Good news from the netherlands.....I hope!

Good news from the netherlands.....I hope!

Today I've called Rogier Kroymans, the Tesla importer of the Benelux in Holland. I told him I was confused about the pricing of the Signature Performance. It is 5.000 dollar higher than the same configuration for the Model S Production.

He told me that he was not aware of the price list yet, BUT I MUST have made a mistake! " This could never has been the intention of Tesla" he said. The pricing strategy was intended to be the same as the introduction of the Tesla Roadster. He promised to make a call and check the prices and to call me back as soon as possible.

He asked me put this news on the here you are. I wonder how long it will take to get the inside information about the price list from Tesla.

By the way, he also told me that the first 500 Signatures are meant to be for the US, the other 500 for the rest of the world.

I feel very sorry that Tesla does not take the responsibility for the news updates and that the costumers have to chase the news by their own.

As soon as Rogier calls back, i will post it on this forum.

mscottring | 2011年12月22日

Froq, Good job chasing this down. I'm waiting for an answer from Tesla on a question I had about the Performance model from yesterday. At this point I might do better to just hop in the car and drive up and ask them in person (not far from where I live).

Mycroft | 2011年12月22日

I'm afraid he's wrong about both items. The Performance price *is* $5,000 more and the first 1,000 Sigs are for the U.S. market.

The Froq | 2011年12月23日

Today Rogier called me back and told me that the prices for Europe are not ready at this moment. We will have to wait and see for that.

The US prices like they are mentioned on the website are correct.

I want to thank Rogier for his quick response and wish him and Telsa luck with the introduction of the Model S. I'm sure it will be a big succes.

(please asap start up the production!)