$50M spent so far on GigaFactory

$50M spent so far on GigaFactory

For those interested in GF...

Permits approved through the first week of January show $34 million in construction projects, but that doesn't include previous costs for ground clearing, retention basins, and pad creation.

Finally, a local estimator contacted by the paper pegged the cost of pad construction at $16 million---bringing total construction costs so far to $53.1 million.

Good to see they are making pretty good progress.

Chunky Jr. | 2015年2月19日
Tâm | 2015年2月21日

@Chunky Jr.

Thanks for the reference.

The pictures is composed of 30 shots stitched together:

Does anyone know the two completed gigantic buildings on your left belong to Tesla?

Out4aDuck | 2015年2月21日

I believe those are distribution warehouses for Zulily and Diapers Com.