energy saving mode ON and <3% per week with energy saving mode OFF." The other problem here is it talks about the energy saving mode. The owners manual says the M3 has one, but it is not there. Tesla thinks it will be part of a future update, but no one seems to know for sure. Also if you have say 270 miles of charge, the manual says it is OK to loose up to 3% or 8.1 miles in a week. Currently at 3 miles a day, I am loosing almost 8%. I will be going on a trip in June, and my M3 will sit for a month. with no charging available. So I will loose an estimated 32 miles in a month. I really would like to have the energy mode ability. This same type of thing on Model s units as well.

madkim23 | 2018年3月3日

Even your high end per day of 4 miles will leave you with a total 1 month loss of around 120 miles. You’ll have plenty when you return to get you home or to available charging.

johnyi | 2018年3月3日

Just to put all this in perspective, 3-4 miles a day is what, 1 kWh worst case in a M3? That's a vampire draw of about 40W. That's about what all the components of a decent home theater system use in standby. Seems pretty good to me considering everything that car is doing with battery maintenance, communicating over RF with the internet, with BT, listening for the key card, etc. Though in your case it makes sense to have some kind of "kill" switch to just turn the whole thing off for a month.

Varadi2 | 2019年9月29日

I’ve had my long range M3 for 10 months now and exercise pretty good charging habits. I’ve only charged to 100% once for a road trip and set my limit to 80% for daily charging. I’ve NEVER gone below 30% (my state of charge is usually between 60-80%, but now I’m noticing that my 80% charge translates to only 234 miles meaning that at 100% I would get less than 300 (instead of reading 310). Is this just the software mis-calculating my capacity or has my battery capacity deminished?
If we need to be even more careful with our charging habits, perhaps it would be nice if there were a read out for average state of charge.

Please help!

Justaguy | 2019年9月29日

I have learned the hard way that while parked and unused these cars remain always on. They use a lot of power especially Sentry mode. When I am parking for a while I have learned to shut off every power using option to preserve battery life. I asked Musk on Twitter to include this in a future update. I also shut off WiFi and and the cellular network. Then I power off the car. It makes a big difference.

mpierucci | 2020年2月11日

My model 3 is 16 months old and it has 11,000 miles. Originally my 90% charge would list as 290 miles. Now the 90% charge gives me only 268 miles. Why? What is going on?

WW_spb | 2020年2月12日

Nothing. Just stop worrying about estimated number that can go up and down

andy.connor.e | 2020年2月12日

This just in, an estimated range adjusts to your driving efficiency. Therefore, the variance of your estimated range is based on your inefficient driving. We're sure science got it right this time.

WW_spb | 2020年2月12日

In where?

andy.connor.e | 2020年2月12日

oh its in.

WW_spb | 2020年2月12日