GE WattStation

GE WattStation

Has anyone seen the new GE WattStation?
This could change they why people think about electric cars. I've been waiting for someone to come out with such a product. I hope to see these at parking garages, office buildings, hotels any where you park your car. Just swipe your credit card for a fill up.

Timo | 2010年10月4日

In Europe that GE Wattstation equals ordinary wall socket. We need something more here to be impressed.

bruce23 | 2010年10月4日

yes, at it's current configuration it is a ordinary wall socket. Do you have a ordinary wall socket to plug your car into at the local grocery store at this time?

This would be gearded toward the masses to beleive that they will not get stranded on the road because of a lack of recharging locations. I think this will help the way people think about electric cars.

As battery technogly advances so will charging rates.

Timo | 2010年10月4日

No, but that could be easily arranged. We have those at apartment parking places though (for block heaters). As a tech that Wattstation is nothing to get excited for, but of course it is good to get those at places. I'm more excited about the project behind those charging poles "Project Get Ready" ( That's impressive and cool.

Charging rates are even now not restricted by batteries, just voltages and amps that you can safely connect to your car. Smart high-amp L3 DC chargers probably would be easiest for batteries in the car. Something like 400V@200A 80kW chargers. Higher than that and it starts to be a challenge to do it safely.

Roblab | 2010年10月5日

This also brings up the subject of charging for a charge. So many seem to think that all this convenience will be free, or at least cheap. When someone spends several thousand dollars to get a charger installed, plus the cost of the charger, the cost to fill up your "tank" will go through the roof. Then more and more people will decide they don't need a charge day to day, and will keep the car topped up at home. On longer trips, they will slow down a bit and "make it" without using the public charging thereby saving several dollars. How much do you think a charge will be? At home, maybe less than five bucks ($). On a trip? Bring your credit card! I see a lot of these chargers disappearing after people see they can afford to live without them!

Timo | 2010年10月5日

This is really a risk. As I said before chargers have appeared before they are needed and that is not natural. There is some upkeeping that is not the cars. If/when that upkeep disappears then many chargers go away too. Too early too fast development.

DartLady S77 | 2011年5月23日

Did you check out the price of the GE stations?|DEE-524B|generic

I'll stick with Tesla's HPC thanks.