2015 CA HOV qulaification for S P85D

2015 CA HOV qulaification for S P85D

I just looked at the CA HOV qualified list and I noticed that the 2015 S is not on the list. 2014 and before, yes but not 2015.

Can anyone confirm?

Brian H | 2014年12月15日

There won't be any 2015 Teslas till Jan. 1.

grega | 2014年12月15日

Seems unfair BrianH, other manufacturers are releasing their 2016 models soon! :)

ps. What's HOV?

Red Sage ca us | 2014年12月15日

High Occupancy Vehicle lane... AKA Car Pool Lane.

grega | 2014年12月16日

Ah. We call them T3 lanes.

Brian H | 2014年12月16日

Tesla's model dating is honest; the other model 'years' are pure promo.

grega | 2014年12月16日

I think it's fair to use a new year differentiator in situations like when Tesla added all the sensors. I would think you could call them "2015 models".

Certainly Toyota's 2016 model is pushing it too far.

So to the original question, is there any change to the HOV qualification of Model S come Jan 1?

Brian H | 2014年12月17日

Then what do you call the next upgraded version in, say, July? Or April? Or September? Fact is, you can't have a new model year for every upgrade. Or vice versa, for that matter.