Average age of a Tesla Model S owner?

Average age of a Tesla Model S owner?

Just wondering...What do you think the average age of a Tesla Model S owner is/will be? I'm 40, which I would guess would be towards the younger end of average, but by no means the youngest. What are your thoughts (not that this is relevant of anything, I was just wondering!)

CurrieG | 2012年8月20日

63... My signature should arrive ~ Dec/12 (CDN S#146)

Brian.C | 2012年8月20日

22, but I am getting it for my dad using my first signing bonus. He got me through college and he has always joked that I could pay him back by getting him a sports car.

Brian.C | 2012年8月20日

Oh I should add he's turning 50 next May, so he should be 50 when he gets it!

Brian H | 2012年8月20日

What a great gesture! Does he know yet?

Dwatson | 2012年8月20日

#442 Sig Performance St Louis scheduled for Sept
Will be 57 in late Sept.
What a nice BDay present
Love the Tech and the Electric Acceleration

PeterSZ | 2012年8月21日


Has anyone calculated the average age yet???

Brian H | 2012年8月21日

See prev. page. Periodically I add to the count. 45.6 last check, median 50.

TheAustin | 2012年8月21日

Thanks, Brian H!

Side survey: Anyone care to venture a guess as to what Brian does for a living that enables him to be so handy in keeping track of the average age (and median! But wait, what's the mode?! ;)...?

ViewAskew | 2012年8月21日

#1101 expecting delivery in October. My birthday is next month so I'll be 37. Looking forward to the big day. (Car not birthday... lol)

steven.maes | 2012年8月21日


rbmartin | 2012年8月21日

51 - Sig#517

50 is the new 30

Vic M | 2012年8月21日


JackA | 2012年8月21日

61 and selling my CTS-V to go electric

mklcolvin | 2012年8月21日


Jigsaw | 2012年8月21日

Turned 39 last week.

mrcool1122 | 2012年8月21日

25 @ #7294!
I hope that doesn't make anyone feel old

perbakken | 2012年8月21日

Just turned 53 and, hopefully, I will get the cars before I have turned 54...
Sig #85EU / P #270EU

giants2001 | 2012年8月21日


dahtye | 2012年8月21日

Brian H, thanks for the calcs...

However, not to be nitpicky, but, well, I guess I am being nitpicky.....

Your "50" median is more of a "midpoint" between max (77) and min (23). The median is typically defined as half of the total participants is above that point and half is below that point. There could be a case where there are many more people above the midpoint - this would give a median higher than the midpoint. There could also be a case where a few outliers could skew the midpoint one way or the other. Now, it COULD be that the midpoint is exactly the median though. My appologies if this is the case.

I had to go through this with my kids not too long ago - but I don't recall "mode" for some reason.

Brad Holt | 2012年8月21日

25 @ #4559!
Right there with ya, mrcool. ;)

lobo426 | 2012年8月21日

(Hope this works)
Current Analysis
45 Median (The Middle)
42 Mode (Most Common)
46.87 Average
12.74 Standard Deviation in Years

Age Brackets:
Qty Age
10 20 to 29
36 30 to 39
55 40 to 49
29 50 to 59
16 60 to 69
11 70 to 79

ASG | 2012年8月21日

Expect to be 41 when P10,636 is delievered next year.

Brian H | 2012年8月21日

Fail. And I don't believe your disclaimer! >:\

Roit UR. Been a while since I had to remember all that. The mode is just the "peak" point -- most frequent individual value. May be more than one. E.g., a bust is bimodal!

I may get busy enuf to actually spreadsheet the numbers instead of just adding and counting. Or not!

Teoatawki | 2012年8月21日

Seeing the bar graph demonstrates that I am literally "over the hill!". ;D

dahtye | 2012年8月21日

Yes, and I'm also literally over the "hill". But driving this car I will make me feel at least 10 years younger and it would put me in the sweet spot! Thanks Lobo for crunching the #s.

Azdcmoney | 2012年8月21日

44 might be 45 at the current production rate!

dr_gko | 2012年8月21日

40. Will be 41 when I get Model S...

TheFlyer | 2012年8月22日

I was 42 when making my reservation. I will be 46 when I get my car next spring/summer. But the wait is half the fun, don't you think? I really don't mind, but then I needed those years to save up some money.

helmut.treiber | 2012年8月22日


to old for rock´n roll, to young to die
but perfect for Model S...

#714; EU

MandL | 2012年8月22日

46.87 Average
In 61.5 days I will be exactly the average age. My MVPA (S802) says September delivery, but from what I read on these forums that's looking unlikely. I hope to still be younger than average when I actually get it.

MandL | 2012年8月22日

DOH. never mind. I'm already a year older than that. But I don't feel 47!

Brian H | 2012年8月22日

Well done. My figures were running low because I had "n" too high by 3.
So 46.9 is correct at that point, for 150 "participants".

jackhub | 2012年8月22日

Mmmm. Normal distribution with a hint of positive skewing. About what I would expect.

ModelS3P | 2012年8月22日

I don't think I've ever been the mode before.

Christopher3 | 2012年8月22日

I'll be 46 next week and it won't be long after that.

Brian H | 2012年8月22日

More people are the mode than anything else! You're in good (bad?) company.

RainerE | 2012年8月23日


goeric | 2012年8月23日

I'm 24, but I don't own a Tesla yet, just have a reservation :).

Although I did get the "Time to build" email, so the pressure is on.

cmlaff | 2012年8月23日

You kids get off my lawn! Damn whippersnappers; no respect these days.


Brad Holt | 2012年8月23日

So much for being the youngest reservation holder! :'(

bakari.cowart | 2012年8月23日

P8946 and I'm 33. I can't wait for my Model S

sargun | 2012年8月23日

21. Model S Performance #4063 RN066014

Bleeds On | 2012年8月23日

P11,395, age 33

Brian H | 2012年8月23日

Ave. down to 46.3 for 164 "participants".

JDun | 2012年8月23日

55 P901

Leofingal | 2012年8月23日

34 now, 33 when I reserved, and 35 when I take delivery.

jd3tm | 2012年8月23日

62 now, 63 on Sept 25, 2012! Sig 692! Hope to get my Model S Perf on my birthday!!! Will see...

sargun | 2012年8月24日

I wonder who the youngest Model S owner is.

adurstewitz | 2012年8月24日

#3853 - 31

Theresa | 2012年8月24日

Didn't sargun say he was 21? Or did I misread his post?