Average age of a Tesla Model S owner?

Average age of a Tesla Model S owner?

Just wondering...What do you think the average age of a Tesla Model S owner is/will be? I'm 40, which I would guess would be towards the younger end of average, but by no means the youngest. What are your thoughts (not that this is relevant of anything, I was just wondering!)

pencil2man | 2013年4月8日

My wife is 54 And I am 56.... So we avg 55

Brian H | 2013年4月8日

With now 358 entries, the average barely twitched: 48.03.

Gafanhoto | 2013年4月9日

not an owner jet

HzSoGood | 2013年4月9日

Avg 51 between wifey and I

Veronika | 2013年4月9日

I was 34 when I made the reservation but looks like will be 36 at delivery!!! Should I mention that I am tired of waiting???

EPGLCG | 2013年4月9日


Roamer@AZ USA | 2013年4月9日


pvgray | 2013年4月11日

Signing in with 69, wife is 66. This will be "her" car.

ZoomZoom | 2013年4月11日

Thanks to Brian H for noting "With now 358 entries, the average barely twitched: 48.03."
It is nice to know I am above average at 58 years of age...

Sean B | 2013年4月11日

32. Is someone going to average these?

temujen2000 | 2013年4月11日

Hate to skew the average. I will be 68 next month. The only other drivers I've seen in Mod S have been 30s and 40s and, gauging from their reaction, they seemed disappointed that such a cool/hot car was being driven by a old timer. But, it's how you think, not just the years. When driving my Mod S, I am 39. So, please log me as 39 when you do the averaging.

B_flat | 2013年4月12日

Wouldn't have thought the average was below 50; interesting. 64 here.

Brian H | 2013年4月12日

There are some 20-something silver-spoon types keeping the average down. ;)

MGlasfeld | 2013年4月12日

50 here

jjnelson | 2013年4月12日

41 here

SaqNak | 2013年4月12日

35, 36 by the time the X shows up

deaton52 | 2013年4月12日

You are all making me feel very old. Just turned 60 -- this is my midlife crisis (Sig 279,; in possession since Oct 17, 2012, and loving every minute with my second love!).

polongstreet | 2013年4月12日

73 received S Feb 6th.

Planing to enjoy it many more years.

AJC | 2013年4月12日

Will be 78 in October and am attracting a mini-crowd of rubberneckers everywhere, including in the Senior Center parking lot. OK, it's the silver/black MS, not me, but the rush is the same.
Anyone older??

ak-tually55 | 2013年4月12日

33, received my grey P85 a month ago.

Brian H | 2013年4月12日

several. There's a 91 or 92-yr-old owner.

Daniel Stanton | 2013年4月14日


holstein13 | 2013年4月30日


church70 | 2013年4月30日

42 and 3 kids 1-4 and 6

jnb | 2013年4月30日


tqnguyen3 | 2013年4月30日


Love the MS.

MBZ S class for almost 30 years.
Never again.

AlMc | 2013年4月30日

58, but I am sure it will be stolen by my lead footed wife, so I guess we should use her age....49 (but I didn't tell you that :) )

KOL2000 | 2013年4月30日


buggy | 2013年4月30日


8508BlueS | 2013年4月30日

I am 52, we put our reservation in on New Year's Day and the car was delivered last Wednesday! Love it!

slimvaio | 2013年4月30日

First Post here and am going to order mine this week, Age 29. Love the community and if there are any other owners in Arizona out there get ahold of me if you are organizing a meet up. Again the greatest car community ever!

Morrfj | 2013年4月30日

I'm 34 now. When I receive my car from tesla. I will be about 66 .... Tesla keep pushing my arrival date back.

oakport | 2013年5月3日

Got my tattoo at 68, turned 72 the month after I picked up my Model S (picked up my Tesla 12/27/2012. Midlife crisis? Which one??

kshank | 2013年5月14日


golf4365 | 2013年5月14日

My average age is 29, because I'm 58. Picked up my S85 yesterday in Dallas :-)))

rdalcanto | 2013年5月14日


Kaizad | 2013年5月14日

51 but I was 47 when I got on the Model S wait list!

bmmorse | 2013年5月14日

I'll help raise the average age a little....70

Marco Sigma | 2013年5月15日


svoelpel2 | 2013年5月15日

Wife and I are both 65.
Mine - Blue 85
Hers - Grey 60

lazyav8tr | 2013年5月15日

Me 68, wife 63, average 65.5?

eltonf | 2013年5月15日


Panoz | 2013年5月15日

I'll be at LEAST 55 to order mine, but I'm very surprised at the low age average. The Tesla is not an inexpensive vehicle, so I'm impressed that folks much younger than myself are able to afford one...

paracord | 2013年5月15日

50 here

MSNGIRL | 2013年5月15日

28 - Just finished grad school to get a good paying job to be lucky to afford this beautiful automobile.

tdchinn | 2013年5月15日


rebeccap88 | 2013年5月15日


ksteele44 | 2013年5月16日

This will increase the average age- 69, but I only feel 84!

svghome | 2013年5月17日

50 years young

michaelwolf2009 | 2013年5月17日