$30k Tesla Compact Sedan to Arrive in 2015

$30k Tesla Compact Sedan to Arrive in 2015

It’s well known that the Tesla Model X Crossover SUV will be the next car in Tesla’s production line-up, however rumor has it Elon Musk is looking to augment this fleet by launching a more affordable Tesla compact as early as 2015.

With the Fed and State agencies pushing a movement towards electric vehicles (EV), car manufacturers such as Nissan, Chevy, BMW and Mercedes are quickly shifting their R&D budgets towards their new generation of electric vehicles. Tesla on the other hand, a pioneer within this realm, will be launching their 4th generation EV slated to be a $30k compact sedan.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds!


NB: 5 door, pleaseeeee

Jcollins | 2015年5月20日

Hmm. This announcement is 2 years old. Lots a things have happened since then. Not sure I hold out any hope for a sub $35,000 Tesla this year and likely not next year until late, if then.

frankviaje | 2015年5月20日

Seriously? Most folks are hoping for the $40k Tesla Compact Sedan in 2017, at the earliest.

DTsea | 2015年5月20日

Boy phi you just cant keep up can you.

Brian H | 2015年5月20日

In case you hadn't noticed, it's 2015 right now.

Cattledog | 2015年5月20日

Per Elon on last earnings call, concept unveil in Spring 2016, car at end of 2017.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年5月20日

And, in 2013, Elon was saying Generation III would arrive in three-and-a-half to four years... Which equals 2017. Who cares what an enthusiast hoped for on Teslarati way back then? Heck, a year ago, I was still hoping the very first units of Model X would reach their owners by Christmas 2014. Some folks got Model S P85D instead.

ian | 2015年5月20日


ian | 2015年5月20日
wayne | 2015年5月20日

wow, talk about clueless.

peter | 2015年5月21日