Average age of a Tesla Model S owner?

Average age of a Tesla Model S owner?

Just wondering...What do you think the average age of a Tesla Model S owner is/will be? I'm 40, which I would guess would be towards the younger end of average, but by no means the youngest. What are your thoughts (not that this is relevant of anything, I was just wondering!)

Ross1 | 2019年12月5日

So I find this interesting: a lot of owners are over 70 and some over 80, over 90.
Q: how do you get along with the touch screen? I personally cannot use it, too shaky.
Do any of you have an essential tremor and still able to drive a Tesla?

murphyS90D | 2019年12月5日

For icons near the edges of the screen I touch the frame first and then use another finger to touch the icon I want.
Most of the icons that are away from the edges of the screen are larger and easier to hit.

Haggy | 2019年12月6日

For anybody looking to compute an average based on numbers posted here, don't forget to consider the date posted, and adjust any posted age to reflect the difference between dates. Some of these people might have sold their Tesla, so assume an average ownership of 6 years and that 95% of Tesla owners who did replace their car did so with a Tesla. You should weigh things by assuming that 95% of the first 16 months of this thread represent posts from current owners of a Tesla and the rest replaced their cars with something else. It's fair to assume that nobody died. Or maybe it isn't but nobody claimed that this is a representative sample.

blundell31 | 2019年12月7日

Coincidence. DickB. I lived 30 miles south of Boston and was a Mass and NH resident all my life My nickname was DickB . currently living on a Fl Island to escape NE winters I have a 2018S100D and my biggest bitch with the car is the support systems sucks. I am to old to have to talk to computer screens and press butttons. I like talking to a human. Thats not going to change in my lifetime, im going on 89. I luv the car, I have driven all Lexus LS400's since the came out. The lexus quality was great and the ride cushy but it couldnt match the performance of this car.

B1081358 | 2019年12月14日


hsinghk04 | 2019年12月30日

I bought my Tesla in end of 2016 and was 27 at the time.

sentabo | 2019年12月30日

My son is 12 and he WANTS to buy a Tesla someday. Does that bring the average down?

Mathew98 | 2019年12月31日

I transferred the time to my son at 17. He still doesn't have a driver's license 4 years later.

Don't even get started on why he is forbidden from getting one!

Mathew98 | 2019年12月31日


PapaH67 | 2019年12月31日

Just turned 62.

Yodrak. | 2019年12月31日

"how do you get along with the touch screen?"

Just fine, it's the little touch screen on my phone that causes me problems. (72)

tes-s | 2019年12月31日

I think many of the early owners were between old and dead. Average has come down, especially with second owners. Now probably just old.

Mathew98 | 2019年12月31日

Speak for yourself, old man. I'm forever 25!

tes-s | 2019年12月31日

We bring down the average. :)

CoinFitz | 2019年12月31日

I'm 50. I read somewhere that the "typical" owner demographic is a white college-educated male over 45.

me | 2019年12月31日

26 here!

mogul_59 | 2019年12月31日

I'll be 81 next month but I was much younger when I got my car in 2015

sentabo | 2019年12月31日

^ lol

NKYTA | 2019年12月31日

@mogul, excellent response!

Sailfast | 2020年1月1日

@mogul. We got ours 3 years ago. We are lots younger now than then.

rickrparker | 2020年1月1日

Bought mine in June 2019. (68)

rickrparker | 2020年1月1日

Bought mine in June 2019. (68) | 2020年1月1日

Not old...merely older (73)

brent | 2020年2月22日

First Model S: 44 years old. Second Model S: 46th birthday. Third Model S: 49.

barrykmd | 2020年2月22日

40-50 years older than those that design the UI.

marika.appell | 2020年2月23日

brent. You are a true Tesla lover!!!
Purchased my S100D in 2017 at 75. Wondering what to replace it with when the warranty runs out next year.

akikiki | 2020年2月23日

Marika, Sounds like you have the same problem I do. Is yours the car's warranty or you? Mine is me.

Haggy | 2020年2月23日

I would like to report that my own average age has gone up since I bought my Model S over five years ago. I think my average age has gone up about half as much as my actual age, if we are talking about the average over the ownership period, as opposed to my average age today.

akikiki | 2020年2月23日

Do we report this in Tesla years or regular years. I think Tesla years are about 3-4 times faster than regular years.