Configuration double charge

Configuration double charge

Anyone else get double charged during the design configuration of model 3?
If so how long did it take to get one of the charges refunded?

vp09 | 2018年4月24日

Yes. It happened to me. Joey of the Las Vegas Tesla worked to straighten in out. It took a few weeks. $2500 charge showed up on my VIsa a few weeks after the same charge for the Model 3 I configured. I thought "did I order another one?!" Joey was the contact about the Model 3, the first one. He straightened it out.

vp09 | 2018年4月24日

Gmdrmr it was especially confusing to me because I did have another one on order, but on hold. I had not configured the one I wanted (standard battery, NOT premium interior; AWD; 19" wheels) but a charge showed up for premium interior and bigger battery. I don't know why, and Joey did not know why. But Tesla fixed it.

vp09 | 2018年4月24日

Gmdrmr please change the title of this thread. I believe you are writing about the $2500 configuration deposit, NOT the $1000 initial DEPOSIT, right? Should read "Configuration Double Charge" if I have that right.

mkas805 | 2018年4月24日

Same thing happened to me back on the 18th, I have a ticket open with them, no news on the refund for the extra $2500 yet.

gmdrmr | 2018年4月24日

I attempted to complete the configuration but at the last step the website errored out and the pop up message said try again.
I tried to configure once again but the same exact error showed up.

Model 3 design still not complete and credit card company verified charges were approved.

Tesla is looking into it, I was just wondering if anyone experienced something similar.

spuzzz123 | 2018年4月25日

If you’re really worried about it dispute the credit card charge. They’ll free up your open to buy immedately and not charge you interest on your balance. Duplicate charges are common clerical errors and easy to resolve

mkas805 | 2018年4月25日

I'm worried if I dispute the charge they may see it as me disputing the one charge I do want to pay for the car configuration. The last time I called in they said they only see the one $2500 charge, had to send a copy of my billing statement to prove the double charge. Hopefully the finance department clears it up before I start paying interest on it.

danbrenn | 2018年7月23日

This just happened to me as well. I checked my credit card statement a couple of days ago and it showed 2 charges. One for $2,500 that posted, and another for $2,500 that was pending. I just assumed the pending charge would fall off, but it didn't. I called Wells Fargo and they confirmed it was indeed two separate charges. Currently on hold with Tesla with a wait time of "more than an hour". I want to be excited for my first Tesla, but this is not the best first impression!

djharrington | 2018年7月23日

Excellent. You guys all get twice the Model 3s!!! :)

jwat14 | 2018年7月23日

….interesting. This did happen to me a few months back when I configured. Funny thing is that a Tesla rep informed me that they reversed the duplicate transaction before I'd even noticed it. I guess I was just lucky that time.