Final Selections for Signature Model X

Final Selections for Signature Model X

Recommendations or feedback anyone?

We have reservation #788 and received our invitation to configure about three weeks ago. I guess that I should have gone to the announcement event to see the colors both inside and out in person. In the absence of seeing the real thing, I have had a hard time with placing my color selections. After placing my order for blue exterior with ultra white interior with black headliner, Obeche matt wood dash, I have been second guessing my choices. My final deadline before changes can be made is coming very soon. Just wondering if anyone has feedback perhaps or otherwise on the colors?

1. Has anyone seen the ultra white seats? They are not leather, and am wondering if the material feels quality or if it is noticeably shiny, or cheap looking?

2. What about the dark ash dash with white combo?

3. We have kids and am wondering how durable will the white be?

4. Although this would be my next seat choice, because we live in Florida, am hesitant to choose black interior. Anyone in Florida have experience with the Tesla black interior?

Please help??

Roamer@AZ USA | 2015年10月25日

I have gray on three model S cars and like it. Can't get gray on sig X so went full black interior on both Sig X orders. I live in AZ and have owned black interiors in the past. We have a three year old grandson so white was not even considered. I think white will be replaced by gray on the production cars. That's what happened on the S cars.

I expect with all the glass the interior will be pretty bright and maybe black will work better to tone down all the light. Just my theory.

We ordered both X's in Sig Red. I like the color and it will only be offered on the Sig cars. We ordered the figured ash wood. That may also be a Sig only item and I liked the look with the black.

The blue paint looked great at the reveal event.

Both our orders are identical except one is six seat and one seven. The six seat has a VIN now and the seven seat is waiting for a VIN.

Mark Z | 2015年10月25日

The Ultra White Synthetic felt rich and soft on Elon's vehicle. It was not shiny. Tesla Motors suggests that you visit the Tesla Store and feel the synthetic leatherette used with the cloth seats.

The Dark Ash is as glossy as Piano Black. A nice upgrade from the Piano Black if you like a touch of wood grain in the surface. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think Elon's Model X had this choice.

If you missed my photos, here is the link:

You can download the highest resolution and zoom in for a closer look at Elon's car. There are two pages of photos, so don't miss the midnight photos with less buyers sitting in the car.

Tâm | 2015年10月25日


Black interior has been a concern due to heat is a topic that keeps popping up from threads to threads.

I have black interior for my current Model S in hot California and it has been nice and cool to step in and sit in the car every time because of "Smart Preconditioning" that knows when I leave home for work and when I walk toward the car as I was leaving work for home.

May be color and heat was a concern in the old days because of the scarcity of A/C, gasoline, electricity, and technology but it's now irrelevant with your Tesla.

madodel | 2015年10月25日

I ordered the White interior, with the black Alcantara headliner and the dark ash wood, with Signature Red paint. I was told the white material was very soft and easy to clean. They also suggested the black headliner as the white isn't really white, more beige and would look weird with the ultra white seats. I also ordered the dark ash because it has a very dark grain, which I prefer over the lighter wood.


My Signature Model X P90D, Signature Red Multi-Coat Paint, 20" Silver Wheels, Ultra White Seats, Dark Ash Wood Décor, Black Alcantara Headliner, Six Seat Interior, Subzero Weather Package, Tow Package.

Shelmire | 2015年10月26日

black and black with dark

primetime98 | 2015年10月26日

The blue and white was the color combination I wanted but was overruled by the ladies in my family :)! Maybe I read it wrong, but it's my understanding that the white is a stainproof synthetic. I would check with your delivery specialists but that's what I heard. Also if you do want to change it maybe worth it to pay the $500 change penalty that Tesla charges and get the colors you want. I ended up going with Signature Red and Black, which I am happy with even if it wasn't my first choice. I would call Tesla and find out more details regarding the synthetic. You maybe happy after all!

MyXinTx | 2015年10月29日

I have spent the last 40 years in Az, Ca and Tx, so have never had a dark interior.

Now I have a Cayenne with Viper to remote start the car to cool it down, which I love, well worth the wasted gas.

I look forward to the "pre-cooling" feature in the MX, which is well worth the battery consumption as long as not planning for a road trip.

Really wishing there was a meteor gray or saddle brown interior option, but since not I may actually spring for the black.

However, the "ginormeous" windshield will not help keep the car cool either.

aljjr2 | 2015年10月29日

The colors, except the white seats, are same as the Model S. You can go to a local design center and mix and match all the panels. They have exterior and interior color panels that you move around. I have even taken the exterior colors outside into the sun light to get a better perspective.

carlk | 2015年10月29日

@WaitN4myX Have you heard PhotoSync window tint? Google it up.

clublon | 2015年10月29日

MarkZ thanks for sharing your photos. I was surprised to see I was in a couple of your photos. "Lines getting longer" and "sunset". I am with the good looking redhead who is wearing my sport coat. We were taking a selfie to commemorate the event. Thanks!

Mark Z | 2015年10月30日

clublon: Glad you saw yourself in the photos. You look sharp in that sport coat. The sunset and the super attitude of the guests made standing in line a lot easier. Hope you enjoyed your test ride and were able to examine the interior options that help make it easier to configure Model X.