You don’t want HUD

You don’t want HUD

One of my favorite features of my Model 3 is its sight line. When you’re driving you don’t see hood, you only see the road ahead. Like the view in one of those car racing games at an arcade. It’s just great.

I have ZERO problem with the touch screen. It’s easy to use, see and access. Much better than holding my phone trying to decipher Waze. Thank God those days are over.

Which brings me to HUD. Why would I want to ruin a clear driving experience with a HUD? Really. Is it so hard to know how fast you’re traveling? It’s ugly and just something else in my way. The strength of the Model 3 is how it offers us less of what we just DONT need. Like HUD.

I really believe the people who are begging and crying for HUD don’t actually even want it. They’re just struggling with a driving experience different from what they’ve always known. And the idea of HUD helps them bridge that gap.

Please, stop with this HUD BS. If you want hud or dials, buy a different car.

The only other topic that annoys me as much is “how noisy 19 inch wheels are in comparison to 18 inch wheels”. Give me a break.

The car is supurb. Let’s stop suggesting ways to make is less by making it more.

carlk | 2018年4月12日

It was settled long ago, Only people who are still bringing is up are those few known trolls.

bernard.holbrook | 2018年4月12日

I wanted, and still want, a HUD.

If the car came with one, you would be welcome to not use it. The Tesla 3 is a good, probably great, car as it is but it would have been an amazing car if it had a HUD or was fully self driving.

The HUD thing is not going to go away anytime soon because too many people recognize it's value to the driving experience. Hopefully Tesla will put one into the Y...

I'm still going to get a Tesla 3 because it's simply the best BEV in production at its price point.

Anthonygonsalvesjr | 2018年4月12日

HUD is the current 8 track.

dgstan | 2018年4月12日

Some people want a HUD. Some people want Sirius/XM. Some people want a heated (and vegan) steering wheel. To each his own. Personally, I couldn't give a darn about any of those things. That doesn't make other people's wishes invalid.

I've never seen a car that was all things to all people. Every car is a compromise of some sort.

rmg007 | 2018年4月12日

I wish people would hold off on their demands until they have the car and have driven it for awhile.

Naturenut | 2018年4月12日

Opinions are like...

Naturenut | 2018年4月12日

Still would've been better with HUD.

bernard.holbrook | 2018年4月12日

@dgstan +1

@rmg007 I've driven cars with a HUD and without a HUD. It's a lot nicer to have speed and or navigation displayed on the windscreen. I don't see what would make the 3 different...

jvcesare | 2018年4月12日

@dgstan I wanted SiriusXM and I got it via streaming through my phone. Not an issue.

carlk | 2018年4月12日

"I wish people would hold off on their demands until they have the car and have driven it for awhile."

It seems only people who has never driven the car say they want HUD in it.

nwfan | 2018年4月12日

At what cost? How much are you willing to pay over current price?
I drive both S and 3.
I came from cars that had HUD - BMW and I purchased aftermarket HUD
for one of my previous car. I tried the aftermarket unit on my S and after 1 day I removed it.
Not needed. On Model 3, if add- on by Tesla for 1000 or more it would not be
worth it to me.

Atoms | 2018年4月12日

Originally I was wanting HUD. I now think the “iPad” is fine. But many of the icons and the text is TOO small. Older eyes adjust focus slower and is not as sharp (fine vision for driving). But the thin small text and icons when there is space for larger icons and text is just not right. Apple has been backing off from their thin text and increasing text and icon size for their map app. Of course! Should be as large as possible and as simple as possible. Elon- you are going to be old one day. Please pay it forward.

bp | 2018年4月13日

A major priority for Tesla is to get EAP & FSD fully operational - and what that happens, for most drivers, they won't need the dashboard/HUD, since the software will be driving the car. So it's unlikely Tesla will invest any resources in adding HUD, especially to the lower priced 3 & Y models.

However, I could see them adding HUD to Roadster 2.0. Those ultra high performance cars will only perform at that level under human driver control - and for that, HUD could be very useful.

ksalberta | 2018年4月13日

Sorry, lack of a HUD is one of the two issues that may prevent my purchase. This car is for my husband. He was infected with a zoonotic disease several years ago which spread to his eyes, and is still receiving eye treatment for it every month. His vision is very good. He can read without glasses, and the eye doctor says driving should be no problem. Yet he got two speeding tickets, after thirty years without, before I wised up and got a HUD. There's just enough visual distortion to make glancing down and accurately reading the speed gauge a bit of an issue. And I want him looking at the road, not trying to read the gauge.

When you get older the eye focus is less flexible, and the larger in-front HUD display is a godsend. Add a little bit of eye damage to natural effects of aging, and the HUD makes the driving experience much less stressful. After I purchased the HUD and tested it for him, I decided I loved it so much that I wanted one for my car.

I don't care if you think it's stupid. It may be stupid for you. For other people it may be an important feature. A lot of people lose a little peripheral vision when they get older. Most people have slightly more trouble with rapid refocus, and sometimes seeing through glare when they get older.

Right now we have a long wait for this car before "our" options become available. When a rental becomes available locally, I will spend the money for a genuine test drive. If he is not comfortable with the center display, we're not going to buy the car.

I would suspect there is a reasonable number of other drivers with my priorities. There is a reason why after-market HUDs are popular purchases.

mos6507 | 2018年4月13日

"It seems only people who has never driven the car say they want HUD in it."

There are plenty of reviews talking about the lack of a HUD (or traditional binnacle) being the one black-mark on the car. It just seems when these debates rage that Tesla fanbois forget these reviews exist. Rose-colored glasses.

These debates get emotional because you have these attempts to presume how others should feel about the ergonomics of their car. You can't make those presumptions/impositions. It's a personal thing.

As to the cost of the HUD, look at those cheapie smart-phone HUD deals. A HUD is nothing but a small display and a partially reflective surface. It's cheap. Even companies like Hyundai offer them. People just associate them with 1980s jet fighters so they assume it has to be some sort of fancy military-grade tech. It's not.

Lorenzryanc | 2018年4月13日

"There are plenty of reviews talking about the lack of a HUD (or traditional binnacle) being the one black-mark on the car. It just seems when these debates rage that Tesla fanbois forget these reviews exist. Rose-colored glasses."
I will admit I pretty fanboi and I thought I HUD would have been a much desired upgrade, but I 100% agree with OP. Not once have I missed a cluster in front of me. In fact, I often have to slouch or move my hand in my other car to see the speed, not with this car.
While it is indeed preference, give it a test drive once (especially at night) and you'll likely never look back! That must have been a tough decision for them to make, but since I've owned, I'm glad they made it. The more I think of it, an option could have been useful. Just turn it off if you don't want? IDK, super sleek inside so every "extra" item is a distraction... I'm looking at you "Airbag warning sticker"! | 2018年4月13日

My car has HUD and I use it all the time. I bet I'd use it even more if the MIII has it.

But then again... it's one of those things that if you've never had it, you won't miss it. But it's definitely something to get used to easily.

OTH: I drove a mini copper for a week that had the speedometer in the middle, took some time to get used to and then I went back to another car, it took some time to get used to the dash being in front again.

jordanrichard | 2018年4月13日

If HUD is so great and desired, why is it only available on relatively few cars? HUD is not new and if it was so great and beneficial, it would be in most cars by now.

Just how often do you need to look at your speed any ways?

mos6507 | 2018年4月13日

"If HUD is so great and desired, why is it only available on relatively few cars?"

Because they have a traditional binnacle already and therefore it's just a frill.

People want the HUD because there is no binnacle and it would be the easiest way to achieve a similar endgoal without disrupting the low seamless dash.

avizulis | 2018年4月13日

Personally, the more reservation holders that end up canceling them because they really want HUD, the better! My delivery is estimated at Aug-Oct and the shorter the queue gets, the more pumped I will be!

kithrup | 2018年8月25日

I do want a HUD. Or at least some minor instrumentation in a dashboard.

I did drive a Model 3 -- we rented one for a long weekend. And the lack of a dashboard caused me problems. The biggest one that there's no way I could get used to was: my eyes are as old as I am, and have problems. So looking to the far right, and down, and refocusing, to see what the upcoming nav instructions were going to be is slow, and physically uncomfortable.

hd121308 | 2018年8月25日

No HUD needed. I like the simple clear line of sight as mentioned before. Having it as an option would please everyone... probably not since you can't please everyone.

wayne | 2018年8月25日

Could someone explain what is meant by a HUD? Dumb question I know. Do a traditional speedometer and tachometer on the dash count, or is this something projected on the windshield?

dmastro | 2018年8月25日

@OP Thank you for deciding for all 75,000 +/- mostly happy owners (plus wait-listers) and letting us know what we want. I don't know what I'd do if I had to make up my own mind.

lbavier | 2018年8月25日

I have no problem at all with the layout. I had my car for one week and when I turned in my Lincoln I was already so used to the M3 that looking though the wheel to see everything seemed really hard to do. I am 67 and have no problem reading everything (ok maybe a little with time and temp but can still read) even the directions. I drive all kinds of cars with HUDs at work and couldn't care less that my M3 doesn't have one. Just my opinion. These forums had me worrying about everything before delivery but I could not be happier with the car, no problems at all.

neal | 2018年8月25日

I am looking forward to having an M3 delivered August 13th.

The dash looks so clean and modern with the minimalist controls - very cool.

That being said, I do think a HUD would be of value. If it were an option I would have certainly ordered it.

neal | 2018年8月25日

Oops, I meant September 13th. Wishful thinking!

mos6507 | 2018年8月25日

Enough with the Jedi mind-trick attempts. Should be an option.


Sdavis1819 | 2018年8月25日

I am getting my M3 on 9/2 and the only thing that I don't love about the M3 is the lack of straight on information.

I would love a HUD.
I am sure the market will provide if Elon does not.

gballant4570 | 2018年8月25日

Well, the fact is, I don't want HUD. I understand that some people do. Maybe if I had ever seen a HUD I would be one of them, but at this point my ignorance is bliss.

jrga1996 | 2018年8月25日

Wayne HUD is Heads Up Display I have it in my Audi A8 basically a projector that project things like speed and Navi turn by turn directions. The image appears to float on the hood of your car you can actually adjust its position etc. Its a nice feature. I have never posted wanting it on the M3 but I would have purchased if it was an option.

carlk | 2018年8月25日

It seems only people who want HUD are those who haven't got the car yet. That's why we hear less and less of that nowadays.

wayne | 2018年8月25日

@jrja Thanks ... I wondered if it might be something like that. I have only test driven a M3 so far and to my surprise I loved the uncluttered view of the road so I will be happy without one. A HUD would be easy to turn off though so would be hard to complain about I suppose.

schueri | 2019年3月17日

@Anthony I agree. You do not need a HUD for speed or similar topics. But this is about configuration - what do you see. It does not make a HUD useless. Tesla has best autonomous driving and fantastic navigation. So what I would want is a HUD with augmented reality exactly for navigation (think of - around minute 1). This is what I want. Most of all here in Spain in complex crossings with sometimes bad signs. Exactly for *not* having to take away my attention from the road. Tesla would be suited like nobody else to do a well-working, non-intrusive augmented reality. Or think of something like: Notify me about the next restaurant. And then have a small indicator. etc. It just extends what you can do without taking away the drivers attention.