Anybody take delivery yet in NH?

Anybody take delivery yet in NH?

I'm expecting mine - Black P85 - in late March (#16,760). Just wondering if anyone in NH has received one yet and how it went.

Brian H | 2013年2月8日

There was one, but it seems to have vanished in a snowdrift, and hasn't been heard from again.

Or not.

ironciti | 2013年2月13日

Mocaptain | FEBRUARY 13, 2013
VIN 4626
Dark Blue, Performance, tan, carbon fiber, silver 21, audio upgrade, twin chargers
Delivery Window 1/31-2-14
Talked to Andrew (DS) a few hours ago. Confirmed delivery for 11am tomorrow in Southern NH.
The perma-grin has already set in. 14 hours to go!

Mocaptain - saw your car today at the Boston SC - looks fantastic. I'm expecting delivery in about 1 month so I'd be curious how it goes. My DS is Andrew as well. Thx

Mocaptain | 2013年2月13日

Ironciti - Thanks for the note. I will let you know how it goes. One recommendation I would make is once you get your vin and the car hits the truck, get on Andrews Calendar. He did a great job at keeping our delivery time since we booked it well in advance. If you have any other questions or if there is anything else you want to take off line, let me know...I don't think there will be a NH club anytime soon :)


ironciti | 2013年2月14日

@Mocaptain - Thanks! Hope it goes well. I've seen other threads involving Andrew and he sounds excellent. Unfortunately, I think you're right about a NH club…


Eleonor2002 | 2013年2月14日

I am in Nashua and I just finalize mine(#15247) pearle white, standard, tan, and all options extept child chairs with delivery march-apr. I have a charging station from my son prius plug in but limited to 240/15a. I would like to install a new circuit with nightly rate and 80a. Did you gays had install it? If yes how much cost you?


Brian H | 2013年2月14日

80A is the HPWC, and requires 2 chargers in the car. Just price those two items. Installation costs vary with your house's existing wiring and layout: longer wires cost more, etc.

ironciti | 2013年2月14日


I'm going to have the NEMA 14-50 outlet installed in my garage next week. 240V/50A which should give me 22-28 mi/hr of charge from what others have experienced. As Brian H pointed out the 80A set up requires the HPWC and dual chargers to get the faster charge rate/mi - something I don't need. Once I get mine installed I will post what it cost. Mine should be on the low side because the location is maybe 15 ft from the panel and very easy to get to.

Brian H | 2013年2月14日

Some have noted that actual charging is faster than the rate readout. Watch the total miles when you charge.

Mocaptain | 2013年2月14日

Just reporting back...
Took delivery today at 11am. Andrew was amazing. He spend a lot of time with me. His check list was very detailed so I didnt feel like I needed to go through the standard one published in the forums.

The only thing missing was the license plate frame which will be shipped to me shortly.. Otherwise everything was perfect.

One small issue I had was that I got pulled over about an hour later for not having temporary tags. I explained to the Salem NH officer that the sticker on the back windshield is my temporary tag until I receive the certificate of orgin (which should come next week) and I can then I can register my car. The officer really gave me a hard time and had to make several calls to clear things up. He still couldn't wipe my perma smile off my face.

Lots of people came up and took pictures and asked questions. I was amazed on how many people knew what the MS was in NH.

Elenor -
I had a very good electrician wire for a future HPWC (100A) 80A of constant. I therefore have a NEMA 6-50 outlet for now which converts over to the HPWC with minimal work required. To BrianH point, you need the twin chargers to take advantage. I recommend getting the twin chargers now as it will cost 3x later if you wish to add it in the future (its already listed in the store). If you dont have a good electrician, I can give you his number. He was fairly inexpensive.

nickjhowe | 2013年2月15日

Congrats @Mocaptain

Mocaptain | 2013年2月15日

Thanks Nick!

Oh an by the way, I forgot to mention before... The MS is also not in the standard DMV database in NH. They will assess tax by MSRP and Weight of the vehicle.

mustangez | 2013年6月11日

So I saw a white one heading up 93 with NH plates today (vanity plate of the first name of whom the company is named after). I passed him in my black P85. I think i would be happy to start a NH Tesla club. Anyone else in?

Paul Koning | 2013年6月11日

Mine is due in two weeks. And I saw my first S in the wild last week -- a red one with NH temporary plates, in Nashua.

Mocaptain | 2013年6月11日

Someone want to take the lead on an NH group in the forums? I bet there is over a dozen here and growing fast.

mustangez | 2013年6月12日

I just joined the New England group over at the TMC forum. If we think there is enough people to join, I'd start a NH one...
Anyone want to do a meet and greet to get to know other NH owners?

Electric-Avenue | 2013年6月12日

I am expecting delivery within a week.
Please post here if a meet and greet is planned, I would be very interested.