Blue Model X. Game over.

Blue Model X. Game over.

Game over for competitors. GAME OVER.

carlk | 2015年8月20日

A higher res pic please?

EVino | 2015年8月20日

@carl, as fortunate as I was to come across this unmasked opportunity, I don't feel like it's my right to show any more. The debut must be close at hand. This car is something to behold. Sell the current car collection, liquidate assets. I want this thing from the future.

carlk | 2015年8月20日

OK I have to trust you then.

This looks like at the gate of the Fremont SC. Maybe I should plan on camp there too.

eric.zucker | 2015年8月21日

Looking good. I may have to make an exception to my 'no dark color' rule. Let's see what colors are offered! | 2015年8月21日

Dark works in Swisscheeseland. Florida not so much. :-))

@Evino has the place surrounded.

KyleGoss | 2015年8月21日

Unless you were trespassing on private property to get this picture, then yes you have every right to post whatever pictures you want of something in the public. Tesla isn't stupid driving these near production ready vehicles around town with minimal camo, they are building buzz in advance of a public reveal event.

Ankit Mishra | 2015年8月21日

Waiting for a clear front shot. Still, nice work @EVino

timf2001 | 2015年8月21日

This one must be fresh off the line. It doesn't even have a license plate on it yet.

ken | 2015年8月21日

@Evino, keep them coming, Monday is the day, the 24th.

vandacca | 2015年8月21日

Don't ask @EVino how he got that shot. ;-)

carlk | 2015年8月21日

It doesn't even have a license plate on it yet.

Could be in preparation for delivery. ;-)

EVino | 2015年8月21日
EVino | 2015年8月21日
carlk | 2015年8月21日

@EVino Thank you. This looks real good.

EternalChampion | 2015年8月21日

Beautiful. C'mon Tesla, let's get that design studio going. #11,819 needs to come home. | 2015年8月21日

What competitors would that be exactly?

mr.fabian.rappe | 2015年8月21日

I think it will be a Blue one for me.. Looks so darn good

ian | 2015年8月21日

As someone over at TMC pointed out, that's the first we've seen of the center brake light. Can you tell if it's on the spoiler or below on the rear hatch lid?

Looks to be on the spoiler. Which could be why it's up even when moving pretty slow.

paradis | 2015年8月21日

@ian - which would mean that the spoiler is standard, not an option. Doubt if they would engineer 2 different center stop light positions.

ian | 2015年8月21日

Good point.

I guess it could be under the spoiler. Which would still mean the spoiler would have to be there though wouldn't it. ;-)

clublon | 2015年8月21日

No tow package. (Another option I will have to pay for.)

floydboy | 2015年8月22日

As someone who made a bet with a friend on the final look,(I went with prius-like, while my friend said model s-original model x concept- combo) I must admit, I was wrong. That is a pretty sharp looking vehicle, especially with the big wheel and tire setup. By the way, this crow isn't half bad when you douse it in ketchup!

tmaz | 2015年8月22日

I can't say I love the rear quarter panels and how they wrap into the back bumper. It looks a bit bulky with not a lot of defined lines. The curves on the S are much more defined and eye catching. I feel this has more of a Prius back end then an S back end. The rest of the truck looks great.

jordanrichard | 2015年8月22日

That spoiler is puzzling. For years Porsche had an active spoiler based on speed. When one slowed down to below a set speed, the spoiler would retract. This on obviously stays up. So why then go to the trouble and expense/weight of building a moveable spoiler if it appears to be needed whenever the vehicle is in Drive mode?

jordanrichard | 2015年8月22日

Just looked at the first picture and it appears the light is under the spoiler. Even though in that picture the light is not on, you can see what appears to be an indentation in the center, below the spoiler.

tmaz | 2015年8月22日

+1 on the spoiler

rdalcanto | 2015年8月22日

This spoiler may be fixed in that position. A little ugly when parked, but less expensive to build....

madodel | 2015年8月22日

This is great. I have been hoping for a blue one for the signature models. This gives me hope. This will be a classic.

floydboy | 2015年8月22日

That spoiler is definitely a movable piece. I've seen it retracted in some other pictures. I'm wondering if it's infinitely variable like the pano roof in the S? I definitely don't think it's decorative.(Elon apparently shuns the extraneous stuff) It may serve a dual purpose.

1. Improving the aerodynamics of the vehicle at speed.

2. Serving as an aero windbreaker to smooth the air around loads being

grant10k | 2015年8月22日

I can't see why it would be variable. It's designed to bunch up air to change the effective shape of the car, being half open serves no purpose.

It would be like building a garage door where you can set the opening percentage to anything you want. Anything other than all or none is pretty much pointless (unless your garage door is really slow, but that wouldn't apply to a quick little spoiler).

vandacca | 2015年8月22日

I wouldn't fret over the retractable spoiler. They're probably testing the software on it and its in a bunch of different positions for testing purposes. On the production model, it'll behave in a more predictable and logical manner.

Roamer@AZ USA | 2015年8月22日

What I noticed is the size of the rear lift gate. The bottom is very low for easy loading and the width is incredible.

With that lift gate you won't need a pickup truck.

vandacca | 2015年8月22日

I hope you're right @Roamer, that way I can sell my F150 once I get the Model-X. :-)

carlgo | 2015年8月23日

Well, vandacca, now I can reveal that there is an optional carbon fiber dump box that slides into the back so trips to the landscaping place to by gravel and stuff does not require a separate truck, thus saving lots of money for suburban and rural owners.

You empty it by selecting Ludicrous mode.

sbeggs | 2015年8月23日


vandacca | 2015年8月23日

Thanks @carlgo. Does that come with the Smart Air Suspension option? I guess you could also raise the front and lower the back to empty it out a little quicker. ;-)

carlk | 2015年8月23日

@Vandacca Carlgo's way is quicker. The ludicrous gives you more than 1g acceleration.

vperl | 2015年8月23日

Wonder how many low witted drivers will get a ticket for "demostation of speed" when you blast off at a stop light turning green ?

ian | 2015年8月23日

I'll gladly pay that fine! ;-)

aesculus | 2015年8月23日

When I went to school in Davis, CA (a big bicycle town), it was a great honor for some people to get ticketed for speeding on their bikes.

P.Dolby | 2015年8月23日

I live nearby the factory.. they have been running them around the test track for weeks.

It is unfortunate that CA made them retain the mirrors instead of using the cameras.

aesculus | 2015年8月24日

If the mirrors are mostly a state law then you are kind of stuck with the lowest common denominator. Anytime you traveled out of your home state you would have to be compliant.

I suspect we will see both mirrors and cameras for quite some time until the concept is accepted more universally.

R.EV.olution.Qc | 2015年8月24日

Wonderful color for a Crossover/SUV.
This blue color should become a classic and be called "Tesla Blue".

jordanrichard | 2015年8月25日

this particular blue may be a Signature color only. This blue does look a little different from the new blue for the MS.

carlk | 2015年8月25日

Spoiler that retracts is just a gimmick and has nothing to do with performance. Porsche started doing that but in the mean time they still make cars, usually their sportiest ones, with fixed spoiler. The only purpose of able to retract the spoiler is it gives the car a different, and more formal, look. This is likely the reason why Tesla is doing that too. | 2015年8月25日

Actually, @carlgo's carbon fiber box is an interesting idea. There could be a pair of clips mounted on the inside of the rear hatch. The carbon fiber dump box is set in position in the rear of the X. It is filled and then the rear hatch is closed. When the hatch closes the hinged clips snap onto handles on the box. When the hatch is next opened, the hatch drags the box out and as it clears the back of the car, it's hinged front panel opens and dumps the contents on the ground behind the car. The X could be a light capacity dump truck. You may then unclip the box from the hatch and return it to the back of the car. You could add capacity by installing boxes in place of the second row sculpture with hinged clips on the insides of the FW doors. When the FW doors are opened the hinged clips drag the boxes out and, when they clear the door openings, they dump their contents on the ground. Three nice little piles of gravel on the ground. How much better than a pickup truck is that?

vandacca | 2015年8月25日

George, I can see that feature being standard with the Red Neck option.

jjs | 2015年8月25日

Red Neck Yacht Club
Red Neck Tesla Club

I think those "Rolling Coal" would be most impressed with the model X "Rolling Gravel".

No wonder Teslas sell across so many different demographics. | 2015年8月25日

@carlgo gets the patent.

ian | 2015年8月25日

@carlk - I disagree that the spoiler is a gimmick. It is functional and will reduce drag (and increase range) at highway speeds.