Hot Door Handles

Hot Door Handles

Today, it was in the low 80's here in SoCal. My car had been sitting in the sun for about an hour. I went to open the back door and was startled by how hot the door handle was. Anybody in AZ or NV noticed a problem? I looked at all the other cars around me and all their door handles were painted ...none were chromed. Interesting.

J.T. | 2016年7月27日

@PBEndo Where is Unshirt Bob when you need him?

Run4Waffles | 2016年7月27日

Out running on the boardwalk shoeless? Bob? Was that you? You were at a good clip!

Rocky_H | 2016年7月27日

He didn't say it had to be your own shirt.

PBEndo | 2016年7月27日

What will I do with all of my half-shirts? I like rocking the 6-pack abs, but I need to be able to open my door. Maybe I'll give them to Mathew98

NKYTA | 2016年7月27日

JT :-) | 2016年7月27日

Hot handles in the S are Tesla's way to suggest you buy a Model X with self-opening doors!

billUK | 2016年7月28日

The clear 3M self adhesive used to protect door sills and trunk sills from scratching works well when applied to the inside of the handles and is almost invisible.