FORUM MODS - Thank you!

FORUM MODS - Thank you!

Update: All good now. We have come to an understanding.

If someone is flagging or erasing my posts please come forward.

My contact info is on the posts and you can at least have the decency to explain why they are being DELETED!

Contact me right away.

Thank you,

Brian Wuttke


Good currently:


rick | 2014年2月6日

Couldn't be because you are advertising for business on here could it?

brian4591 | 2014年2月6日

They have contacted me directly in regards to my posts.

Apparently if users are looking for an electrician on here they should not be able to find one.

They call it advertising, which is correct, but what I am trying to do is connect with the community to help provide my services. I have had many new owners contact myself via email, these forums and phone in regards to electrical installs, questions and advice. Many of these people have just been needing professional insight in regards to the electrical side of things. I wouldn't say I am here to advertise my company as much as I am here to help new owners. And I was quite happy with my flyer that I spent a long time creating and wanted to show it off to the community.

I have to make sure any posts do not advertise my services. I will abide by these rules.

My charity work will go on in these forums.

If I start a thread that says: "What do you think of the flyer I made?" Would that be OK?

Brian Wuttke
(Tesla enthusiast)

SamO | 2014年2月6日

Go over to tesla motors club.

brian4591 | 2014年2月6日

Thanks SamoSam