"He's always with The Tesla"

"He's always with The Tesla" | 2015年6月8日

Heh! Heh!

Anthony J. Parisio | 2015年6月8日


Bonlaw | 2015年6月8日

So true!

cory | 2015年6月8日

His wife is way hotter than his tesla

negarholger | 2015年6月8日

Spot on.

evaandmarty | 2015年6月8日

Nice one | 2015年6月8日

Disclaimer. Although my wife is equally beautiful and my Tesla is white, that video is about someone else named George. And my wife NEVER drives Whitey.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年6月8日

Happiness. Joy. Bliss.



Pollux | 2015年6月8日

Love the video! Thanks!


Shesmyne2 | 2015年6月8日

Hey! He parks the same way my husband does!

Still Grinning ;-)

skymaster | 2015年6月8日

He made a MAJOR mistake! He should have parked way out by the service road at the mall. (He did not quite make it out that far.)

Bighorn | 2015年6月8日

Open spaces on both sides--rookie mistake.

avanti5010 | 2015年6月8日

Doesn't matter where or how you park. If the is a space next to you is open, some POS will park 5 inches from your car. Never fails. Been happening to me for 50 years!

damonmath | 2015年6月8日

The attendant at Disneyland told me to take up 2 spots if I wanted. I guess he appreciates The Tesla.

Sam_S | 2015年6月8日

What a hoot!

grantwatson | 2015年6月8日

Obviously fictional - "Where have you been, I've been worried sick!" He would have known EXACTLY she'd been (unless he left his phone in the car, I suppose).