Apple, Inc., Tesla Motors and the iCar???

Apple, Inc., Tesla Motors and the iCar???

Wanted to share as Tesla Motors was mentioned and George specifically as well for his former role at Apple. Personally I see Apple maybe partnering with an automaker like TM but not making their own car... EVER!

Brian H | 2013年2月11日

TM will engineer a reverse takeover of Apple and begin making tPads as a sideline. They will have wheels, and come when you call them.

TheAustin | 2013年2月11日


olanmills | 2013年2月11日

What?! Steve Jobs is dead?!!

Pungoteague_Dave | 2013年2月11日

This is the most intriguing combination idea on this forum... It would be way smarter for Apple to buy TM than for TM to sell out to another car company. Who needs wrist iWatches you can drive a tPad! And can you imagine Apple with Elon in tge executive unite? Brilliant. and for TM it would mean access to unlimited capital, corporate credibility, etc. Great idea.

drp | 2013年2月11日

TM is a tech company, not a car company so it would be a fantastic marriage!

Brian H | 2013年2月11日

Maybe not. If they made Elon CEO it might work, but yes, Steve Jobs is dead, and his successors are running on his fumes.

Robert22 | 2013年2月11日

One might first want to put Elon and Tim in the sandbox together to see if they play nice.

cdabel114 | 2013年2月12日

Any Cupertino Apple employees among the ranks of present and future Model S owners here? With a parking spot next to the executives?

Brian H | 2013年2月12日

Be careful what you ask for. You might get it--and not like it very much.

noel.smyth | 2013年2月12日

Apple should do it just to get Elon as the CEO of the combined firm. Not saying I would want this as I like him focused on building the next great car.

Brian H | 2013年2月12日

Aside from being focused on moving to Mars and selling a million tickets at $½million ea. to those who want to accompany him, and setting up hyperloops, and designing a VTOL electric jetliner, and providing free Supercharger access around the world, and ...


dstiavnicky | 2013年2月15日

The latest rumours call for Toyota to acquire at 50% stock premium...

drp | 2013年2月15日

Both Toyota and Mercedes have doe in th cookie

Brian H | 2013年2月15日

dough in the cookie? MB has first refusal.