Give us Roadster's engine sound for download!

Give us Roadster's engine sound for download!

Porsche made all his (obslete) car engine sounds downloadable from its site, to use them as cellphone ringtones. I'd love to use a Tesla Roadster full acceleration from 0 to 200 Km/h sound as my cellphone ringtone! Wouldn't you?

Vawlkus | 2010年10月19日

You want the sound of utter silence as a ringtone..................

Suskis | 2010年10月19日

No, I want the starship-like sound Tesla does when it accelerates

Jaffray | 2010年10月19日

@ Vawlkus, it'd be a great cellphone ringtone...less interruptions! ;)

lhoboy | 2010年11月28日

It's a great sound. Like a turbo charger without the exhaust note of an internal combustion engine.

Suskis | 2010年12月10日

I don't understand why after all this time still Tesla doesn't release their engine sound. It would be a great marketing move! Come on! It would cost them NOTHING!

Samuel H. | 2010年12月10日

What's that? What's what? That sweet looking car. Oh that, that's my Tesla Roadster. What's that? An electric sports car that can make a Porshe look slow. No way! Wanna see. (whoosh) Dude! That's fast! You sure it's electric? Could you hear it? Not really. Exactly.


Brian H | 2010年12月10日

Maybe an owner will record an MP3 off a cellphone and post it. ;)

Anonymous | 2012年6月16日

Yep, I will do it, you will find it unter