Frustrations of an almost-billionaire

Frustrations of an almost-billionaire

Pbfoot | 2015年8月19日

Good reason to get the i8 (if fancy doors are the first priority). I like his tequila brand too.

David N | 2015年8月19日


ian | 2015年8月19日

Saw an i8 from my dentists chair today but it was gone by the time I was done. Damn.

Pbfoot | 2015年8月19日

I have seen one up close; my impression was that the body had the appearance of being made from oversized Lego pieces. Not the traditional blocky kind, but some of the newer molded ones. It's flashy but would get stale quickly IMO. | 2015年8月20日

Reminds me of some of the VCs I used to know on Sand Hill Rd.
Never heard of the guy. His vocabulary is somewhat limited but I like his taste in doors.

pvetesla | 2015年8月20日

Love that show!

joeinslw | 2015年8月20日

Why....What's going on Elon, we are all waiting for the X, how much longer? I read not this that true?

If it is, No wonder the stock is falling like a rock, say something.....

rossRallen | 2015年8月20日

It's September or Bust for the Model X. That could mean one vehicle rolls off the line to a customer at September 30th at 11:59PM.

Market's tanking thanks to China, not to Elon although TSLA raised ~$700M by selling more shares.

The clip is, of course, satire. I pity the fool who has doors that close like that! Mine won't (at least in the second row).

OHMY | 2015年8月24日

11:59 PM Hawaii time.