Can Tesla help find a runaway car for a hit and run victim owner of model S?

Can Tesla help find a runaway car for a hit and run victim owner of model S?

I was hit by a speeding car last night by someone, who sped away before I could figure out what happened. I could only tell that it was a white sedan. I am wondering if Tesla could figure out the license plate number of the offending car. I was not in the autodrive mode at the time of this incident.

rmohan5 | 2018年3月10日

I wonder if they can divulge this info, if Tesla records what happens around its car while it is driving.

lilbean | 2018年3月10日

I’m not sure. But for next time, it’s best to get a dashcam.
There is lots of information here
This website has information about all the dashcams and the installation process.
I got mine installed by Calibred Customs. They are a mobile service in the US. They’ve done hundreds of installations. 310-654-0532

Frank99 | 2018年3月10日

The cars don't upload streaming video from all the cameras to Tesla all the time, so the likelihood that video from your incident ever got sent to them is about zero. Not even the NSA could handle that volume of data.
It's possible that the car detected something wrong when you got hit, and captured the video and sent it to Tesla. Your best bet is to call customer service and ask - they generally won't see your question if you ask it here.

SamO | 2018年3月10日

There is a "hacker" who has root access to cars that he purchases at auction that have extensive damage. He's posted video from those accidents (from the AP systems video recording function).

Here's a link to his latest release. The information (appear) to be inside your car's system. Getting access . . . I'm not sure how.

gailberg | 2019年9月18日

Sideswiped in parking lot car said there are 13 incidents but when I plugged USB stick in the computer it shows 0 data on file. I was using a 2.0 USB drive and am waiting for a "tesla" 3.0 formatted drive in the mail. The 2.0 was not formatted with fat 32. Is there any way I can pull off info from the tesla cameras?
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you. Gail

EVRider | 2019年9月19日

@gailberg: I think you’re out of luck. | 2019年9月19日

@gailberg - I agree with others, it's unlikely there is anything useful still in the car. There appears to be a tiny buffer a few image frames that may remain if the car is in a serious accident (i.e. totaled). If the car was drivable, this tiny buffer will have been quickly overwritten. To get to those images requires removal of the MCU, modifying the hardware and software. I only know of a few who have done this, and it really requires an expert.

Also, Tesla is fully compatible with USB 2.0 drives, if fast enough. Tesla is only USB 2.0. I do recommend USB 3.x drives as they are often faster internally, and can better keep up with the video and are backwards compatible with USB 2.0. Of course, FAT32 is required no matter what USB version you are using. Don't forget to create the TeslaCam folder too. I have detailed instructions here: | 2019年9月19日

By the way, sorry about the accident. That really sucks.

Even with Tesla dashcam images, I doubt it would capture the license plate in enough clarity to read. The resolution is just too low. I use a BlaceVue 900 that has 2160p resolution, or 8 million pixels, vs the Tesla dashcam at 720p or 961,60 pixels. In a break in I had a few months ago - with the car stationary, I could just barely make out a license plate less than 10 feet away. See the 3rd image in this post: and see if you can read it. With moving cars, it becomes even harder.

I also did some resolution comparisons here with other dashcams:

I'm not trying to sell you on a third-party dashcam, but you are likely expecting too much from what the Tesla dashcam can do. It's great that it's built-in and free, but it also has its limitations.

If they make an 8K dashcam, I'd likely buy it. It's surprising how much resolution on a wide field of view is needed to read a license plate.