1/5 of all SuperCharger Stations were opened in July!

1/5 of all SuperCharger Stations were opened in July!

Pretty amazing when you think about it - 1/5 of all SuperCharger stations in the world were opened in the first 27 days of July. The only negative part of it is that only 4 of them were in the US.

However, of the 28 SC stations known to be in permit or construction phase, 19 are in the US.

The future is bright.

Bubba2000 | 2014年7月27日

Been sucking wind waiting for SCs to come on I-10 from FL>AL>MS>TX. Gulf Coast of FL needs to be covered. Most of the above states are going to have poor coverage, especially in the interior and TX Gulf Coast. Other than TX, FL, the other states have low incomes and poor adoption rates, so they are not a priority.

I think that US+Canada need close to 500 SCs sites to eliminate range anxiety. Need HPWC is cities too... paid per use.

Brian H | 2014年7月28日

"The needs of the many ..." SCs are being placed to optimize the maximum number of MS roadtrips at each step. You will percolate to the top in due course!

buddyroe | 2014年7月28日

It's still amazing that of the 155 SC stations in the entire world, 31 were opened in July.

Is it possible to see this level of openings for the remainder of the year? Whereas we have seen 27 SC stations opened in Europe and Asia in July, I hope we can see crazy numbers like that in the US/Canada for the remainder of the year. If we can average 15-20 openings per month, that would put the total # for North America at around 200, which would be in the neighborhood of what Tesla has on the 2014 map. We'll see.

vgarbutt | 2014年7月28日

The us alone will probably need the full 500. I'm not complaining, but by 2015 there looks, according to the SC map, that there will be under 20 for the whole of Canada!

Wait a minute, i am so complaining!!

I think the key is to allot the chargers, not as the crow flies, but but as the roads run.

It is pretty exciting, except for Canada, because by the time hydrogen cars are available, superchargers will be as plentiful as dognut shops!

DTsea | 2014年7月28日

We hear tell doughnut shops are more common in canada. I can only think of two in my whole town!

Brian H | 2014年7月28日

They sell donut holes, and send the leftover donuts south.

Rocky_H | 2014年7月29日

I live in the U.S., but we have tasted the sweet nectar. We order cans of Tim Horton's coffee from

Brian H | 2014年7月29日

Despite what vgar sez, dog nuts are NOT part of the normal Canadian diet.