Elon tweets Model X unveiling will be webcast live on Feb 9th

Elon tweets Model X unveiling will be webcast live on Feb 9th

Friday night tweet from Elon:

"The Model X unveiling will be webcast live on at 8pm on Feb 9th. Most cars are pretty blah. This is not."

Volker.Berlin | 2012年1月28日

For us Europeans:

Thu, 9-Feb-2012, 20:00:00 (PST)
is: Fri, 10-Feb-2012, 05:00:00 (CET)

Volker.Berlin | 2012年1月30日

"Tesla Model X crossover teased, full reveal to be live on Internet"

Brad Holt | 2012年1月30日

Let's hope they can handle the traffic!

mwu | 2012年1月30日

If it were me, I would use a third party to host the webcast. The Tesla website does get decent traffic daily, but they likely don't have the ability (based on what I've seen) to scale their systems up and down quickly for big hype press.

If they used a third party for the webcast, they wouldn't have to deal with all of the streaming through their systems.

MandL | 2012年1月30日

lots of factors here. it's all one live stream, so the number of connections to it shouldn't impact the actual hosting infrastructure much. Bandwidth yes, but they are undoubtedly hosting the public facing site somewhere where you can just turn that on and pay for it. If not, it's easy enough to bounce off a service like Akamai for an event like this.

ride525 | 2012年1月31日

I assume that "webcast live" means you can see video as well as audio, correct?

EdG | 2012年1月31日

Yes, but no virtual reality car rides.

stephen.kamichik | 2012年1月31日

I got an email from TM saying that they are not sure of streaming. TM said that there would be plenty of photos on line the next day.

Mycroft | 2012年1月31日

If they try and do it themselves, they likely won't be able to. They need to use a service like Justin.TV or Ustream.