Firmware 4.1 Software Update Problems

Firmware 4.1 Software Update Problems

Anyone have a solution to get 4.0 to update to 4.1? I keep getting the notification "unable to start update, try again later". I rebooted both computers. Tried updating in a location with five bars of 3G to no avail.


nickjhowe | 2013年1月12日

This is pure speculation, but maybe they did something that stops 4.1 installing???? There are no more 4.1 updates going out. Maybe it is too buggy?

Robert22 | 2013年1月12日

They've stopped disseminating the 4.1 update? Does that info come from headquarters? Thanks.

mkh1437 | 2013年1月12日

Unfortunately, it seems like no info comes from headquarters. It is all speculation and hearsay based on what someone hears from their Delivery Specialist, or from the Tesla ownership team. But, there seem to have been multiple sources implying the same thing... the 4.x updates have stopped rolling out for the moment, to address some remaining bugs.

Robert22 | 2013年1月12日

I've actually been very pleased with the accuracy of the comments of my delivery specialist, ownership team and repair shop personnel which apparently may not be the experience of everyone.. Accordingly, a bug fix software update should be arriving "very soon" which to me means within a week. I guess we'll know soon enough.

noel.smyth | 2013年1月12日

just did a walkthough with the DS and he says 4.0 is latest software. I didnt ask about 4.1 though.

sbrizius | 2013年1月12日

Got message v4.1 was ready to install Thursday morning. Chose to wait until 2 am that night. Drove Friday and Saturday with v4.1 installed. No problems so far.

nickjhowe | 2013年1月13日

My 'no updates going out' was based on a statement from a service engineer in FL who was told not to push any updates to anyone. I guess @sbrizius proves that to be untrue.

mkh1437 | 2013年1月13日

There is another apparent discrepancy. I was told that updates cannot be pushed. I guess it just depends on who you ask.

smd | 2013年1月13日

My S was delivered with 4.0 on 12/15/12. I saw the notice on my screen to update to 4.1 on Christmas eve, so I did it and a few hours later, I have 4.1 without any issues. I'm in the SF East Bay.

ModelWoo | 2013年1月13日

rebooting the whole system everytime a glitch occurs. annoying....

Brian H | 2013年1月15日

RWFI -- the Tesla Service Motto.

Larry Chanin | 2013年1月15日

My understanding that there are two versions of 4.1 (1.19.29 and 1.19.31). Word has it that Tesla is holding up updates to 1.19.31 until version 4.2 is available.

At the Detroit Auto Show George Blanketship has been quoted as saying that the remote applications for iPhones and Android SmartPhones are ready and await another software update to be completed.


GoTeslaChicago | 2013年1月15日

At the Detroit Auto Show George Blanketship has been quoted as saying that the remote applications for iPhones and Android SmartPhones are ready and await another software update to be completed.


Can't wait. It's cold here in Chicago, at least if your car is not in a garage, and I need the app to warm up the car in the morning as well as the ability to set the charging on a timer.

DannyM | 2013年1月16日

There are bugs in 4.1. Occasionally, my radio stops, the trunk and suspension buttons are "greyed out", and some other glitches occur. You need to reboot the display to get things back to normal. I called about this and I was told this was a known bug in 4.1 (and 4.0?) and the new update should be out soon to fix the bugs.

mkh1437 | 2013年1月17日

I really wish Tesla would come forward with some official information as to the status of software rollout. The only "official" information we have is the generic post on the Bulletin Board which says that updates should rollout and be complete over several weeks. We obviously know, from circumstantial evidence and hearsay, that the 4.0 update was aborted and that 4.1 started to rollout and had several iterations, and has now stopped rollout as well. It would be nice to hear from Tesla, perhaps on an owner-only page, what the issues are, and what the status is. It would eliminate all of the speculation and disinformation on the forums.

Dripps | 2013年1月17日

+1 mkh1437 We have waited since first hearing of the 4.0 update and then 4.1. We have received neither update and called Tesla to find out the status. We were just told it happens when it happens, they cannot push the update to us. No mention of 4.1 rollout being stopped, etc. I do think we owners have a desire and a right to more information. Up to date status updates would be most welcome.

VIN 0192

markapeterman | 2013年1月17日

4.2 is now rolling out per TMC posts. It is only a bug fix though (sunroof, wipers, door handles).

andrigtmiller | 2013年1月17日

I think Tesla needs to create a beta test program for updates, before they are widely pushed out.

They need the ability to get wider testing of the updates before everyone gets them.

The could accomplish this, by having an opt-in for a beta release, and once they reach enough people with the beta, and have collected feedback on issues, they can create the GA release and push to everyone, with any issues fixed of course.

They should also consider having a maintenance stream with no new features that people can be on, so that you could stay on a stable release, with no new features if that is what you wish.

These are fairly standard software practices, and considering the much increased role that software plays in the Model S, I think they need to adopt these practices. I'm seeing way too many people talking about having to reboot, and other kinds of glitches. Software quality should become the paramount objective, vs. rolling out new features as fast as possible.

Brian H | 2013年1月17日

Information management seems to be a persistent problem. Personnel at different levels and positions have dated info, and are always behind the curve. And the latest info, if you can get it, is already awaiting revision so isn't the latest.

Velo1 | 2013年1月17日

Sounds like Tesla does have beta testers - early adopters and current owners.

Brian H | 2013年1月17日

Gamma testers? (alpha, beta, gamma, delta ...)

mkh1437 | 2013年1月17日

They could use their own test drive vehicles as beta testers (assuming they have some sort of control via VIN, that can direct the update to specific vehicles). Why not roll out an update to their own fleet of test drive vehicles, which will presumably get a lot of use, before pushing it to the general owner populace?

Brian H | 2013年1月17日

They probably do. But the big "real world" gamma sample discovers gliches that the betas missed.

Joshua Burstyn | 2013年1月17日

Many of the comments here are full of good ideas. I'm sure that given sufficient time Tesla may adopt some of the suggested processes but at this point is merely overwhelmed. My concern is that Joe Average will become increasingly frustrated that one of their most major investments is being treated as a beta test platform. We should not assume most buyers are like us and are willing to be accomodating.

Thankfully it appears most buyers who are receiving their cars today are early adopters and know what they got themselves into. This phase won't last forever though... I don't envy Tesla's situation but they seem to have many excellent engineers who are diligently working to improve the firmware.