Battery swaps and battery warranty question

Battery swaps and battery warranty question

I know owners can swap batteries at some places, but how does that affect the battery warranty? what if you get a bad battery pack from swapping batteries after your warranty period is over? or what if you get a battery swapped after the warranty period and you get a bad one?

ian | 2013年8月22日

Battery swaps are vaporware at the moment and Tesla has not fully disclosed all the details so I wouldn't worry about it too much yet. I'm sure Tesla will clarify these issues by the time they actually open a swapping station.


olanmills | 2013年8月22日

Tesla didn't fully detail how it would work as a business/service. It was really just a tech demo to show that it was possible, and presumably, if Tesla found it was something it actually needed to develop in order to sell more cars (to overcome people's apprehensions about switching to electric), then they would do so.

They did say that a battery swap would cost money, but I presume that even if there was some flat service fee, maybe you would get a credit if swapped to a "worse" battery, or maybe you are obligated to retrieve your own battery at some point or something.

Brian H | 2013年8月22日

The fee for the charge is equivalent to about a 15 gallon purchase in your region/market, and there is only an upgrade/swap fee if you don't retrieve your own battery.

ian | 2013年8月23日

nnt - I agree the batter swaps aren't a great idea and won't likely expand beyond the one or two tester sites that they will install.

I disagree about the company though. They're not losing money. They're not making much though. They are increasing their margins and selling quite a lot of cars so they will make a lot more money soon.

ian | 2013年8月23日

OK, I see where you're getting the loss from. I was looking at the non-GAAP numbers. Fine, I concede they are not making money. They are spending in areas that will only help their future growth though (R&D, Service Centers, Stores and Superchargers).

It's not going to take them 3-4 years to become GAAP profitable. Next year for sure, possibly Q4 this year.