2014 model?

2014 model?

Car companies usually come out with the next model year in the fall. I called to ask when the 2014 model would start being delivered. The answer I got was Jan 1st, 2014. I don't know if that is correct, as the lady I was talking to didn't seem to understand the concept of model year and the impact it has on resale value. Anyone else have a different answer? I'm really torn on when to order. I REALLY want adaptive cruise control, but if it comes out in August, and the 2014 comes out in September, I'll wait a little longer.... If it will be several months, and the 2014s don't really come out until 2014, then I may order my car this week and just live without adaptive cruise control.... HELP!

paulwireless | 2013年4月23日

No expert opinion but considering the number of changes that have occurred thus far (opt out 21" wheels for P85, Performance Plus, dropping of the 40kWh) is there a reason to assume additional options (you want) will be held over for the next model year if they come at all?

Wayne3 | 2013年4月23日

Tesla doesn't do model years the way other car companies do. The answer you got was correct. All cars built in 2013 are 2013 models and all cars built in 2014 are 2014 models. And this has nothing to do with features.

Sudre_ | 2013年4月23日

They don't do year model stuff that's why the lady was confused. They make improvement whenever they want. If you want one just get one. You received the answer you got because of the only reason possible, the government VIN assignment rules forces them to label a 2014 as a 2014 even if there are no changes.
My 2013 car is no different than the Dec 2012 car of like options yet I have a 2013. Other people who purchased the same car as me have different minor thing because changes were made, already.

I don't know how the whole resale value thing is going to work. I think they will have to base it on the last four digits of the VIN. All VINs under 5023 are worth X amount and all VINs between 9430 and 5024 are worth y amount for that model year. (those are just examples)

I have a feeling if Tesla sources an adaptive cruise control they like in a few months they will just add it or make an options package for it and not wait for next year. They have already added side lighting and removed fog lamps. If you wanted fog lamps you should have ordered last year.

I am 3146 | 2013年4月23日

@rdalcanto...Tesla uses the calendar year as the model year. They build the cars more like computers and continually change features and software.

Noah.S | 2013年4月23日

I believe Tesla has said that rather than doing 'model years' they will just continually update their car. For example when they add AWD, they'll start putting it on the cars when it's ready. They 2014 Model S will be 2014 because they start selling it Jan 1st, 2014.

The only thing so far that they've done that's close to a 'model year' is when they increased the price. That came into effect on Jan 1st, 2013.

Here's a thread that talked about it earlier

DouglasR | 2013年4月23日

And a price increase is the only thing they seem to warn you about. A feature addition (or subtraction) seems to get no warning. If you want adaptive cruise control, you may have to wait a long time (or not).

ncn | 2013年4月23日

"A feature addition (or subtraction) seems to get no warning."

Which is
- OK for additions
- tolerable for subtractions of non-advertised features
- but completely intolerable for subtractions of advertised features.

For some reason the people running Tesla don't seem to have figured this out yet. Until they do, I frankly wouldn't order a Model S unless you have concluded that you cannot tolerate any other car.

Captain_Zap | 2013年4月23日

IIRC, after learning about the Performance model Alcantara headliner kerfuffle, Elon Musk wanted any substantive changes to the car to be cleared through him.

I'm thinking that the foglight change might have been initiated before the Alcantara issue came to light. I doubt that we will see any substantive changes to the car's features without notice in the future.

riceuguy | 2013年4月23日

@ncn, I believe 99% of current owners (even those that didn't get their fog me!) would disagree strongly.

olanmills | 2013年4月23日

And I bet the only reason Tesla designates model years at all is because the whole industry and even legal system surrounding cars use the model year as part of the identifier for a car.

MandL | 2013年4月24日

Add me to the list of people that can't tolerate any other car. :-)

TS | 2013年5月18日
jonesxander | 2013年5月18日

Well hold onto your Model S guys for MANY years. Imagine 20 years from now, Vin #2001 - 2005 which were the only ones made with this one special dohickey, or specific lining, or has a very rare or switched part from a specific manufacturer/provider, etc.

Could be like a classic car worth millions 60 years from now.

I'm not a "car" guy, other than the Model S haha, so maybe one of you guys knowledgeable in car collecting could fill me in on how that would work?

mackomon | 2013年5月18日

I may have been seeing things, but I thought I saw a Twitter exchange between Elon and a owner with the 3rd row seating in the last few days. In the exchange the owner complained about how warm the 3rd row gets when sunny and how there are no vents. The owner said he would get his back widow tinted and Elon agreed.

Elon also said vents can't be added to the current Model S, but perhaps next year's model...!!! So will there be a new 2014 Model S? However, I don't see the Tweets anymore, so maybe I was imagining things...

Joshua Burstyn | 2013年5月18日

Adaptive cruise control is a huge plus. I am often on the 401 headed to work, moving along at 110km/h (err, I mean 100km/h) and then hit some slower traffic. It forces me to disengage the cruise control to travel only slightly slower, then reset it. Seems like a decent adaptive cruise control would've simply met the new speed of traffic without any manual intervention, saving me the hassle.

Blind spot and lane departure warnings would be nice, too! (All features I believe are alluded to in the previous link provided by TS.)

Brian H | 2013年5月18日

Doesn't hard down (2 stops) lower the setting 5 khm? Doing that a couple of times should make you legal! ;)

wheatcraft | 2013年5月19日

We are all aware that there are several things "missing" from the current MS (adaptive CC, lane departure, parking sensors). I went ahead and purchased mine (picked up in early March). Although I have most of these things on my Lexus, I am so happy with everything else about my MS, that I really don't mind that these things are missing. When I go out to the garage and I have the choice of the Lexus, or the Tesla, you can bet that I will choose the Tesla!