Can I back my Model X into a lake?

Can I back my Model X into a lake?

I plan on getting the tow package to haul a small boat among other things. Question I have is whether or not I can back the Model X far enough into the lake to launch my boat? Will the batteries get wet and short circuit, etc. Any differences between salt water and fresh water launches as far as the X is concerned? Currently in fresh water area but moving to FL soon. Any ideas? (I am sure someone will want to tell me I can back it into any water I want)

Remnant | 2015年10月19日

The MX does not have an amphibious or high-water mode yet. Short of that though, I would strongly advise not to back any portion of it into a lake.

Tâm | 2015年10月19日


Please take the advice from @Remnant

Your battery pack is sealed that can tolerate wet car wash sprays, heavy rains but it is not meant for even partial immersion.

For any car, salt is more corrosive than fresh water.

jjs | 2015年10月19日

I think we need to hear from Tesla regarding this. They are smart engineers. Some of them might even own boats. ;) My bet is that they have thought of this and you can indeed, within reason, back your X far enough into the water to launch your boat.

I, however, would not do so until we here back from Tesla. Have you asked a Tesla rep this question? If not please do so and share what you find out with the rest of us.

darlin | 2015年10月19日

The Nissan Leaf has a video of it driving through 3 feet of water, totally submersion of the battery. If a 30,000$ car can, I refuse to believe that a Tesla can not.

60,000 miles on my Leaf and still going strong.

Still waiting for my X though....Maybe by June 2016 R#13542

Tâm | 2015年10月19日


I am not sure about Nissan Leaf warranty, but for Model S, Tesla would not pay for any damages caused by wading through water.

The clip below shows Nissan Leaf wading through a water depth of 300mm or almost 12 inches:

jordanrichard | 2015年10月19日

Ok, 3 ft would be half way up the windshield of a Leaf. I don't see how any water did not get into the car. Door seals, along with any other rubber seals are not designed to handle submersion.

Do you have a link to this video?

Tâm | 2015年10月19日

Let's try the picture of brave Nissan Leaf in water again:

jordanrichard | 2015年10月19日

Ok, that is not 3 feet of water. It looks to be more like 6 inches to a 1 foot at the most. The Leaf's bumper is about 6 inches below it's charge port in the hood. Now take that and look at the water ahead of the Leaf, that hasn't be disturbed yet.

TonyInNH | 2015年10月19日

So instead of 'if', maybe you should inquire about a depth rating :)

Remnant | 2015年10月19日

@ jordanrichard (October 19, 2015)

<< Ok, 3 ft would be half way up the windshield of a Leaf. >>

Tâm did not say 3 ft, but 300 mm, which equals 11 13/16 in, i.e. a bit less than 1 ft

gfb107 | 2015年10月19日

darlin is the who said 3 feet

gfb107 | 2015年10月19日

... the one who ... | 2015年10月19日

Yes, you can >back your Model X into a lake but you may not drive it back out of the lake.

rossRallen | 2015年10月19日

You want to back a $133K automobile into a lake?

Tâm | 2015年10月19日

Not too deep, just "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea."

jjs | 2015年10月19日


No, I want to back a $144K automobile into a lake REALLY fast. ;) Ludicrous, huh?

Pluto is a Planet | 2015年10月20日
DTsea | 2015年10月20日

Also the Leaf battery is inside the cabin below the driver.

rossRallen | 2015年10月20日

@jjs: Ludicrous Mode isn't on my radar (or config), so, yes, $144K.
But, I don't think it is active in reverse.

My advice to @clublon: to launch your boat, buy a $200 beater pickup with tow hitch, and you can line the bed with plastic sheets to make a hillbilly hot tub. Please DON'T use exhaust gases for the jacuzzi effect. Let your wife drive the Model X full of gear and snacks to the dock, but nowhere near the water. (I'm assuming you are male, because only a guy would consider backing a $144K Tesla into a lake to launch a boat.)

EternalChampion | 2015年10月20日

Get a dock slip and a lift somewhere. It'll wave you a ton of grief.

EternalChampion | 2015年10月20日

wave = save

Ross1 | 2015年10月20日

What makes you feel successful?

1: Buying a $144k Tesla Model X

2: Laying down the seats in your $144k Model X

3: Putting your dogboys in the back of your $144k Model X

4: Towing a 5000 lb boat with your dogboys in a $144k Model X

5: Backing your $144k Model X into the lake complete with 5000lb boat, dogboys and the seats laid down

6: Calling Tesla Service to haul your $144k Model X from the lake complete with 5000 lb boat, dogboys and seats laid down

7: Buying a new $144k Model X to replace the one with the seats laid down, the dogboys, boat on the back...............

8: Success is when your wife..........

jjs | 2015年10月20日

@Ross The only thing missing is a cup to spit your chew in while your backing your X into the lake. THAT would be a perfect day. ;)

ian | 2015年10月20日

What exactly does the price of the vehicle have to do with it actually doing the stuff you do in life? Stuff like hauling your dogs and towing/launching your boat?

Seriously. I don't get the hangup with actually using a vehicle.

We have a saying in bike racing. Yes, I race pretty expensive carbon fiber bicycles. Yes, I've crashed and broken expensive carbon fiber bicycles. The saying goes something like this, "It's a tool. Not a jewel."

Are you going to just park your $144,000 vehicle in the driveway to look at and polish every day or are you going to use it? I say use it.

Tâm | 2015年10月20日


Well said!

I wouldn't pay for any price if I can't use it!

MyXinTx | 2015年10月20日

@ross What an awesome list... I am honored to be represented by at least 4 of those...

Well 4 out of 8 Ain't bad...

Let's just say being on this forum is Success !!!

e-randy | 2015年10月21日

I really enjoy all of the "expert" conjecture but what I would really appreciate is an authoritative answer from Tesla. I, too, would want to use the Model X to launch my 4,500 pound boat. The boat ramp is sometimes in good shape, other times I am going pretty deep, maybe over the rear wheel hubs depending on the design of the vehicle.

So, enough conjecture. Can we have an official answer from Tesla, please?

Remnant | 2015年10月21日 | October 19, 2015

<< ... but you ... may ... not drive it back out of the lake. >>

Well ... not now, but the 007 edition of the MX (probably around 2035) will, aside from its expected submerged performance and combat capabilities.

Tâm | 2015年10月21日


You need to get the Warranty language.

Verbal Tesla experts and reassurances won't hold if they are contrary to the written warranty.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年10月21日

The Tesla Model X apparently has 9" of maximum clearance with air suspension. I doubt you will need a snorkel to launch a boat. Don't worry about it.

carlgo | 2015年10月22日

The Leaf can go into a lake because it looks like a frog.

I need a better way to launch my collection of Rivas, perhaps autonomous trailers that float the boats and then come well back up the ramp and connect to the vehicle. Backing into the water seems so primitive.