$230 summons for driving in the hov lane without stickers

$230 summons for driving in the hov lane without stickers

Any options on how to put them one or display th without messing up the car? What have you guys done for "installing" your clean vehicle passes

maestropiotrgajewski | 2016年1月27日

Wow, which state?

I have my sticker in the glove compartment with the hope that I can just produce it if stopped.


sakhat | 2016年1月27日

HOV lane stickers don't bother me much. I put all 3 stickers as instructed (California).

Use this approach to "minimize the damage".

acegreat1 | 2016年1月27日

NY long Island expressway

Mathew98 | 2016年1月27日

You can also apply a atrip of clear vinyl wrap on the section of bumper where you wish to apply each sticker. They're less than ten bucks on Amazon.

Thanks for donating to NYS road maintenance project.

Earl and Nagin ... | 2016年1月27日

I put Clear-Bra patches on the bumper about the shape of the carpool sticker, then put the stickers on the patches. A body shop that does Clear-Bra or other protective coatings might be able to do this for you.
If/when you ever want to remove the stickers, you can remove the Clear-Bra with a hair dryer.

Jazzy B | 2016年1月27日

I didn't want to put them on but had to. Check out this link.

I didn't follow to T as I think the original stickers on the self adhesive sticker from Amazon will help prevent any damage to MS in the event they have to be removed. I have had them on since May and works well.

380ponies | 2016年1月27日

I have also placed those ugly HOV stickers (we are required to apply 3 of them in California) the way @sakhat has done.

feisler | 2016年1月27日

Like @sakhat and @380ponies, I have added the ugly stickers to my MS. I was popped for not having a front plate AND for driving in the carpool lane without stickers about 5-6 weeks after receiving my MS. I received a fix-it for the plate, and a written warning about the stickers (since they were in the glove box as I had only received them a few days prior). Don't know if the officer would have been so 'kind' had I been in possession of them for longer.

fi488249 | 2016年1月27日

Ugh sorry to hear that, that sucks. I live in Suffolk County so I guess I'll be putting them on as well.

jlasker999 | 2016年1月27日

I drive the LIE HOV lane daily, and wouldn't even attempt it without the stickers. There are police cars dedicated ONLY to the HOV lane during rush hours, so you will be stopped eventually.

On another note; when following a slow moving vehicle in the HOV lane, be careful if you decide to floor it into the entrance or exit area to pass the car. I've seen a few people pulled over in front of me while doing that (I'm not the slow vehicle, BTW). I think they set up the parking spots for police just to watch for that.

blee321 | 2016年1月27日

I've just left my stickers in the glove box...

conly | 2016年1月27日

I placed the YELLOW CA stickers on my Prius years ago, and my local car wash was able to easily remove them with 0 damage using a heat gun.

Galve2000 | 2016年1月27日

Before my Tesla I drove around in a 2012 Chevy Volt that did not include "California Emissions" for the ICE and was therefore not eligible for CleanPass. I used the HOV lane on the LIE pretty often and figured I'd feign ignorance if I was ever stopped.. which I wasn't -- ever.

I currently rock my CleanPass stickers on my Model S with pride.

but I still think it is bad luck you got pulled over...

on a semi related note, I got my 1st parking ticket on December 26th in NYC and the cop that wrote it was still on the block when I made it back to my car. He asked me if it was "that Maserati" at the end of the block that I was talking about. I cannot help but think you got pulled over for not driving a Laaf/Volt/Prius in the HOV lane without the requisite number of passengers.

Personally I'm not so worried about what the stickers will do to the paint on my model S.

also, $230 is rather steep.

acegreat1 | 2016年1月27日

Yeah, your not kidding

compchat | 2016年1月28日

Jazzy B

I put mine on exactly as instructed on the link you left except I used the real stickers.

I can remove them fairly easily without damaging paint underneath and non one can tell they are not permantely attached.

Interestingly they blend in quite well with the titanium color so I seldom take them off.

gpreston | 2016年2月11日

I took my sticker to a printing shop and had them afix it to a clear plastic film. Then I use a UHU paper glue stick to coat the nonstick side and then stick in on the car when I am going to use the HOV lane. Afterward I simply peel it off and stick on a piece of plastic I keep in the trunk and the glue on the car comes of in an instant with a quick shot of Windex and a micro cloth wipe...both of which I keep handy in the trunk.

carlk | 2016年2月11日

I used this to make copies of stickers with just regular office copier. Can be taken off cleanly when you don't want them there.

rxlawdude | 2016年2月11日

@carlk - You've just admitted to the entire world that you committed a misdemeanor. :-)

mbb | 2016年2月11日

I actually put them on as low as possible. I hardly notice them. But the bad part is someone stole my small sticker.

TaoJones | 2016年2月11日

If I spend any appreciable time in the HOV lanes, I've resigned myself to affixing those completely unnecessary stickers. It's not as if a Tesla is going to grow a tailpipe anytime soon. However, as with the front plate silliness, a removable solution is far preferred. The trick with those is remembering to remove the little bastidges after use.

This is the worst example of revenue generation disguised as law enforcement. There is not a single traffic cop on the continent who doesn't know what a Tesla looks like. And yet, for them, it's just an easy $230-$400 ticket to help justify their existence.

The long view is to continue to lobby the usual powers that be to both remove the sticker requirement for tailpipe-less vehicles as well as the front plate requirement. Have a look at the national map for states that require and do not require a front plate. See anything interesting?

rxlawdude | 2016年2月11日

@Tao, I respectfully disagree. This isn't a revenue generation thing. The supplemental HOV stickers have always been the method of rapid identification of vehicles exempt from the 2 or 3 person occupancy requirement.

Is it dumb that we need stickers for pure BEVs? Yep. But the law is very specific - you must have a California registered vehicle with a license plate PLUS the stickers, installed per the DMV instructions.

Why no "hard" license plate class that would display the exemption? Look no further than the ephemeral nature of the enabling statute. The cost to the state to replace thousands of plates at the expiration of the statute would be ridiculously high.

Why no exception to the sticker rule for BEVs? I dunno, but guess it's a way for Caltrans and DMV to keep tabs on the number of HOV exempt vehicles.

TaoJones | 2016年2月11日

@rx, I respectfully disagree with the points put forth in your disagreement.

The DMV can provide a quarterly report for the number of HOV-exempt BEVs with a database query. So simple, an intern could do it.

I hadn't considered an EV-specific or alt fuel specific license plate for CA vehicles, but that does raise an interesting opportunity. Insofar as cost recovery, the DMV is certainly not bashful about passing along those costs to the plate owner. See the latest legacy plate revival or the ever-present $1 annual fee that we all pay for the privilege of reflective license plates. I'm not making that up.

The law's specificity (see also the requirement for a transponder in one section of the law, and the exemption in another for same for no less than 35 vehicle models that have metal oxide-coated windshields) is no excuse. Bad or outdated law is still bad or outdated law, and the books are full of these. The frustration is that once bad law is codified (see even more nefarious efforts, such as the exploitive piling on of administrative fees for cell phone tickets, or how $20 becomes $150 in a New York minute - not that that's in and of itself a bad thing - just scurrilous), it takes much more effort to rectify.

And finally, with regard to your first puente, I'm pretty sure it's easier to recognize a Model S from 50 yards away than to see stickers mounted a foot or so off the ground. In fairness, at some point there will be many exempt models which brings us back to the stickers viability. But at that point, special plates become more viable as well. Besides - there's more money in sticking EV owners for $100/year for a spiffy plate than for $8 one time for stickers. The sad part is I'd almost rather pay the $100/year for the plate (note the singular) than to deface my noble chariot with those godawful stickers.

acegreat1 | 2016年2月11日

Hmmmmmmm....... what about placing the sticker on a custom magnet? Any thoughts?

hpjtv | 2016年2月12日

Magnets don't stick to aluminum. What's all the arguing about anyways? If it's the law and you don't abide by it, then pay the fine. So what if you drive an MS? Does that mean you are are more entitled to certain things? I certainly would hope not.

Earl and Nagin ... | 2016年2月12日

I think this thread is missing a few points. If it weren't for the easily recognizable gold stickers for gas-only hybrids that could easily be rendered obsolete with the stroke of a pen, the carpool lanes in CA wouldn't have room for the Model S. Likewise, the green stickers for today's PHEVs will also be obsoleted soon, leaving more room for a few more EVs such as the Model S.
The use of the sticker also allows for limitations on the number of cars that will be allowed into the carpool lane as clearly all cars cannot be allowed in the carpool lane or it will be useless.
Yes folks, there will be a day in the future, when even your white sticker won't allow you to ride solo in the carpool lane unless you can get the state of CA to start adding more carpool lanes.
Surprisingly, the state of CA actually got this fairly right.
@TaoJones, would you prefer the green stickers?

SUN 2 DRV | 2016年2月12日

I don't like the stickers either but it's not reasonable to expect every cop to identify each and every car model that's allowed to travel in an HOV lane. Especially when there are vehicles like the i3 where the EV variants earn White sticker privs while the identically looking REX variant only deserves the Green sticker privs.

I would have liked a system based on a license plate sticker. Either an additional sticker or possibly a different color for the annual renewal sticker.

And with all the Express Lanes replacing many of the HOV lanes they could enforce this via the now required transponders.... then no stickers would be required at all.

Haggy | 2016年2月12日

It's not as if a Tesla is going to grow a tailpipe anytime soon.

It could:

Pigsy1024 | 2016年2月12日

$230 is not too bad, I got nailed a year ago this week ( was still in my first month of Tesla ownership) on the 405 in So Cal...just a hair under 600 bucks.
I got a bit of a goddamned shock on opening THAT letter.

patrick40363 | 2016年2月12日

I put my CA stickers as low as I can get them on the lower black plastic piece. My car is black so it doesn't look bad at all.

Firebolt | 2016年2月12日

HOV fine is not worth it to me to simply keep the clean air vehicle stickers in my glove box to display if pulled over or to make copies of the stickers to apply to my bumper and worry about them falling off/degrading/or getting stolen.

I chose to proudly apply the stickers, but here;s how I did it: I have an X-pel wrap on my car, including the entire rear bumper (painted surfaces only). The guy who applied my wrap created a X-pel wrap in the exact shape of my California clean air vehicle stickers, but he intentionally slightly oversized them. He applied the oversized templated wraps on top of existing X-pel bumper wrap. He then applied the stickers to the templated wraps. If the stickers ever need to be removed, the templated wrap can be steamed off without affecting the X-pel wrap covering the bumper. (I asked if the wrap could be applied to the black surface, but he said it would not adhere.)

If you're in the Sacramento area, I used Appearance Solutions. Mike Justis is the owner and did a fantastic job with the X-pel wrap, templated wraps, Opticoat on the trunk and windows (the only surfaces not covered in X-pel), and window tint.

Dramsey | 2016年2月13日

You need the stickers even on pure EVs so the cops don't have to know enough to instantly identify a "pure" EV by sight alone. Besides, there are edge cases like the BMW i3, which looks identical in pure EV and hybrid version.

UnshodBob | 2016年2月13日

I avoid the HOV lanes because you usually can't pass anyone in there. I'm retired so I can choose to drive at times that are not during rush hour. The hardest part is remembering what day of the week it is. :) I find the "slow" lane to usually be empty, so it becomes the "fast" lane for me. Keep right except to pass, and slower traffic keep right, while noble thoughts, don't seem to mean much to lots of people. Motor homes and dual-axle pick-ups pulling horse trailers love the middle lane. The only time I MIGHT use the HOV lanes is when I have a passenger, and so I didn't even apply for the white stickers.

ColonyGolfer | 2016年2月14日

The answer is to lobby your legislature to change the law in regards to positioning. Although the FL sticker is the most hideous kelly green, at least you are instructed to apply it to the rear passenger side window. I do so with scotch tape. Still haven't seen an HOV lane in SWFL, 'tho.

Haggy | 2016年2月15日

In California, the text of the law itself doesn't specify positioning. It specifies that the CHP gets to determine where it will be. But it doesn't explicitly say how you are supposed to know, and the instructions that come with the envelope are vague enough that there's room for interpretation.

Also the text of the law says that there can't be more than one sticker with the same number, and speaks of the decals in the singular except in contexts where it clearly refers to stickers on multiple cars. So if you had just one, it would be unlikely you'd get a ticket and even less likely that a California judge would uphold it.

rxlawdude | 2016年2月15日

Actually, the statute specifies that the DMV shall determine the decal locations.

The single decal argument MAY work in court, but frankly I've got better things to do than waste half a day in traffic court.

rxlawdude | 2016年2月15日

In fact, there are two statutes related to the decals: CVC 5205 (DMV exclusively determines display of stickers, etc.) and CVC 5205.5(e)(1) which specifies shared responsibility between DMV, CHP and CALTRANS as to display locations of stickers.

jlasker999 | 2016年2月16日

Speaking specifically about the state of NY, the clean pass stickers for the HOV lanes is a pilot program that has been approved year after year, but if the average speed in the HOV lane declines, the tags will be pulled. It's my hope that if the speed does start to decrease, they pull the tags for the hybrids, but leave the pure EVs alone. Here is the rule:

The Clean Pass program was initially implemented as a one-year pilot program in order for NYSDOT to monitor the effects of the additional vehicles in the HOV lanes. Under the Federal Regulations in SAFETEA-LU, and now MAP-21, the state must discontinue allowing low emission and energy-efficient vehicles in the HOV lanes if they fail to maintain a 45 mph minimum average operating speed 90 percent of the time over a consecutive 180-day period during morning or evening weekday peak hour periods.

EVdoublepro | 2016年2月16日

People should put their stickers on, put on their front license plate (if required) and get with the program.

This is one reason people don't like the rich - the rules are only for the "little people".

PeterPlt | 2016年2月16日

Georgia is a rear-plate-only state. A low emissions plate gets you a free pass into the HOV lane.

Question: If I am driving in states where other badging/plates are required for access, am I at risk of being ticketed for being in the HOV lane solo?

rxlawdude | 2016年2月16日

@EVdoublepro - +1

TaoJones | 2016年2月16日

EVdoublepro: -1

When the statute is bad, people should work to change the statute, rather than to blindly follow statutes that make no sense.

Requiring stickers for a Tesla or any other never-going-to-have-a-tailpipe vehicle is just bad policy.
The front plate requirement is similarly an antiquated idea that half the country has already figured out and evolved from.

The sooner the statutes are updated, the sooner gotcha revenue generation for pointless practices will stop.

Has absolutely nothing to do with rich or poor.

I will be very happy when, in 5 years, one can buy a used Model S or used Model 3 for about the cost of a new Honda Civic *twitch*, which will be about the time this bogus classism canard may finally begin to bite the dust.

Bad law is bad law. It was ever thus.

In the meantime, don't forget to display your transponder behind that metal oxide-coated windshield.

rxlawdude | 2016年2月17日

@Tao, the other thing mentioned was putting a front license plate on in states (such as California) where it's mandated. Are you claiming that's a "bad statute?"

davesudz | 2019年4月19日

TaoJones, I agree. Bad law should be changed and legislators that pass bad law should be voted out. As an example, California Sen. Joe Simitian, D-Palo Alto wrote a law that required headlights to be on when windshield wipers were on. GREAT IDEA! But rather than require car manufacturers to include this feature on cars sold in California, he put it on the people. Drive without your headlights on but your wipers are wiping and you can get a $150 ticket. He didn't want to annoy the powerful car lobby, so he wimped out and screwed his constituents.

Charsiubao | 2019年4月19日

I put my sticker (CA) on the bottom left corner of my rear window, that way it can be seen, more or less in the same line of vision as the bumper... no paint issue, no problem yet from the state trooper.

sentabo | 2019年4月19日

hbwlau if you get a ticket that would be really weak. Your sticker is visible and you are following the spirit of the law.

That being said I'm sure there are some CHPs out there who wouldn't hesitate to cite you. Hope you continue to avoid the sticklers.

Ohmster | 2019年4月19日

Used a Cricut machine to cut out a piece of clear-bra sized for the small sticker. Put the HOV sticker on that and then stuck the whole thing on bottom right side of bumper. Looks clean and can be easily removed without leaving a mess.....

'17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked EAP FSD AP2.5 Bio 8.5)*2. Grin on!

Haggy | 2019年4月25日

It wouldn't make much sense for a legislator to expect manufacturers to worry about putting headlights on when wipers are on. California has been telling people to do it since long before it became a law, as opposed to "you should" but it has been on the books in other states for far longer than I've been licensed, and I'm old enough to call myself old.

As far as sticker placement goes, the California Vehicle Code authorized the CHP to determine sticker location. However, one would have expected them to go back to the legislature with their recommendation so it could be coded into the law. The section doesn't tell car owners where to put the stickers. In fact, it uses the word decal in the singular except when referring to them in system wide terms, and explicitly says that each one must be uniquely numbered. So expecting people to put on multiple decals is inconsistent with the law.

Since the law doesn't tell owners where to put the stickers, I doubt it would hold up if you had a clearly visible sticker. It's also clear that when the State refers to other decals or stickers, it's very specific. For example, the Code explicitly states that the Year sticker must go in the area in the upper right area on the plate, and be affixed within 14 days of receiving it. It also specifies which areas of the windshield can be used for other stickers not issued by the State.