Break lights when using strong re-gen?

Break lights when using strong re-gen?

Perhaps this is not an issue but if the car has a very strong re-gen when taking the foot off the peddle, would this cause a safety issue?

If the car is decelerating quickly from re-gen or the breaks you want the cars behind you to know.

Does the Tesla Roadster / Model S put the break lights on during heavy re-gen or is the deceleration not that significant?

Teoatawki | 2012年6月8日

Already discussed Safety and regenerative braking

ggr | 2012年6月8日

The roadster does turn on the brake lights when the deceleration is more than trivial, at least in the US. I believe that in some countries the law says that the brake lights can *only* come on when the brake pedal is pushed, so not in those countries.