Anybody know what the cause is for current delays in delivery?

Anybody know what the cause is for current delays in delivery?

Just wondering if you guys can offer any info.

I'm in CA and my Signature is #937 and I got a VIN awhile ago of 934 but my 2nd delivery window just came and went. Mid way through the first delivery window George emailed everyone saying they had supply chain issues or something and that's why they weren't going to hit it but this time it sounded like things were going ok and so when I came on here and read that cars around #1100 were getting delivered I began wondering if there is a trick to actually getting the car. :)

I'm sure it'll be great once it's here just wondering how to get this deal closed and if others are having similar experience.


Captain_Zap | 2012年11月25日

If your 2nd delivery window came and went you might inquire about a new delivery window. I got a 3rd delivery window because the 2nd delivery window was more of a guesstimate as they were sorting things out. I got my VIN after I got my 3rd delivery window though. If you already have a VIN you may be VERY close or your car may be having some issues that need to be sorted out. If you are not getting any replies to inquiries with your regular contact, you might try an e-mail to delivery@ teslamotors.