Carbon Fiber and Red Stripe

Carbon Fiber and Red Stripe

I am curious if I am alone. I would love to have carbon fiber and Red piping. I do not want the perfomance car, but would love to have the fit and finish that you can only get by ordering the performance model. Does anyone else think that it should be an option outside of the PM?

David den Boer | 2012年6月9日

I want both, but believe that it is important for Signature and Performance to have exclusive features.

Mark E | 2012年6月10日

Personally I think that some options should be only available on the performance or signature cars. As an example I hate seeing 'M' badges on non M BMWs...

It devalues the real deal.

Brian H | 2012年6月10日

Status, and Tokens of Status, are what we live for!


Etographer | 2012年6月10日

The consumer in me wants what I want. I am not asking for something for nothing because I am willing to pay for it, however I think that they are missing an opportunity to gain revenue. They have the capability to provide the fit and finish, but won't unless you pay a hefty premium. The fact that the car is geared differently for faster acceleration is where the performance comes in. In my humble opinion I agree that you need to differentiate exclusive vehicles, but Tesla chose Red as the Sig color because a focus group said that they were willing to pay more for it. I am willing to pay more for carbon fiber...just not an extra 20g's to my configuration.

@David and @Mark I see you point about exclusive features and agree. To me, performance is about engine and suspension. Luxury would be more about fit and finish on the inside. I appreciate your responses.


Jason S | 2012年6月10日

It is part of the performance package and the orders are going out. There are definitely advantages to being able to customize your entire car and having less choice is less fun.


Some things are just exclusive. Some things are just part of one of the packages. Heck, I'm getting the performance package and I'm not sure I want those seats. But I'm getting those seats and not getting the carbon fiber interior accents because switching out the seat isn't an option for me but getting the lacewood interior is.

Accept and move on is pretty much your only choice for this model year. Maybe the Model S 2.0 or later will have other choices.

petero | 2012年6月10日

My guess, within 2 years, TM will have a boutique, custom, shop in Fremont to specially modify new “S/X” production. Custom color paint, wheels/tires, wide selection of leather, nice wood –stainless-CF interior accents, tow hitches, refrigerated frunks,…whatever.

Field of Dreams! If they will pay…we will play. Custom work is profitable and keeps customers happy.

Brian H | 2012年6月10日

"Maybe the Model S 2.0 or later will have other choices."

Yep, the robots will gradually get smarter and more dextrous and have bigger parts and materials inventories to pick (pluck?) from. ;)

NeoExacun | 2012年6月10日

I want to have blue stripes instead of the red in my S Performance. Will this be possible?

jerry3 | 2012年6月10日


Unlikely, certainly not during the first year when options will be very limited.

petero | 2012年6月10日

NeoExacun. Blue Stripes.

No from TM.
Yes from an independent interior shop.

BYT | 2012年6月10日

Are there any posts on the concerns of having White Leather? I want to do Pearl White with White Leather but people tell me that blue jeans will ruin them over time? I would love to hear from someone who has White Leather in their car?

Otherwise I may opt for the Black w/Red Piping and Carbon Fiber. Actually, I'm doing Carbon Fiber either way! :D

dborn | 2012年6月10日

I have grey leather in my car and my wife, tan. Both show blue from jeans. I would expect the white will show it worse. I am getting white, but I intend to have the leather treated with a proprietary compound to keep it clean. Done by the same people who do paint films as well as paint protection and glass treatment.
Get carbon fibre accents with appropriate film treatment. That way if you tire of it you can change to whatever you like.

Brian H | 2012年6月10日

Solution: burn your jeans and never buy another pair. World's worst fabric, with the possible exception of burlap.

BYT | 2012年6月10日

I hear you about the jeans, but think of all those people who will want to ride in your Model S. I can't in good conscious ask them not to wear jeans, unless she's really cute with a fantastic set of stems then, I can get over it! ;)

I think I'll have to plan as part of the purchase price of the car the treatments as well. Will they need to be re-treated every 2 or 3 years as well?

VolkerP | 2012年6月14日

The price difference between 85kWh standard and performance is $15k. For deliveries in 2012 the air suspension is mandatory, adding $1,500 to the standard. If you want the CF interior and leather seats with red piping, you'd go for the "upgraded" interior anyway so that would be another $1,500 you'd shell out on the standard model anyway. I arrive at a difference of $12k to get you dream interior, starting from a $72,900 car.

My point is, it's not an extra $20k like you write in post #4 but a still hefty $12k.

pilotSteve | 2012年6月14日

A neat feature of the "design your Model S" portion of the web site is that you CAN still design and configure all four variants of the Model-S, specifically Sig and Sig Performance. You cannot "reserve" those because sigs are sold out.... but you can save them in 'my garage'.

That way I have one or more "dream cars" configured and I can easily see the price differences.

Once you factor in the mandatory options (and either give up or come to live with how nice that option will be) the cost difference may not be so high to actually get the car of your dreams, as @VolkerP pointed out.

Sweet Dreams!

BYT | 2012年6月14日

For the length of time I plan on owning the Model S, I am not cutting any corners myself! :)

Brian H | 2012年6月14日

"the length of time" ...
Seems like a lot of people are going to drop out of the replacement auto buyer pool here!

OTOH, wonder what the trade in value of a 2012 Model S would be on a 2020 Model S ??

BYT | 2012年6月14日

I plan on passing mine down from generation to generation since that hand wound electric motor should last a long time and batteries in 2020 will be the size of AA's to power the Model S for 500 miles... ;)

Brian H | 2012年6月14日

AAs, huh? Ever test an AA by wetting one finger, holding it to one end, and touching the other end with your tongue? That would be exciting with one holding 150kWh!!

|__^_↑ (← Ascii corpse)

BYT | 2012年6月14日

I would call that very shocking indeed! I love the charge of 150KW in the morning!

jerry3 | 2012年6月14日

But perhaps needed if you've been working for the past 72 hours.

Etographer | 2012年6月14日


You are assuming my configuration is a 85kw..not so. add another 10k to your 12 and we are there. I was giving an estimate vs an actual. 20k and then some.


VolkerP | 2012年6月15日

Ok, that means you are willing to wait for the 60kWh pack which enters production in November 2012?

I think basically we agree that car option packages suck. Sadly they are well established to make things easier (and less costly) for the manufacturers.

Perhaps you can find someone that wants the Performance model and is willing to swap the seats with you? And for the interior CF trim there are after market products that fake the CF look - dunno if this is a consideration for you.

Etographer | 2012年6月15日

Yes I am willing to wait, because I have to. Purchasing the Tesla is a real treat for me and spending the extra money will put it out of reach for me financially. Besides, I truely will not utilize the extra mileage. I will have charger's in my parking lot (See my level 3 charger post) so charging is not an issue for me. The performance side of it doesn't matter to me. I drive like a grandpa even though I'm only 42. I could care less if it took me 2 seconds more to get to 60mph. As beautiful as the car is, it is a functional piece of equipment for me at its base. The carbon fiber and red pipeing, assuming it wasn't over the top expensive, I would be willing to part with a few bucks to have. Also, I would love to swap seats with someone. Tough to do.

I really appreciate your input @Volker.