Charging Valets - Urban Business Opportunity ?

Charging Valets - Urban Business Opportunity ?

For urban areas where people park in garages with no power outlets to plug in, I see an opportunity for someone to open a business where they offer to valet your electric car to their charging station, fill it up, and bring the car back with a nearly full charge. In an urban area I could see this as a very viable solution to enable EV ownership, where otherwise it would be impossible. Charge a fair rate (comparable to gasoline) and you would make a tidy profit.

The valets could even get around town on folding bicycles to toss in the frunk while they valet the car to avoid having multiple employees for a single valet job.

Brian H | 2013年8月27日

Electric bicycles, of course. ;)

Timo | 2013年8月27日

Tesla folding electric bicycle? Model B?

ItsNotAboutTheMoney | 2013年8月27日

I see limited value.

If there's already valet parking, fine, otherwise you're adding a lot of financial and human inefficiency. Certainly not something I'd want to use.

grega | 2013年8月28日

I think it's possible that service stations would largely disappear in cities. They might originally add charging stations to petrol stations, and charging in parking stations, but as people charge at home and have enough range to drive to work and back, the need for refills will decrease significantly. The whole setup changes.

Then again, there'll always be some percentage of people who stuff up. They might park and pay a premium for someone to arrange charging.

Hey, there isn't a way to get a tiny power boost (like a gallon of petrol) to get just enough to make it to the nearest charge is there? You can't park a Tesla next to another Tesla to transfer a bit of charge?

Brian H | 2013年8月28日

The Tesla is not designed to allow power output.

Timo | 2013年8月28日

But it would be really easy to change that. Motor runs on variable-frequency three-phase power, so take that, fix it to match grid phase frequencies and voltages and you are done. Only thing really missing are connections.

Haeze | 2013年8月29日

@grega "as people charge at home and have enough range to drive to work and back, the need for refills will decrease significantly. The whole setup changes."

The point of a charging valet is to solve the issue of urban living, where "home" means parking in a garage that has no power outlets to plug into.

One of the biggest roadblocks to sales of EVs in urban areas is that there is no "home" to charge at. With the lack of charging stations that can charge in less than 2 hours, city-dwellers who own a car would rather buy a petrol car that they can fill up on nearly every corner in less than 10 minutes, than have to be stuck at a charging station for hours each time their charge runs low.

This solution would allow someone to have the valet spend that couple hours babysitting their car while it charges, leaving the owner to do what they wish at home, or anywhere they can get with public transport while the car is being charged.