Model 3 tint cost

Model 3 tint cost

Please share your cost of full tint on model 3.
I am going to get mine tinted with 3m crystalline and wondering what the price range is.

dgstan | 2018年3月25日

Why not call a couple of tint shops? If you don't know who's good in your area, call the local BMW or Lexus dealer and ask who they use.

oeksioglu | 2018年3月25日

@dgstan Thanks. That is my plan but I think it would be good to have some idea up front. Also, I am not sure if there is a way to verify the quality/brand of the tint after the installation, I imagine some shops may not be trustworthy.

bjoern | 2018年3月25日

get a shop that offers 3M and their warranty. Most 3M films have 10 years minimum, and the warranty carries over to any shop.

badaman | 2018年3月25日

3-4k for whole car, $1500 for front end (bumper, hood, fenders and side mirrors) in LA area.

bjoern | 2018年3月25日

@badaman.....good info, but I think he was looking for window tint

MalibuRed | 2018年3月25日

S calif. here quoted $295 for ceramic tint for all windows except windshield and rear window. $295 for rear window ceramic due to large glass rear. Subtract $100 for rear and $100 for others if using reg tint

badaman | 2018年3月25日

I think with Ceramic coating it is easy to do. It's almost like spreading melted butter evenly :)

oeksioglu | 2018年3月25日

@Dcap great info thanks. I guess it can be extrapolated up to approx. $900 total for best tint with front and rear included. I'm in south FL, I'll check around here next week and post the quotes I get.

H271 | 2018年3月25日

Isn't the rear already tinted except for a small area at the bottom? Also, how would you match it exactly since it fades? Is ceramic tint really worth it?

jefjes | 2018年3月25日

Make sure you check that whatever level of tint you get is at or below the legal limit for the applicable windows. Some states don't allow any tint on the windshield. The front side windows are sometimes restricted to lighter tint than is allowed on the rear side windows. It's better to know up front as tint shops may not mind getting your money and they probably will be of no help paying the cost of a ticket or associated cost of removing the illegal tint. Just best to get it done legally the first time so it will be the last time for a long while.

MalibuRed | 2018年3月25日

Biggest difference is ceramic tint isn’t dark so you can cool the car down and not have dark windows. Regular tint has the darkness tint. I’ll probably put darker tint on all side windows and try to dark the back window as good as I can to blend with other top glass.... back window isn’t tinted same as the driver top glass.

muthuaol | 2018年3月25日

I've read about people going to jail in case of an accident and somebody badly injured because of the illegal tint made it "negligence". Is that even true?

oeksioglu | 2018年3月26日

@darthomir I don't think that is true or at least haven't heard that happen but I've heard that in case of an accident the other party can use the windshield tint as an excuse to sue you and win in court so based on that I will not tint the windshield. Don't want to risk it.

johnmann | 2018年3月26日

Improper tinting is a traffic infraction in all jurisdictions that I am aware of. Of course that doesn't stop anyone from filing a civil suit as well. I've never heard of jail time being imposed, but anything is possible. Personally I think dark tints on the windows are dangerous and I know the police aren't too fond of them either.

bodenalan | 2018年3月26日

Texas law says no less than 25% on front windows, so I went with 30% all windows, and 15% on the back window (full), I went with a LLumar ceramic tint.

Interestingly they refused to put a light tint on the front windscreen due to some electronic in the pillars and the liquid they use to apply... first I've heard of this risk/issue, but they stood firm on refusing

tint for doors and back window was $420 from Pro Tint in Plano, TX

bodenalan | 2018年3月26日

its a serious offence for inspectors to pass an illegal tint car.... risk is more on the State approved inspectors than the owner.

Reef Club | 2018年7月31日

$400 Llumar CTX 50 (ceramic). Side and rear windows. One piece on rear window. Ultimate Window Tinting Orlando, FL, 407-797-8386 They are an authorized Llumar installer. Lifetime warranty. This shop has a done a bunch of Model 3s and is aware of not scratching metal trim, etc.

BTW Quoted $1,100 for side and rear windows with 3M Crystalline by a different tint shop (authorized installer for 3M).

JP_1990 | 2018年7月31日

@oeksioglu did you get any quotes in Miami?

RMast | 2018年7月31日

@oeksioglu I’m also south fla and came across these guys somewhere along the forums so figured I’d share, can’t vouch personally but theyve apparently done a few 3’s and guy seemed knowledgeable ...I plan on going/calling (or they say texting) for a quote soon but if you do first please share or other places you find... not sure if allowed to post links sorry if not but hard to google since name is very generics ...

jamespompi | 2018年7月31日

I texted the tint guy I used for my current car, noticed he already posted pics of doing a model 3 and hes still the same price. $130 for regular, $250 for ceramic. Said he can do the clear wrap too, but wouldn't price it over the phone. Daytona is a bit of a drive from south FL though..

RMast | 2018年7月31日

Here’s the prices for Miami, I Confirmed for 3M Crystalline or XPeL prime CR Plus. “When we do model 3’s The very rear window including the portion that goes up to the roof is cut in a single piece on our graphtek computer plotter. There are no seams in the film. The car is $395 that covers all your side windows and the rear window in the single piece. If you want to do the front windshield completely in the clear ceramic heat rejection film again it’s clear that would be $149 In the sunroof in the heat rejection film any color you want or clear would be another $99. “

So 395 for sides and back
149 windshield
99 top
All in $650

luapobazs | 2018年7月31日

I got darkest ceramic 4 side windows plus top and rear for $550 in Los Angeles. I don't know if ceramic is the same as what you are talking about.... It really does not keep the car much cooler though as advertised or maybe they ripped me off and put plain old tint....

javier922 | 2018年8月6日

@Ashmasters8 - Did you end up going with that service in Miami. Curious to see how it turned out. I am in South Broward have gotten rates north of $650 for the same paper.

Atoms | 2018年8月6日

$100 per window for 3M cryst.

lilbean | 2018年8月6日

@luapobazs It sounds like you did not get ceramic. The cost of ceramic tint is much more.

dgstan | 2018年8月6日

My guy uses this Rayno ceramic tint.

$425 for the 4 side windows and then the whole back expanse of glass (in one piece).

dgstan | 2018年8月6日

Oh, 30% on the sides and 20% in the back window.

rgmodel3 | 2018年8月7日

I got the XPEL Prime XR Ceramic tint 35% today on my Blue M3. Totally love the look and great heat rejection so far. Paid $400+tax for all windows and half rear. The rear matches the top roof color perfectly from outside and is a slight different shade from inside which does not bother me at all. Was quoted $150 extra if I wanted to single sheet for whole rear. He himself said it was not worth doing the rear and said they already tinted a lot of model 3s.

ST70 | 2018年8月7日

How hard can it be to tint? Has anybody done it themselves? How much?

RMast | 2018年8月7日

@javier922, I have not, should be done sometime in the week of 8/19-25 (delivery 8/18) and will try and provide feedback. (hopefully this thread is around then) BTW they offer same day which was clutch for me, don't want to leave this baby all alone overnight lol (ok ok I havent even got the car but already don't like the thought of not driving it for a day)

I am broward as well, so if you find quality places please share. (They should make "sub forum" regional to sort clutter with reco's like this)

For those interested, they also quoted the following for my additional inquiries (although I don't think ill pony up for these yet) it might help some for reference.

Chrome Delete - $995

Rim Painting with lifetime guarantee - $695 per set or $1390 for the 4 19's
Caliper Painting with lifetime guarantee - $295
(I know you can just get new "darker" rims for these prices but....figured id ask along with the chrome delete)

*Ceramic Coating (2 coating layers) - $395 if less than 100 miles on car
*This seems cheap, any insight on this? question is prob for a different forum and ill do research to avoid ruining this thread, but if anyone has insight on this let me know.

richardls | 2018年8月22日

@ashmasters8, is this all at Miami Auto Spa? What color is your 3? How long ago did you place your order?

I'm considering tint + ceramic right now - but have time as I just ordered my 3 last week (AWD + midnight metallic).

In the past, I (and friend and family) have used Steve's Custom Window Tinting (he's mobile and been tinting since 1980, offers lifetime warranty). I haven't reach out to him yet on pricing, but his number is 305.944.5093 if you want to check him out too.

ON the ceramic coating, I think they give a lower price if less than 100 miles because they have to do less prep-work if the car is brand new. I watched a youtube video on the process and it seems like much of the work is in making the paint look as close to new before starting to coat. So, if they start with new they likely can cut down on the time and products needed.

gqman06 | 2018年11月28日

Hi guys I don’t have Tesla but I do window tinting in my garage so I’m small guy on the business .you guys have to be carful if they are using the right film on your car some shops don’t care long as they get pay they put whatever

Teslaed | 2018年11月28日

is rayno film S5 in a 60" good ?

Pierogi | 2018年11月28日

I went with Rayno S9 on the side / door glass. 30%. The UV protection and IR was better for S9 over S5 and not much more expensive.

Teslaed | 2018年11月28日

@Pierogi can I ask what you paid for your Rayno tint job and what it included?

efuseakay | 2018年11月28日

3M Color Stable 35% side windows 60% rear window cost me $450 in the Chicago area.

efuseakay | 2018年11月28日

Ugh. 50% rear.

lemrock | 2018年11月29日

70% front window, 40% side windows and 50% rear windows with 3M Crystalline tint and cost out the door (including tip) was basically $1000. I'm in Los Angeles. Here is a shameless plug . It is in South Central LA for those that might have a problem with that but they do excellent work.

CASEMAN | 2018年11月30日

$250 Fresno, CA - I did ceramic tint on all windows (not windshield). I did all rear windows at 5% (did the back window in one piece) and I did the front windows at 20%. Looks great on my white M3 with the wheel kit. Getting lots of compliments. Tint My Ride did great work.

ryanjinchaurregui | 2018年12月10日

@CASEMAN how is your tint holding up? I haven't heard of those guys before. Im in Fresno as well and ive been quoted 600+ for Ceramic tint due to the rear window.

CASEMAN | 2018年12月10日

@ryanjinchaurregui - Had it done in June and I have no complaints and highly recommend them. I'm actually going to take it back to them to have the windshield tinted.

sharkoff | 2019年5月12日

How long did the tinting process take at Miami auto spa?

sharkoff | 2019年5月12日

How long did the tinting process take at Miami auto spa?

valerinatovar | 2019年6月26日

For those in the Los Angeles area, I had my new Model 3 done at Tint Factory Solar Concepts. Their ratings are great on Yelp, they did an amazing job and they are reasonably priced. I strongly recommend them. Ask them about the decals for the door handles with the Tesla logo. It's a nice touch!

ywang | 2019年6月26日

I am in Houston TX, Global ceramic tinted, 4 side windows and one piece rear window 30%, sunroof 50% and windshield 70%, cost $500+100+200, total $800+tax, lifetime warranty. Texas Tint Master

SINISTER | 2019年7月3日

I’m in NYC and a lot of the places haven’t even tinted a Tesla never mind a model 3 and was checking videos out recommending to use soakshield to prevent water from getting into the electronics on the model 3 anyone use a NYC tint shop and how do I know if they’re taking these precautions I’m dying to tint my model 3 already

volabisi1981 | 2019年8月27日


Im in Connecticut and I'm in the same boat. can't find a reputable tint shot with experience tinting teslas. I also read and watched reviews about the soak shield, makes me terrified that a shop wot use it and all the water will drown the door electronics. let me know if you find a good spot, I'd be willing to take the drive to NY for a good shop.

renyren25 | 2019年8月31日

Just had my model 3 tinted 2 days ago. I went with the Lummar stratos, front doors 35% rear doors and one piece full back window in 15% came out amazing paid $750 I am in Nor Cal.

Maykinit | 2019年12月5日

@volabisi1981 I wonder, did you find a shop in CT? I had TintMan in Monroe do my side windows. I did not do the back. Fast forward a couple of months and I am looking to have the rear done. TintMan could not do the rear in one piece. They wanted to do just to the top of the defroster line and I was afraid of how it would look. So looking for a recommendation and wondering if you found a good shop. Thanks, -M